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April 2013

Apr 28   Chouettes--Los Angeles Rules  (Joe Russell)
Apr 16   Match Play--Slotting when opponent has free drop  (onur alan)

March 2013

Mar 31   Probability and Statistics--Average luck of each roll  (Timothy Chow)
Mar 05   Terminology--"Russian Bridges"  (leobueno)
Mar 02   Puzzles--Infinite loops  (Timothy Chow)

February 2013

Feb 24   Puzzles--Is this position reachable?  (Timothy Chow)
Feb 23   Books--Shiina: Cube Action 1000  (Mochy)

December 2012

Dec 26   Terminology--"Bagai position"  (Timothy Chow)
Dec 22   Play Sites--Play site wish list  (Perry Gartner)
Dec 21   Puzzles--Pruce's paradox  (Alan Pruce)
Dec 20   Learning--Study Methodology  (Phil Simborg)
Dec 14   Variations--Bluff Cube  (Timothy Chow)

November 2012

Nov 19   Learning--Study plan  (Tenland)
Nov 10   Match Play--3-away/4-away: racing cube  (Bill Calton)

September 2012

Sep 23   Terminology--"Bronstein" clock setting  (rew)
Sep 22   Terminology--"In the box"  (Ken Bame)

August 2012

Aug 25   Tournaments--Skill levels  (Leonardo Jerkovic)
Aug 09   Books--Bray: Backgammon to Win, second edition  (Chris Bray)
Aug 02   Cube Handling in Races--What's your favorite formula?  (Timothy Chow)

July 2012

Jul 30   Books--Thorne's Backgammon Tactics (Reprint)  (Sam Sloan)
Jul 12   Rulings--Cocked dice  (Rodney Lighton)
Jul 09   Book Suggestions--Which book by Chris Bray should I buy?  (Timothy Chow)
Jul 09   Books--Kershaw: Backgammon Funfair  (Tom Keith)
Jul 01   Terminology--"Short play"  (AJ)

June 2012

Jun 21   Books--Euler: Everyday Errors in Checker Play  (BaronGossettEulerPhD)

May 2012

May 23   Books--Kershaw: Backgammon Funfair  (Peter Bennet)
May 16   Tournaments--Rules for doubles play (with a partner)  (steve)

April 2012

Apr 12   Puzzles--Lowest probability of winning  (masque de Z)

March 2012

Mar 27   Theory--Jump Model for money game cube decisions  (Mark Higgins)
Mar 11   Tournaments--Baffle box to roll dice  (Ken Bame)

February 2012

Feb 09   Variations--Tandem Backgammon  (Mislav Kovacic)

January 2012

Jan 19   Learning--Study method  (Jason Lee)
Jan 13   Extreme Gammon--Rollout settings  (pontiac)
Jan 12   Strategy--Backgames--Which anchors are best?  (sebalotek)
Jan 10   Luck versus Skill--Is there really luck in backgammon?  (benf)

September 2011

Sep 26   Variations--Nackgammon Shuffle  (Stick)
Sep 15   Puzzles--Three-cube position  (Timothy Chow)
Sep 13   Books--Reese & Brinig: Backgammon: The Modern Game  (Al Mirpuri)
Sep 10   Computer Dice--GridGammon: Are the dice random?  (leobueno)

August 2011

Aug 25   Match Equities--ME Table: Kazaross-XG2  (neilkaz)
Aug 23   Match Equities--Neil's new numbers  (neilkaz)
Aug 19   Computer Dice--Safe Harbor Games dice  (Michael Petch)
Aug 13   Strategy--Bearing Off--Playing for gammon  (Max Levenstein)
Aug 12   Chouettes--Los Angeles Rules  (Justin N.)
Aug 12   Fun and frustration--Some learning humor  (Daniel Murphy)
Aug 11   Chouettes--Order of succession  (leobueno)
Aug 03   Learning--How to excel in backgammon  (Max Levenstein)

July 2011

Jul 28   Tournaments--Variable side pools  (Art Grater)

June 2011

Jun 22   Fun and frustration--"I resign"  (neilkaz)
Jun 05   Equipment--Buying a tournament board  (Chuck Bower)
Jun 03   Terminology--"Kamikaze play"  (Bill Patterson)
Jun 03   Terminology--"Banana split"  (Rich Munitz)

May 2011

May 03   Books--Hickey & Storer: What's Your Game Plan?  (Timothy Chow)
May 02   Variations--Joker cube  (Joe Russell)

April 2011

Apr 28   Variations--Tavli question  (Brus)
Apr 28   Strategy--Checker play--When in doubt  (Stick)
Apr 04   Books--Cooke & Orléan: Championship Backgammon  (Timothy Chow)

March 2011

Mar 22   Probability and Statistics--Visualizing odds  (Daithi)
Mar 12   Probability and Statistics--Number of rolls to enter x checkers from bar  (Michael Depreli)
Mar 08   Rules--Jacoby rule ambiguity?  (Chuck Bower)
Mar 07   Chouettes--Chouette cube strategy  (Stanley E. Richards)
Mar 05   Pip Counting--The 51/21 count  (kruidenbuiltje)
Mar 04   Pip Counting--Modified direct count  (Daithi)

February 2011

Feb 22   Rules--Illegal plays that can't be condoned  (Matt Cohn-Geier)
Feb 22   Equipment--Meyer Dice Tube usage  (Justin Nunez)
Feb 17   Computer Dice--Error rates with computer dice  (NoChinDeluxe)
Feb 14   Learning--Committing to memory  (RobertFontaine)
Feb 09   Terminology--"Raccoon"  (Steven Keats)
Feb 03   Rollouts--Standard error and JSD  (rambiz)

January 2011

Jan 31   Strategy--Bearing Off--Greedy bearoff exception  (Stick)
Jan 23   Cube Handling in Races--EPC example  (adambulldog)
Jan 23   Programming--N-ply algorithm  (eXtreme Gammon)
Jan 22   Rulings--Moving with two hands  (Jason Lee)
Jan 19   Opening Rolls--Nactating a whole game  (Nack Ballard)
Jan 19   Tournaments--Clocks--Arguments against them  (Timothy Chow)
Jan 18   Tournaments--Clocks--Why use them  (Stick)
Jan 16   Opening Rolls--Nactation--Why use it?  (leobueno)
Jan 11   Cube Handling--Early game blitzes  (kruidenbuiltje)
Jan 11   Learning--How to improve cube handling  (RealNick)

December 2010

Dec 12   Computer Dice--Randomness testing  (Brett Meyer)
Dec 06   Equipment--Meyer Dice Tube--Why I hate it  (Bob Glass)

November 2010

Nov 20   Rollouts--Confidence intervals  (Bob Koca)
Nov 12   Strategy--Checker play--Kamikaze plays  (christian munk-christensen)

October 2010

Oct 13   Match Play--Delayed mandatory double  (tem_sat)
Oct 08   Luck versus Skill--Is backgammon gambling?  (Luc Palmans)
Oct 07   Cube Handling--Endgame closeout: win percentages  (David Rubin)

September 2010

Sep 30   Tournaments--"Stop pots"  (Chuck Bower)
Sep 30   Tournaments--"Fighter's bracket"  (Chuck Bower)
Sep 11   Tournaments--Clock rules--Why forfeit instead of penalty points?  (neilkaz)
Sep 11   Pip Counting--Tips for counting pips  (neilkaz)
Sep 11   Variations--Khachapuri  (Michael Petch)

July 2010

Jul 30   Equipment--Meyer Dice Tube issues  (Stick)
Jul 30   Tournaments--Clocks and older players  (Stick)
Jul 30   Cheating--Dice magicians  (Paul Weaver)

June 2010

Jun 20   Computer Dice--Does Backgammon NJ cheat?  (Greg)
Jun 18   Opening Rolls--Nactation  (Jim Stutz)
Jun 16   Match Equities--ME Table: Rockwell-Kazaross  (Chuck Bower)

May 2010

May 26   Variations--Kleinman's tandem backgammon  (Fabrice Liardet)
May 24   Rollouts--Confidence intervals  (Timothy Chow)
May 10   Terminology--"Phantom double hit"  (Marty Storer)
May 03   Puzzles--Returning to the start  (Nack Ballard)

April 2010

Apr 27   Strategy--Checker play--How to trap an anchor  (Timothy Chow)
Apr 27   Puzzles--Mirror puzzle  (Nack Ballard)
Apr 14   Terminology--"Anchor and guard" position  (Chase)
Apr 12   Rollouts--Rollout settings  (Lokicol)
Apr 04   Match Play--Holland rule  (Neil Kazaross)

March 2010

Mar 16   Variations--LongRun  (Bill Hickey)
Mar 02   Tournaments--Hitting clock instead of rolling  (Bob Glass)
Mar 02   Miscellaneous--How bots rate you  (Phil Simborg)

February 2010

Feb 14   Equipment--Moderately priced boards  (William Womack)
Feb 10   Chouettes--Procedure when captain doubles  (Bill Riles)
Feb 01   Equipment--Luxury boards  (Paul Vianna)

January 2010

Jan 01   Match Play--Tips to improve cube handling  (Lucky Jim)

December 2009

Dec 24   Rulings--Cocked dice  (Ed Rosenblum)
Dec 16   Extreme Gammon--Extra elements in a MAT file  (eXtreme Gammon)

October 2009

Oct 17   Tournaments--Tournament rules links  (Daniel Murphy)
Oct 15   Tournaments--Links to tournament rules  (Daniel Murphy)
Oct 13   Etiquette--Listening to music while playing  (Max Urban)
Oct 11   Rules--Moving checkers unambiguously  (Timothy Chow)
Oct 11   Etiquette--Moving hit checker first  (Timothy Chow)
Oct 10   Opening Rolls--Nactation overview  (Nack Ballard)
Oct 06   Strategy--Checker play--When you can't decide  (John O'Hagan)
Oct 05   Match Play--Match play 101  (Max Urban)
Oct 05   Strategy--Checker play--Common errors  (David Levy)
Oct 05   Strategy--Checker play--Saving gammon  (Bill Riles)
Oct 05   Strategy--Bearing Off--Rules of thumb  (Rich Munitz)
Oct 04   Tournaments--Factors that affect attendance  (Stick)
Oct 01   Terminology--"MCV"  (Mislav Radica)

September 2009

Sep 12   Chouettes--Dream chouette  (Phil Simborg)

August 2009

Aug 29   Puzzles--13 blots  (Timothy Chow)
Aug 28   Learning--Zen in the art of backgammon  (Robban)
Aug 22   Terminology--"Thematic"  (Beauregard)
Aug 01   Cheating--With a baffle box  (Joe Russell)

July 2009

Jul 22   Ratings--Error rates  (David Levy)
Jul 21   Theory--Error rates--Repeated ND errors  (Joe Russell)
Jul 21   Ratings--Cube error rates  (Joe Russell)
Jul 08   History--Changes in backgammon over the years  (Joe Russell)
Jul 08   History--Recent changes  (Joe Russell)

June 2009

Jun 11   Variations--SassanGammon  (Chiva Tafazzoli)
Jun 11   Variations--BluffGammon  (Christian Munk-Christensen)

May 2009

May 05   Tournaments--Recording matches  (Robert Maier)

April 2009

Apr 28   Theory--Error rate--Why count forced moves?  (Ian Shaw)
Apr 23   Learning--Missing candidate plays  (Klaus Evers)
Apr 23   Learning--Lowering your error rate  (Stick Rice)
Apr 20   Tournaments--Hedging  (Jason Lee)

March 2009

Mar 20   Chouettes--When box takes a partner  (Dan Pelton)
Mar 15   Play Sites--Free online tournaments  (Ricardo Hui)
Mar 06   Equipment--Care of backgammon boards  (Ken Bame)
Mar 01   Tournaments--Clock ethics  (Patrick Gibson)

February 2009

Feb 28   Opening Rolls--Early game rule of thumb  (Rich Munitz)
Feb 26   Tournaments--Hedging  (Marv Porten)
Feb 10   Puzzles--All-time worst roll  (Tim Chow)
Feb 08   Variations--Best-of-n variant of match play  (Tim Chow)

January 2009

Jan 26   Strategy--Checker play--When to run the last checker  (Stick Rice)
Jan 15   Miscellaneous--Money management  (Carly Robson)
Jan 06   Cube Handling in Races--EPC example: stack and straggler  (neilkaz)
Jan 03   Cube Handling--Closed board cube decisions  (Dan Pelton)
Jan 03   Match Play--Doubling window with gammons  (Jason Lee)

December 2008

Dec 15   Cube Handling in Races--EPC examples: stack and straggler  (Carlo Melzi)

August 2008

Aug 23   Fun and frustration--A story from my youth  (neilkaz)
Aug 07   Variations--Slot backgammon  (Fabrice Liardet)
Aug 04   Tournaments--Making notes during play  (Randy Pals)

July 2008

Jul 25   Tournaments--Major tournament attendance 1998-2008  (Daniel Murphy)
Jul 25   Cube Handling in Races--N-roll vs n-roll bearoff  (David Rubin)
Jul 20   Books--Magriel: Backgammon--GnuBG evaluations  (Randy)

June 2008

Jun 03   Books--Williams: Backgammon Live in London  (Sean Williams)
Jun 02   Play Sites--Overview  (chinaski)

March 2008

Mar 26   Strategy--Checker play--Avoiding major oversights  (Chuck Bower)
Mar 12   Cube Handling--Woolsey's law  (PersianLord)
Mar 11   GNU Backgammon--Playing two computers against each other  (Stanley E. Richards)

February 2008

Feb 29   Rulings--Premature actions  (Raccoon)

January 2008

Jan 24   Luck versus Skill--Does backgammon need less luck?  (Raccoon)
Jan 22   Books--Corbett: Backgammon Problems  (Stick)
Jan 16   Equipment--Suppliers--Where to buy dice  (Andrew B.)
Jan 11   Chouettes--Interlocking chouette  (wintom)
Jan 09   Books--Ballard & Weaver: Backgammon Openings Book A  (Marty Storer)
Jan 06   Equipment--Woodworking--Finishing a board  (M Moore)
Jan 05   Strategy--Checker play--Playing doublets  (Grunty)

December 2007

Dec 21   Play Sites--PiranhaGammon  (Piranha)
Dec 20   Books--Woolsey & Beadles: 52 Great Backgammon Tips  (Paul Epstein)
Dec 11   Terminology--"Zone" of attack  (Matt Reklaitis)
Dec 07   Rulings--Clock rules and gin positions  (Chris Yep)
Dec 07   Rulings--Dice sliding  (Chris Yep)
Dec 07   Rulings--Premature roll  (Chris Yep)
Dec 05   Rulings--Error in setup  (Stick)
Dec 05   Rulings--Taking photos of positions  (Stick)
Dec 05   Tournaments--New U.S. Rules  (Gregg Cattanach)
Dec 03   Rulings--Clock rules end of turn  (Jason Lee)

November 2007

Nov 26   Theory--Inconsistencies in how EMG equity is calculated  (Jeremy Bagai)
Nov 22   Books--Ballard & Weaver: Backgammon Openings Book A  (Mislav Radica)
Nov 19   Match Equities--ME at 1-away/2-away (crawford)  (Fabrice Liardet)
Nov 06   Book Suggestions--Best books from the bot era  (Chuck Bower)

October 2007

Oct 18   Books--Woolsey & Beadles: 52 Great Backgammon Tips  (Mislav Radica)
Oct 17   Books--Ballard & Weaver: Backgammon Openings Book A  (Rob Adams)
Oct 15   Rollouts--Standard error and JSD  (Stick)
Oct 12   Play Sites--BG Room  (Stanley E. Richards)
Oct 10   Books--Ballard & Weaver: Backgammon Openings Book A  (Gregg Cattanach)
Oct 07   Tournaments--Avoiding disputes  (Kit Woolsey)
Oct 06   Rulings--Rolling 2 dice instead of 1 to start  (Bob Koca)
Oct 05   Rulings--Repositioning dice without notice  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 05   Rulings--Opening roll loser picks up his die  (Chuck Bower)

September 2007

Sep 28   Books--Bray: Backgammon for Blood  (Chris Bray)
Sep 16   Match Play--Both too good and not good enough to double  (Paul Epstein)
Sep 04   Match Play--Post-crawford mistakes  (Rob Adams)
Sep 04   Snowie--Snowie cube evaluation  (Kit Woolsey)

August 2007

Aug 31   Cube Handling--The take/pass decision  (Otis)
Aug 31   Strategy--Checker play--Late loose hits  (Douglas Zare)
Aug 21   Books--Robertie: Reno 1986  (AH)

July 2007

Jul 17   Tournaments--Playing at Monte Carlo  (Achim)
Jul 15   Probability and Statistics--Chance of rolling x doubles in y rolls  (Raccoon)
Jul 09   Learning--Best way for a beginner to learn  (Koyunbaba)

June 2007

Jun 25   Tournaments--Keeping score during a match  (Gregg Cattanach)
Jun 14   Probability and Statistics--Counting shots  (Koyunbaba)
Jun 13   Books--Garal: Fair Backgammon Tournament Rules  (Jakob Garal)
Jun 09   Books--Trice: Backgammon Boot Camp--2nd edition  (Jeremy Bagai)
Jun 08   Books--Bray: Backgammon to Win  (Chris Bray)
Jun 04   Books--Ballard & Weaver: Backgammon Openings--Volunteers needed  (Nack Ballard)
Jun 03   Magazines & E-zines--GammOnLine--Sold to Play65  (Daniel Murphy)

May 2007

May 16   Tournaments--First backgammon tournament  (Mislav Radica)
May 15   Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire--Withdrawal symptoms  (David Warmind)
May 10   Learning--Most efficient way to learn  (Stick)
May 05   Books--Bray: Second Wind  (Chris Bray)

April 2007

Apr 26   Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire--Withdrawal symptoms  (Erik Sorensen)
Apr 24   Tournaments--Manually recording a match  (Kevin P)
Apr 23   Tournaments--Playing-off 3 remaining players  (Gregg Cattanach)
Apr 20   Books--Storer: Backgammon Praxis  (Chase)
Apr 17   GNU Backgammon--Rollout settings  (geoff arnold)
Apr 13   Terminology--"Cube provocation play"  (Chuck Bower)
Apr 03   Terminology--"Splot"  (mamabear)

March 2007

Mar 09   Match Play--1-away/1-away: advice from Stick  (Stick)
Mar 09   Probability and Statistics--Counting shots  (John Little)

February 2007

Feb 07   Rules--Rolling too soon  (TonyM)

January 2007

Jan 31   Cube Handling in Races--Calculating winning chances  (Raccoon)
Jan 27   Terminology--"PRaT"  (Raccoon)
Jan 20   Learning--How to improve  (N Merrigan)
Jan 16   Fun and frustration--One-liners  (scuba)

December 2006

Dec 30   Play Sites--Comparison of rakes  (Raccoon)
Dec 10   Strategy--Checker play--Coup Classique  (Paul Epstein)
Dec 04   Tournaments--First backgammon tournament  (Ed Collins)

November 2006

Nov 26   Rulings--Rolling when opponent is closed out  (Raccoon)
Nov 26   Rulings--Rerolling cocked dice too quickly  (Raccoon)
Nov 23   Variations--Narde  (narde)
Nov 12   Miscellaneous--Top women players  (Tami)
Nov 09   Rulings--Cocked die on first roll  (Cloyd Laporte)
Nov 07   Rules--Touch-move rule in backgammon?  (Ken Bame)
Nov 05   Rulings--Touching the doubling cube  (Ken Bame)

October 2006

Oct 17   Match Play--When to free drop  (Dan Pelton)

September 2006

Sep 27   Books--Bray: What Colour is the Wind?--Rerelease  (Chris Bray)
Sep 07   Cube Handling--Robertie's rule  (Chuck Bower)

August 2006

Aug 31   Strategy--Checker play--Prime versus prime  (Albert Silver)
Aug 03   Programming--BKG 9.8 vs. Villa  (Raccoon)

July 2006

Jul 27   Cheating--Using computer to aid online play  (Paul Weaver)
Jul 19   GNU Backgammon--Importing PartyGammon matches  (rew)
Jul 09   Play Sites--Comparison of rakes  (Raccoon)
Jul 04   Magazines & E-zines--GammonLife  (Michael Strato)
Jul 03   Ratings--Rating versus error rate  (Douglas Zare)

June 2006

Jun 27   Miscellaneous--Backgammon versus poker  (Peter Hallberg)
Jun 20   Fun and frustration--Losing streaks  (Stanley E. Richards)
Jun 15   Variations--Opening slot rule  (Gregg Cattanach)
Jun 13   Miscellaneous--Is online gambling legal in the U.S.?  (Chuck Bower)
Jun 06   Cube Handling--Value of an ace-point game  (Raccoon)

May 2006

May 29   Rules--Jacoby rule--Good or bad?  (neilkaz)
May 26   Play  (mccm1976)
May 24   Play Sites--Fair Backgammon  (info)
May 23   Play Sites--Where to play for money  (mginat)
May 20   Play Sites--Link to review of play sites  (cindybel)
May 13   Play Sites--Gammon11  (sirkaber)
May 10   Opening Rolls--Magriel's Chapter 5  (Hayden Alfano)
May 05   GNU Backgammon--Saving rollouts  (Mislav Radica)
May 03   Cheating--Dealing with live-play cheating  (Gregg Cattanach)
May 01   Rules--Must a hit checker be placed on the bar?  (Dani)

April 2006

Apr 27   Books--Bell: Winning with the Doubling Cube  (&Atilda;˜ystein Johansen)
Apr 25   Magazines & E-zines--BlotBlog  (Jens Göring)
Apr 24   GNU Backgammon--Saving rollout results from command-line interface  (Jeremy Bagai)
Apr 18   Software--Java: BG-Blitz--Version 2.0  (Frank Berger)
Apr 17   Pip Counting--Live play versus online  (Stanley E. Richards)
Apr 15   Match Equities--ME Table: Woolsey  (Raccoon)
Apr 13   Rulings--Misplacing a checker off the board  (Sam Pottle)
Apr 10   Match Archives--Where to get matches to download  (Stick)
Apr 09   Miscellaneous--Typesetting backgammon  (Jason Lee)

March 2006

Mar 27   Miscellaneous--Giants of Backgammon list  (Raccoon)
Mar 26   GNU Backgammon--Error rates: Gnu vs. Snowie  (Raccoon)
Mar 21   Rulings--Moving checkers before you roll  (Gregg Cattanach)
Mar 21   Rules--Can a beaver be dropped?  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Mar 14   Opening Rolls--Opening 21: Rollout  (Stick)
Mar 10   Miscellaneous--Initiatives by local clubs  (Raccoon)
Mar 09   Terminology--"Swing tournament"  (Carlo Melzi)
Mar 08   Pip Counting--Live play versus online  (Rich)
Mar 04   Cheating--Using computer to aid online play  (Ken Arnold)
Mar 04   Ratings--FIBS vs. GamesGrid ratings  (Raccoon)

February 2006

Feb 28   Propositions--Eight checkers vs. fifteen  (Raccoon)
Feb 28   Propositions--Monte Carlo 1998  (Daniel Murphy)
Feb 28   Rulings--Video dispute resolution  (Jason Lee)
Feb 28   Ratings--KG rating list  (Daniel Murphy)
Feb 27   Opening Rolls--Opening 32: Rollout  (Stick)
Feb 27   Propositions--Up in the air  (Daniel Murphy)
Feb 26   Opening Rolls--Opening 51: Rollout  (Stick)
Feb 24   Play Sites--Friendly play site  (Ian Dunstan)
Feb 22   Tournaments--Adjusting to face-to-face play  (Paul Epstein)
Feb 22   Tournaments--Clocks--Common arguments against  (Chuck Bower)
Feb 15   Tournaments--Manually recording a match  (gammonus)
Feb 10   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Do you need an advantage to cube?  (Keene Marin)
Feb 04   Chouettes--Fish-hunt rules  (Chuck Bower)
Feb 01   Rulings--When are the dice "up"?  (Ilia Guzei)
Feb 01   Rulings--Kibitzing  (Ilia Guzei)

January 2006

Jan 26   Magazines & E-zines--GammOnLine  (Raccoon)
Jan 26   Match Play--Which format most favors the favorite?  (Daniel Murphy)
Jan 20   Rulings--Writing down positions  (Klaus Evers)
Jan 20   Rulings--Playing to wrong match length  (Klaus Evers)
Jan 19   Terminology--"Polish prime"  (Jason Lee)
Jan 16   Opening Rolls--Rollouts of openings  (Tom Keith)
Jan 12   Opening Rolls--Opening 64: Rollout  (Peter Grotrian)
Jan 11   Rollouts--Truncated rollouts: pros and cons  (Jason Lee)
Jan 08   Opening Rolls--Opening 43: Pros and cons  (Stick)

December 2005

Dec 28   Book Suggestions--Informal book survey  (Chuck Bower)

November 2005

Nov 30   Software--Java: BG-Blitz--How strong?  (Misja)
Nov 29   Cube Handling in Races--Calculating winning chances  (OpenWheel)
Nov 28   Miscellaneous--Copying positions from books  (Stick)
Nov 25   GNU Backgammon--Rollout settings  (Stick)
Nov 23   Terminology--"Freeroll"  (montygram)
Nov 20   Cheating--Dice manipulation  (Paul Epstein)
Nov 15   Match Equities--Does it matter which match equity table you use?  (Klaus Evers)
Nov 05   Books--Robertie: 501 Essential Backgammon Problems #75  (Hardy Hübener)

October 2005

Oct 27   Variations--Gabgammon  (jckz)
Oct 23   Puzzles--Back to Nack  (Zorba)
Oct 18   Play Sites--Comparison of rakes  (Hank Youngerman)
Oct 15   Match Archives--Where to get matches to download  (KaRaNLiK)
Oct 11   Rules--Play cubeless at 2away/2away?  (Raccoon)
Oct 11   GNU Backgammon--Gnu versus Snowie and Jellyfish  (Michael Depreli)
Oct 10   Miscellaneous--Maximizing earnings  (Stanley E. Richards)
Oct 03   Rulings--Playing wrong opponent  (Hank Youngerman)
Oct 03   Snowie--Snowie vs GNU  (Stanley E. Richards)

September 2005

Sep 23   Miscellaneous--Why do people play for money?  (Hank Youngerman)
Sep 21   Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire--Review  (Tom Keith)
Sep 17   Play Sites--Club Games  (Ashton Haze)
Sep 14   Rules--Gentleman's previlege  (Daniel)
Sep 14   Rulings--Rolling wrong dice  (TarHeelFan)
Sep 13   Book Suggestions--Books on match play  (Keene Marin)
Sep 12   Cube Handling--How does rake affect cube actions?  (Paul Epstein)
Sep 03   Equipment--Suppliers--Yenigun  (yenigun)

August 2005

Aug 29   Play Sites--Comparison of rakes  (Daniel)
Aug 26   Chouettes--Jacoby rule  (Doug Doub)
Aug 19   Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire--Are they the same?  (Tony Yarwood)
Aug 13   Learning--How to learn and improve  (Hristov)

July 2005

Jul 31   Fun and frustration--Backgammon at 50  (Mary Hickey)
Jul 30   Books--Robertie: 501 Essential Backgammon Problems  (Paul Epstein)
Jul 30   Terminology--"Blunder", "whopper"  (Raccoon)
Jul 28   Rulings--Two cubes on the board  (Jason Lee)
Jul 27   Play  (max)
Jul 27   GNU Backgammon--Match equity tables  (Raccoon)
Jul 27   Snowie--Snowie 4.3 update  (Gregg Cattanach)
Jul 26   Match Play--When to free drop  (Tom Keith)
Jul 25   Etiquette--Premature shaking  (Paul Epstein)
Jul 22   Etiquette--Rolling the dice  (Julius Selbach)
Jul 21   Rules--When do you give up your chance to double?  (Paul Epstein)
Jul 08   GNU Backgammon--Question marks in game list  (Jim Segrave)
Jul 05   Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire  (Butch Meese)

June 2005

Jun 28   Software--Java: BG-Blitz--How strong?  (montygram)
Jun 10   Etiquette--Doubling opponent out  (bustedchucks)

May 2005

May 31   Rulings--Disagreement over cocked dice  (DeaconBlue)
May 30   Play Sites--Club Games  (Tomawaky)
May 09   Puzzles--Priming puzzle  (Gregg Cattanach)
May 05   History--The effect of bots on the game  (Daniel Murphy)
May 04   Tournaments--Vegas trip report (spring 2005)  (Gregg Cattanach)
May 02   Pip Counting--Cluster counting  (camelx)

April 2005

Apr 28   Learning--Maintaining your game  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Apr 24   Propositions--Tino Road Position  (Arthur)
Apr 24   GNU Backgammon--MWC versus Equity (EMG)  (Ken)
Apr 21   GNU Backgammon--Restarting a rollout with different settings  (Jim Segrave)
Apr 17   GNU Backgammon--Manually entering first roll  (Andreas Graf)
Apr 16   Opening Rolls--Opening rolls ranked  (Arthur)
Apr 06   Fun and frustration--Wishing good luck  (Michel Tarragnat)
Apr 04   Books--Bagai: Classic Backgammon Revisited--Errata  (Jeremy Bagai)
Apr 01   Play Sites--Where to play for money  (Victor Zanfer)

March 2005

Mar 27   Terminology--"Baffle box"  (garyo)
Mar 24   Rulings--Playing to wrong match length  (Marty Storer)
Mar 18   Software--Html/Php: BG Replay (match replayer)  (Paul Stephens)
Mar 18   Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon #165  (Peter Grotrian)
Mar 14   Miscellaneous--Backgammon computers  (Graham Bayne)
Mar 07   GNU Backgammon--Importing .gam files  (PAR)

February 2005

Feb 19   GNU Backgammon--Interpreting JSD's  (Adrian Wright)
Feb 15   Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire vs. TrueMoneyGames  (oneprime)
Feb 15   Variations--Simborg Rule  (Scott)
Feb 14   Match Play--Take points  (fiore)
Feb 14   Programming--Measuring Difficulty  (John Robson)
Feb 09   Variations--Plakoto express  (Athansios Vagias)

January 2005

Jan 30   Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon  (Doni)
Jan 28   Probability and Statistics--Number of games per match  (Jason Lee)
Jan 27   Books--Ballard & Weaver: Backgammon Openings Book A  (Neil Kazaross)
Jan 09   GNU Backgammon--JSD's and confidence intervals  (Daniel Murphy)
Jan 07   Books--Bray: Backgammon--An Independent View Revisited  (Chris Bray)
Jan 02   Rules--Pick and pass and bearing off  (SimonW)

December 2004

Dec 31   Luck versus Skill--Recognizing luck  (Walter Trice)
Dec 31   Match Play--When to free drop  (Gregg Cattanach)
Dec 29   Terminology--"Golden point"  (Daniel Murphy)
Dec 29   Variations--Acey-deucy  (J. Nagel)
Dec 28   Books--Magriel: Backgammon--2004 Edition  (Tom Keith)
Dec 11   Books--Brooks: Backgammon's Best Openings and Replies  (Chuck Bower)
Dec 07   Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire  (Daniel Murphy)

November 2004

Nov 26   Play Sites--Gammon Empire--Announcement  (Jerry)
Nov 25   Fun and frustration--Danish Championship semifinal match  (Daniel Murphy)
Nov 20   GNU Backgammon--Even-ply/odd-ply effect  (Raccoon)
Nov 19   Fun and frustration--Don't come looking for sympathy ...  (Ian Shaw)
Nov 18   Tournaments--Vegas trip report (fall 2004)  (Gregg Cattanach)
Nov 18   GNU Backgammon--Filter settings  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Nov 17   Variations--Tavla  (Arda Findikoglu)
Nov 17   Books--Bagai: Classic Backgammon Revisited #100  (Raccoon)
Nov 03   Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon--Errata  (Matt Senecal)
Nov 03   GNU Backgammon--Python scripting  (Øystein Johansen)

October 2004

Oct 20   GNU Backgammon--Logging rollouts  (Øystein Johansen)
Oct 13   Miscellaneous--Checker play versus cube play  (Gregg Cattanach)
Oct 08   Snowie--Running in low priority  (lmfback)
Oct 06   GNU Backgammon--Which player is player 0?  (Neil Kazaross)

September 2004

Sep 29   Books--Cooke: Paradoxes and Probabilities  (Neil Kazaross)
Sep 29   Books--Cooke & Orléan: Championship Backgammon  (Marty Storer)
Sep 20   Play Sites--GameDesire  (Maciej Mróz)
Sep 16   Terminology--"Banana split"  (Adam Stocks)
Sep 13   Terminology--"Wash"  (Hardy Hübener)
Sep 13   Variations--Fevga  (George)
Sep 13   Variations--Portes  (George)

August 2004

Aug 31   Rules--Rolling on wrong side of board  (Ian Shaw)
Aug 27   Match Equities--ME Table: Dunstan  (Ian Dunstan)
Aug 10   Etiquette--Under resigning  (Bob Newell)

July 2004

Jul 29   Fun and frustration--Backgammon haikus  (Phil Simborg)
Jul 27   Variations--Misere (backgammon to lose)  (Jason Lee)
Jul 16   Rules--Legal roll  (Sture Lifh)
Jul 15   Equipment--Suppliers--Backgammon boards  (CKT)
Jul 12   Terminology--"Latto paradox"  (Jean-Pierre Seiman)
Jul 12   Chouettes--Lure of the chouette  (Bob Koca)
Jul 09   Miscellaneous--Money management  (Gnoh Mon)
Jul 09   Equipment--Dice  (Gregg Cattanach)
Jul 08   Play Sites--DailyGammon  (Dan Wittkopp)
Jul 05   Match Equities--On calculating match equity tables  (Neil Kazaross)
Jul 03   Match Play--Post-crawford/2-away: too good to double  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)

June 2004

Jun 30   Match Play--2-away/4-away: Neil's rule of 80  (Neil Kazaross)
Jun 26   Cube Handling in Races--Value of a pip  (Tom Keith)
Jun 26   Terminology--"Speed board"  (Gregg Cattanach)
Jun 25   Terminology--"Root number"  (Ken Bame)
Jun 23   GNU Backgammon--Batch analysis tool  (Øystein Johansen)
Jun 21   Cube Handling in Races--Pip-count formulas  (Tom Keith)
Jun 21   Computer Dice--MSN Zone: Security flaw  (happyjuggler0)
Jun 09   GNU Backgammon--Rollout settings for the impatient  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Jun 08   Puzzles--Worst possible checker play  (Gregg Cattanach)
Jun 08   Rulings--Crawford game double  (Øystein Johansen)
Jun 07   Puzzles--Worst possible opening move  (Gregg Cattanach)

May 2004

May 27   Books--Storer: Backgammon Praxis  (Marty Storer)
May 21   Learning--Getting better than "awful"  (Morph)
May 17   Puzzles--Highest possible gammon rate  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
May 16   Ratings--MSN Zone ratings flaw  (Hank Youngerman)
May 14   Ratings--Fastest way to improve your rating  (Backgammon Man)
May 12   Variations--No hit  (RedTop)
May 11   Rules--"Illegal moves" rule  (Chuck Bower)
May 10   Rulings--Crawford game double  (Joe)
May 07   Rulings--Disagreement on final cube  (Chuck Bower)
May 02   Magazines & E-zines--GammOnLine  (sevenout)

April 2004

Apr 29   GNU Backgammon--Setting skill level  (Jim Segrave)
Apr 27   GNU Backgammon--Running rollouts in background  (Bruce)
Apr 27   Equipment--How much to spend on a board?  (Ian Shaw)
Apr 26   Play Sites--Games4Dollars  (Info Team)
Apr 19   Terminology--Alphabet soup  (Tom Keith)
Apr 15   GNU Backgammon--Restarting a rollout with different settings  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Apr 15   Etiquette--Am I too slow?  (sevenout)
Apr 15   Opening Rolls--Rollouts: Snowie 4.1  (Rene Cerutti)
Apr 06   Strategy--Checker play--Play versus a novice  (Courtney S Foster)
Apr 05   Ratings--On different sites  (Bob Newell)
Apr 05   Computer Dice--The dice sure seem unfair!  (Michael Sullivan)
Apr 04   Play Sites--DailyGammon  (Scott Steiner)
Apr 01   Fun and frustration--Backgammon hustler  (Socks)

March 2004

Mar 31   Variations--Cancelgammon  (Ilia Guzei)
Mar 28   Match Equities--ME Table: Zadeh  (Jørn Thyssen)
Mar 27   Strategy--Checker play--Breaking anchor  (abc)
Mar 27   Etiquette--Why I never complain about the dice  (Phil Simborg)
Mar 25   Terminology--"Bot"  (Pit Bull)
Mar 23   Theory--Number of no-contact positions  (Darse Billings)
Mar 18   Learning--Practice and preparation  (Ian Shaw)
Mar 18   Books--Magriel: Backgammon  (Baldo)
Mar 17   Variations--Bad advice  (Jason Lee)
Mar 16   Computer Dice--Does Motif cheat?  (Rick Kiesau)
Mar 16   GNU Backgammon--Rollout settings  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Mar 12   Rulings--Disputed roll  (Roland Scheicher)
Mar 11   Tournaments--Clocks--Losing on time  (Jason Lee)
Mar 09   Books--Wiggins: Boards, Blots, and Double Shots  (Ned Cross)
Mar 04   Rulings--Misplaced cube  (Ned Cross)
Mar 04   GNU Backgammon--Cache size  (Ned Cross)
Mar 03   GNU Backgammon--Quasi-random dice in rollouts  (Ian Shaw)
Mar 01   Rulings--Incorrect setup  (Ken)

February 2004

Feb 29   Match Play--Post-crawford doubling  (Scott Steiner)
Feb 26   Programming--Search in Trees with Chance Nodes  (Thomas Hauk)
Feb 24   Books--Woolsey & Jones: Understanding Backgammon  (Jon Nall)
Feb 23   Opening Rolls--Opening 43: In GOL online match  (Raccoon)
Feb 20   Books--Woolsey: The Backgammon Encyclopedia Vol 1  (Dean Gay)
Feb 17   Miscellaneous--Handicapping--Rerolling 5-4  (Mary Hickey)
Feb 14   Probability and Statistics--Average luck of each roll  (Jørn Thyssen)
Feb 14   Match Play--Leading 2-away with good gammon chances  (Douglas Zare)
Feb 09   Terminology--"Gammon-go" (GG) and "gammon-save" (GS)  (Mary Hickey)
Feb 09   Probability and Statistics--Chance of rolling x or more pips in y rolls  (Tom Keith)
Feb 05   Rulings--Equipment changes  (Jason Lee)
Feb 04   Equipment--Board design  (Chuck Bower)

January 2004

Jan 29   Terminology--"Back game"  (Marty Storer)
Jan 28   Variations--Hit man  (Matt Reklaitis)
Jan 24   Tournaments--Clocks--Pros and cons  (Michael Strato)
Jan 16   Miscellaneous--Position cards  (Francois Hochede)
Jan 14   Equipment--Boards--Dal Negro  (Erin)
Jan 11   Programming--How to count plies?  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 06   Puzzles--Worst symmetric bearoff of 8 checkers  (Gregg Cattanach)
Jan 04   Terminology--"Gammon-go" (GG)   (Chuck Bower)
Jan 02   Books--Lortz: Double ... now: An Authentic Cube Remedy  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 02   Cube Handling in Races--Effective pipcount and type of position  (Douglas Zare)

December 2003

Dec 31   Cheating--How to tell you're playing a computer  (Douglas Zare)
Dec 26   GNU Backgammon--Setting up and saving a rollout  (Albert Silver)
Dec 24   Miscellaneous--What is Zbot?  (Douglas Zare)
Dec 23   GNU Backgammon--Entering an annotated match  (Albert Silver)
Dec 20   Match Equities--ME Table: Zorba  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Dec 19   History--Doubling in the 17th Century?  (David Levy)
Dec 18   Ratings--FIBS rating formula  (Patti Beadles)
Dec 14   Cube Handling--Words of wisdom  (Chris C.)
Dec 14   Match Equities--ME Table: Kazaross  (Neil Kazaross)
Dec 12   Match Equities--Does it matter which match equity table you use?  (Achim Mueller)
Dec 04   Play Sites--HigherGames--Announcement  (Michael Gilbert)
Dec 03   Opening Rolls--Opening 1's: Split or slot?  (Douglas Zare)
Dec 03   Rollouts--Combining rollouts  (Gregg Cattanach)
Dec 01   Opening Rolls--Opening 21: Split or slot?  (Dick Adams)

November 2003

Nov 26   Cube Handling--Tells  (Tad Bright)

October 2003

Oct 28   Learning--The best way to learn  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 17   GNU Backgammon--Even-ply/odd-ply effect  (Tom Keith)
Oct 16   Puzzles--Quiz  (Martin Krainer)
Oct 14   Match Equities--Which match equity table is best?  (Martin Krainer)
Oct 02   Tournaments--Clock rules--Digital clocks  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 01   Play Sites--Arkadium  (Michael Volpatt)

September 2003

Sep 30   Rulings--Crawford game double  (Raccoon)
Sep 29   Miscellaneous--Backgammon's popularity  (Anon)
Sep 26   Magazines & E-zines--GammonVillage vs. GammOnLine  (Albert Silver)
Sep 25   Cube Handling--Early-late ratio  (Tom Keith)
Sep 22   Cube Handling in Races--Effective pipcount  (Douglas Zare)
Sep 18   Software--Windows: Penguin backgammon (player)  (Pojchara Jatupoj)
Sep 15   Rulings--Checker knocked off bar  (Chuck Bower)
Sep 15   Tournaments--Recording matches  (Chuck Bower)

August 2003

Aug 25   GNU Backgammon--Gnu 0.13 versus Jellyfish and Snowie  (Torsten Schoop)
Aug 22   Miscellaneous--Handicapping  (Kees van den Doel)
Aug 22   History--Backgammon variants  (Raccoon)
Aug 21   Books--Munchkin: Gambling Wizards  (Chuck Bower)
Aug 19   GNU Backgammon--How to enter an illegal move  (Øystein Johansen)
Aug 18   Variations--Greek backgammon  (Alexandre Charitopoulos)
Aug 06   GNU Backgammon--Rollout settings  (Ian Dunstan)

July 2003

Jul 30   Chouettes--Online chouette rules  (John Graas)
Jul 24   Book Suggestions--Three underrated books  (Mary Hickey)
Jul 23   Books--Magriel: Backgammon  (Neil Kazaross)
Jul 21   Play Sites--FIBS--Top Tournament Performers  (Osman Guner)
Jul 21   Theory--Variance reduction  (Oliver Riordan)
Jul 14   Strategy--Checker play--Blitzing technique  (Albert Silver)
Jul 10   Rulings--Cocked dice  (Chuck Bower)
Jul 08   GNU Backgammon--Gnu 0.14 vs. Jellyfish  (Michael Howard)

June 2003

Jun 28   Book Suggestions--Books for advanced players  (Edward D. Collins)
Jun 25   Software--Windows: Sconyers's bearoff database  (Hugh Sconyers)
Jun 22   Chouettes--Split cube actions  (Neil Kazaross)
Jun 13   Chouettes--Cube proxy  (Ilia Guzei)
Jun 09   GNU Backgammon--Gnu 0.13 vs. Snowie 4  (Albert Silver)

May 2003

May 29   Tournaments--Tournament formats  (MikeMadMonk)
May 28   Variations--Shesh Besh  (G.S.)
May 27   Books--Lamford: Improve Your Backgammon  (Alef Rosenbaum)
May 13   Software--Palm OS: SlapGammon (player)  (GandyDancer)
May 09   GNU Backgammon--Edit mode removing checker from bar  (Scott Steiner)
May 06   Software--Windows: Soumille, The First Trictrac Program  (David Levy)

April 2003

Apr 30   Match Equities--ME at 1-away/2-away (crawford)  (Ian Shaw)
Apr 22   Equipment--What finish to use on a cork board?  (JP White)
Apr 22   Equipment--Replacing cork on backgammon boards  (JP White)
Apr 11   Books--Robertie: Modern Backgammon  (Mattias)
Apr 09   Strategy--Checker play--Cube-influenced checker play  (Rew Francis)

March 2003

Mar 26   Luck versus Skill--Strange result  (az-willie)
Mar 24   Programming--How to count plies?  (tanglebear)
Mar 23   Etiquette--Rude conduct  (Igor Schein)
Mar 16   Equipment--Boards--Custom-made  (N Merrigan)
Mar 16   Programming--Bot weaknesses  (Douglas Zare)
Mar 13   Variations--Takhteh  (Bruce Scott)
Mar 08   Books--Becker: Backgammon for Blood  (Gus)
Mar 06   Fun and frustration--What are the chances?  (Pete)
Mar 05   Books--Heinrich & Woolsey: New Ideas in Backgammon  (Douglas Zare)
Mar 01   Tournaments--Uniform rules and procedures?  (Michael Crane)

February 2003

Feb 27   Equipment--Checkers  (Mike O.)
Feb 26   Book Suggestions--Books for serious players  (Douglas Zare)
Feb 25   Luck versus Skill--Are luck and skill related?  (Eskimo)
Feb 24   Match Equities--Turner formula  (Gregg Cattanach)
Feb 23   Match Equities--Worth memorizing?  (Alef Rosenbaum)
Feb 15   Computer Dice--Does Motif cheat?  (Billie Patterson)

January 2003

Jan 31   Tournaments--Hedging  (Tad Bright)
Jan 27   Cheating--Using computer to aid online play  (Patti Beadles)
Jan 21   Strategy--Backgames--Defending against a backgame  (KL Gerber)
Jan 16   Miscellaneous--Money management  (Adam Stocks)
Jan 15   GNU Backgammon--Questions and answers  (Jim Segrave)

December 2002

Dec 24   Variations--Exact bearoff  (Chris Moellering)
Dec 22   History--The name "backgammon"  (Jive Dadson)
Dec 19   Tournaments--Calcutta problems  (Marty Storer)
Dec 18   Rulings--Misplacing a checker on the bar  (Jeb Horton)
Dec 13   GNU Backgammon--Even-ply/odd-ply effect  (Scott Steiner)
Dec 03   Miscellaneous--Famous people who play  (Carem Wiklicm)
Dec 02   Match Play--Post-crawford doubling  (Maik Stiebler)

November 2002

Nov 28   Computer Dice--Does GNU Backgammon cheat?  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Nov 21   Strategy--Checker play--Splitting your back men  (KL Gerber)
Nov 20   Cube Handling--With the Jacoby rule  (KL Gerber)
Nov 14   Ratings--Experience required for accurate rating  (Jon Brown)
Nov 14   Variations--Nardi  (KL Gerber)
Nov 11   Propositions--Fifteen on the bar  (Pete)
Nov 11   Cube Handling in Races--N-roll vs n-roll bearoff  (Gregg Cattanach)
Nov 10   Strategy--Checker play--Golden point  (Henry Logan)
Nov 05   GNU Backgammon--Improving your game using GnuBG  (D.U.G.)
Nov 02   Books--Robertie: 501 Essential Backgammon Problems  (Albert Silver)

October 2002

Oct 31   Terminology--"Gammon-go" (GG) and "gammon-save" (GS)  (Marty Storer)
Oct 28   Match Equities--Value of free drop  (Neil Kazaross)
Oct 24   Propositions--No ones  (Murat Kalinyaprak)
Oct 23   Variations--International backgammon  (Bob Lancaster)
Oct 19   Tournaments--Clock rules--How do they work?  (Gregg Cattanach)
Oct 17   Software--Windows: Dueller (bot-vs-bot intermediary)  (Tony Lezard)
Oct 15   Ratings--KG rating list  (Tapio Palmroth)
Oct 14   Rollouts--Positions with inaccurate rollouts  (Douglas Zare)
Oct 13   Rollouts--Truncated rollouts  (Gregg Cattanach)
Oct 10   Luck versus Skill--Why are stronger players luckier?  (Bob Sweeney)
Oct 03   Snowie--Snowie 4.0  (SnowieGroup Info)
Oct 02   Books--Robertie: Modern Backgammon  (Gregg Cattanach)

September 2002

Sep 29   Books--Cooke: Paradoxes and Probabilities  (Peter van Arkel)
Sep 27   Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon  (Scott Steiner)
Sep 27   Books--Dwek: Backgammon for Profit  (Bob Stringer)
Sep 26   Match Play--Post-crawford doubling  (Gus)
Sep 19   Terminology--"Table stakes"  (Carlo Melzi)
Sep 13   Software--Windows CE: BGLightCE  (Andy Rudnitsky)
Sep 10   GNU Backgammon--Personal reflections  (Louis Nardy Pillards)

August 2002

Aug 30   Rules--Resigning  (Bob Lang)
Aug 28   Learning--Taking your game up a level  (CW)
Aug 13   GNU Backgammon--How luck factor is calculated  (Gregg Cattanach)
Aug 12   Rules--Illegal plays  (Bob)
Aug 08   Equipment--Boards  (Bert Van Kerckhove)
Aug 05   GNU Backgammon--Questions and answers  (Jørn Thyssen)

July 2002

Jul 30   Books--Robertie: 501 Essential Backgammon Problems  (Tore Fredriksen)
Jul 30   Book Suggestions--Best next step  (Gregg Cattanach)
Jul 28   Opening Rolls--At different match scores  (Louis Nardy Pillards)
Jul 13   Equipment--Board design  (Adam Stocks)
Jul 10   Terminology--"Technical play"  (Adam Stocks)

June 2002

Jun 26   Rollouts--Tips for doing rollouts  (Douglas Zare)
Jun 25   Equipment--Suppliers--Backgammon boards  (Ian Shaw)
Jun 19   Match Play--Gammonless takepoint formula  (Adam Stocks)
Jun 15   Variations--Tablestakes betting  (TrueMoneygames)
Jun 08   Books--Bray: What Colour is the Wind?  (Chris Bray)

May 2002

May 27   Puzzles--Most possible plays  (Kees van den Doel)
May 23   Match Archives--LittleSister  (Francois Hochede)
May 20   GNU Backgammon--Luck rate  (Kees van den Doel)
May 18   Rules--Touch-move rule in backgammon?  (Austefjord)
May 07   Books--Robertie: Modern Backgammon  (Frank Mazza)

April 2002

Apr 19   Magazines & E-zines--Backgammon Today  (Mario Kühl)
Apr 18   Strategy--Backgames--Which anchors are best?  (Adam Stocks)
Apr 12   Books--Leet: Winning Backgammon  (Ryan Long)
Apr 11   Play Sites--TrueMoneygames--Announcement  (TrueMoneygames Info)
Apr 10   Match Equities--ME Table: Snowie  (Chase)
Apr 03   Software--Palm OS: SlapGammon (player)  (Alan Cairns)
Apr 02   History--Murray's "History of Boardgames Other than Chess"  (Dean Jameson)
Apr 01   Opening Rolls--Opening 63: Middle Eastern split?  (Mark)

March 2002

Mar 31   Opening Rolls--Opening 63: Slot the four point?  (Dennis Cartwright)
Mar 22   Pip Counting--Half-crossover method  (Douglas Zare)
Mar 19   Terminology--"Chouette"  (Roland Scheicher)
Mar 18   Variations--Middle Eastern backgammon  (Alan Cairns)
Mar 16   Chouettes--Mandatory beaver  (Roland Scheicher)
Mar 13   Match Play--Comparing 2-away/3-away and 2-away/4-away  (Douglas Zare)

February 2002

Feb 25   Cheating--Premature roll and late pick-up  (Ian Shaw)
Feb 20   Equipment--Boards--Tak Morioka  (Gregg Cattanach)
Feb 17   Computer Dice--Synopsis of "cheating" postings  (Ray Karmo)
Feb 16   Variations--Nackgammon opening moves  (Warwick)
Feb 04   Books--Bagai: Classic Backgammon Revisited  (Gregg Cattanach)

January 2002

Jan 23   Equipment--Suppliers--BG Shop  (Michael Nelson)
Jan 21   Etiquette--Am I too slow?  (Stephen Turner)
Jan 17   Match Archives--Dueller: Jellyfish vs. Snowie  (Tony Lezard)
Jan 15   Cube Handling--Playing your opponent  (Morris Pearl)
Jan 04   Software--Palm OS: SlapGammon (player)  (Michael Plog)
Jan 03   GNU Backgammon--Compiling for Windows  (Øystein Johansen)

December 2001

Dec 30   Play Sites--Backgammon4Money--Announcement  (Will Edison)
Dec 27   GNU Backgammon--Analyzing GamesGrid matches  (Roy Passfield)
Dec 25   Terminology--"Calcutta auction"  (Roland Scheicher)
Dec 24   Ratings--Ratings on Gamesgrid  (Gregg Cattanach)
Dec 24   Software--Windows: Blowfish (analyser)  (Mike Rudman)
Dec 07   Match Equities--Which match equity table is best?  (Ian Shaw)

November 2001

Nov 30   Play Sites--Playmaker World--Announcement  (Michael Crane)
Nov 27   Chouettes--California rule  (Peter Anderson)
Nov 26   Tournaments--Calcutta auctions  (David Moeser)
Nov 03   Tournaments--Round robins  (Hank Youngerman)

October 2001

Oct 26   GNU Backgammon--What's GNU?  (Gary Wong)
Oct 25   Books--Lamford: 100 Backgammon Puzzles--Snowie analysis  (Michael Schell)
Oct 23   GNU Backgammon--Installing on Windows  (maareyes)
Oct 21   Rules--Legal roll  (Gregg Cattanach)
Oct 19   Books--Lamford: 100 Backgammon Puzzles  (Harold Simon)

September 2001

Sep 09   GNU Backgammon--Setting GnuBG's playing strength  (JP White)
Sep 07   Computer Dice--GamesGrid: Too many jokers?  (Gregg Cattanach)
Sep 01   Match Equities--Does it matter which match equity table you use?  (Chuck Bower)

August 2001

Aug 27   Fun and frustration--Lonely checker's lament  (Luvrhino)
Aug 19   Cube Handling in Races--Lamford's race forumla  (Michael Schell)
Aug 14   Chouettes--Legal plays only  (Gregg Cattanach)
Aug 12   Etiquette--Direction of play  (Ric Gerace)
Aug 01   Etiquette--Doubling to end a game early  (Douglas Zare)

July 2001

Jul 31   Computer Dice--Dice on backgammon servers  (Hank Youngerman)
Jul 26   Chouettes--Waiting for teammate to double  (Øystein Johansen)
Jul 26   Match Archives--Monte Carlo 2001 Final  (Daniel Murphy)
Jul 24   Tournaments--Clock rules--End of turn  (Carlo Melzi)
Jul 18   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Proof of doubling with market losers  (Walter Trice)
Jul 09   Books--Tzannes brothers: How Good Are You at Backgammon?  (Mark Driver)
Jul 09   Books--Lamford: 100 Backgammon Puzzles  (Mark Driver)

June 2001

Jun 23   Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon--JF rollouts  (Øystein Johansen)
Jun 23   Opening Rolls--Choosing a strategy  (Daniel Murphy)
Jun 20   Variations--Jacquet  (Mark Driver)
Jun 05   Snowie--Checker-play-according-to-score bug  (Peter Schneider)

May 2001

May 24   Tournaments--Swiss format  (Osman Guner)
May 21   Play Sites--DailyGammon  (Phil Vanicek)
May 17   Books--Stern: Backgammon: The Quick Course to Winning Play  (Mark Driver)

April 2001

Apr 30   Tournaments--Tournament rules  (Daniel Murphy)
Apr 30   Rules--Overview  (Daniel Murphy)
Apr 18   Strategy--Backgames--What is a backgame?  (Daniel Murphy)
Apr 11   Books--Tzannes brothers: Backgammon Games and Strategies  (Mark Driver)
Apr 01   Snowie--Snowie vs. Jellyfish  (Mark Driver)
Apr 01   Opening Rolls--Splitting versus slotting  (Daniel Murphy)

March 2001

Mar 28   Etiquette--Commenting on dice  (Ron Barry)
Mar 15   Equipment--What is "standard size"?  (Daniel Murphy)
Mar 02   Strategy--Backgames--Which anchors are best?  (Mary Hickey)

February 2001

Feb 25   Cube Handling in Races--Pip count percentage  (Jeff Mogath)
Feb 25   Cheating--How to tell when somebody's cheating  (Michael Halpenny)
Feb 23   Strategy--Checker play--Kleinman Count for bringing checkers home  (Øystein Johansen)
Feb 22   Cube Handling in Races--Kleinman count  (Øystein Johansen)
Feb 06   Cube Handling--PRAT--Position, Race, and Threats  (Alan Webb)
Feb 03   Cube Handling--When to accept a double  (Daniel Murphy)
Feb 03   Cube Handling--Evaluating the position  (Daniel Murphy)

January 2001

Jan 30   Equipment--Precision dice  (Patti Beadles)
Jan 23   Programming--Methods of encoding positions  (Gary Wong)
Jan 20   Match Play--Crawford rule--history  (Michael Strato)
Jan 03   History--Backgammon in China  (Mark Driver)
Jan 03   Strategy--Bearing Off--Winning the bearoff race  (Dave Flaks)

December 2000

Dec 30   Variations--Hyper backgammon  (Gregg Cattanach)
Dec 28   Probability and Statistics--Average game and match length  (JP White)
Dec 23   Rules--Talking during play  (EdmondT)
Dec 19   Variations--Duodecagammon  (David Moeser)
Dec 15   Variations--Longgammon  (Michael Strato)
Dec 12   Play Sites--melBG--Announcement  (David Kinston)
Dec 08   Equipment--Board design  (Gregg Cattanach)
Dec 03   Equipment--Boards--Features to look for  (Matthew Mueller)
Dec 03   Book Suggestions--What's a good second book?  (Tommy)

November 2000

Nov 22   Luck versus Skill--How much skill versus luck?  (Alexandre Sierra)
Nov 21   Terminology--"Pure play"  (Daniel Murphy)
Nov 18   Programming--Training neural nets  (Walter Trice)
Nov 13   Tournaments--Videotaping matches  (André Nicoulin)
Nov 09   Etiquette--Going for backgammon in a one-point match  (Douglas Zare)
Nov 07   Luck versus Skill--How often to win with perfect play?  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Nov 06   Ratings--Improving the rating system  (Matti Rinta-Nikkola)
Nov 03   Puzzles--Janowski Paradox  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Nov 02   Ratings--FIBS rating distribution  (Gary Wong)

October 2000

Oct 22   Snowie--Snowie vs. Jellyfish  (Daniel Murphy)
Oct 19   Books--Bell: Winning with the Doubling Cube  (André Nicoulin)
Oct 08   Snowie--Error rates  (Gregg Cattanach)
Oct 04   Strategy--Backgames--But they're so much fun!  (Laury Chizlett)

September 2000

Sep 26   Snowie--Snowie vs. Jellyfish  (Gregg Cattanach)
Sep 14   Tournaments--What is a "Monrad format"?  (Daniel Murphy)
Sep 09   Miscellaneous--Posted diagrams are scrunched up  (Dale)
Sep 07   Luck versus Skill--Are good players just luckier?  (Douglas Zare)
Sep 07   Variations--Tri-gammon  (Gregg Cattanach)
Sep 07   Chouettes--Captain drops and others take  (Grafix8888)

August 2000

Aug 29   Luck versus Skill--How much skill versus luck?  (JP White)
Aug 29   Cube Handling--Value of an ace-point game  (Øystein Johansen)
Aug 22   Book Suggestions--After Magriel  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Aug 10   Terminology--"Equity"  (Gregg Cattanach)
Aug 08   Opening Rolls--Splitting versus building  (Dave Slayton)
Aug 04   Opening Rolls--Opening 53: Split to 21?  (Alex Zamanian)
Aug 04   Opening Rolls--Opening 43: Which split is better?  (Peter Backgren)
Aug 02   Theory--Janowski's formulas  (Joern Thyssen)

July 2000

Jul 25   Puzzles--Legal but not likely  (David desJardins)
Jul 12   Rules--Bearing off question  (Colin Wiel)
Jul 01   Play Sites--Yahoo Games--Ratings  (Neil GoBlu)

June 2000

Jun 30   Ratings--Field size and ratings spread  (Daniel Murphy)
Jun 23   Strategy--Checker play--Hitting loose in your home board  (Douglas Zare)
Jun 23   Probability and Statistics--Calculating winning chances  (Douglas Zare)
Jun 21   Rules--Checker shuffling  (James Johnson)
Jun 18   Computer Dice--Does Agushak Backgammon cheat?  (Mr Nabutovsky)
Jun 14   Etiquette--Dice cup  (Walt Swan)
Jun 07   Rules--Moving checkers with two hands  (Michael Strato)
Jun 06   Cheating--Avoiding loaded dice  (Gregg Cattanach)

May 2000

May 31   Terminology--"Weaver"  (Alan Webb)
May 31   Software--Palm OS: Agushka (player)  (pip_panther)
May 29   Books--Robertie: 501 Essential Backgammon Problems  (Erik M Sørensen)
May 13   Books--Robertie: 501 Essential Backgammon Problems  (Daniel Hollis)
May 13   Book Suggestions--Magriel, Robertie, and Kleinman  (Gregg Cattanach)
May 12   Play Sites--FIBS vs. GamesGrid  (Bob Stringer)
May 09   Rules--Can a beaver be dropped?  (Stein Kulseth)
May 01   Rules--When is a move over?  (JP White)

April 2000

Apr 29   Magazines & E-zines--GammOnLine  (JP White)
Apr 20   Match Equities--Constructing a match equity table  (Walter Trice)
Apr 12   Book Suggestions--Ideal book on backgammon  (Laury Chizlett)
Apr 06   Book Suggestions--Bibliography  (Carl Tait)
Apr 03   Learning--What more can I do?  (Alison Wylie)
Apr 01   Chouettes--Variable stakes  (Christopher Yep)

March 2000

Mar 31   Chouettes--When is consulting allowed?  (Dave)
Mar 16   Miscellaneous--Backgammon in famous paintings  (Dan Scoones)
Mar 12   Cube Handling--Evaluating the position  (Daniel Murphy)
Mar 01   Rulings--Disputed roll  (Chuck Bower)

February 2000

Feb 26   Opening Rolls--Opening 6's: Slot the bar point?  (Chuck Bower)
Feb 24   Miscellaneous--Notation  (Dean Gay)
Feb 23   Variations--Other variations  (Douglas Zare)
Feb 15   Tournaments--Clock rules--Illegal move  (Brendan Burgess)
Feb 08   Play Sites--VOG  (Glenn)

January 2000

Jan 30   Rules--Hit and run  (Rich)
Jan 21   Play Sites--GameSite2000--Announcment  (GameSite 2000)
Jan 18   Match Play--Crawford rule--Why just one game?  (Walter Trice)
Jan 06   Book Suggestions--Annotated matches  (Walter Trice)
Jan 03   Fun and frustration--New Year's resolutions  (Alan Webb)

December 1999

Dec 22   Strategy--Checker play--Bearing off with contact  (Walter Trice)
Dec 20   Software--Windows: Exact Bearoff (analyzer)  (Michel Grimminck)
Dec 18   Equipment--Leather boards  (HGM)
Dec 17   Rollouts--What is a rollout?  (Gregg Cattanach)
Dec 17   Puzzles--Small chance of ending in doubles  (Walter Trice)
Dec 10   Magazines & E-zines--GammonVillage announcement  (Michael Strato)
Dec 07   Software--Windows: Snowie 3 (player, analyzer)  (André Nicoulin)
Dec 07   Fun and frustration--Backgammon laws  (Walt Swan)
Dec 03   Programming--Source code  (Gary Wong)
Dec 01   Snowie--Luck calculation  (Gregg Cattanach)

November 1999

Nov 26   Strategy--Checker play--Gammonish positions  (Michael Manolios)
Nov 13   Cheating--Advantages of online play  (Donald Kahn)
Nov 08   Books--Magriel: Backgammon  (Chuck Bower)
Nov 03   Learning--Beginners' mistakes  (Alan Webb)
Nov 03   Magazines & E-zines--GammOnLine  (Adam V)
Nov 03   Fun and frustration--Losing streaks  (Leo Bueno)
Nov 02   Books--Clay: Backgammon Winning Strategies  (Michael Strato)
Nov 01   Equipment--Dice cups  (David Montgomery)

October 1999

Oct 31   Strategy--Checker play--Breaking contact  (Alan Webb)
Oct 29   Tournaments--Newbie questions  (Donald Kahn)
Oct 26   Equipment--Boards--Zavoral  (Robert Zavoral)
Oct 24   Opening Rolls--Slotting the four point  (Joe Loria)
Oct 21   Books--Obolensky & James: Backgammon the Action Game  (Edward D. Collins)

September 1999

Sep 23   Variations--Domino backgammon  (Laury Chizlett)
Sep 21   Play Sites--ItsYourTurn--Announcement  (Tom Buhrman)
Sep 16   Cube Handling in Races--Thorp count questions  (Chuck Bower)
Sep 11   Books--Magriel: Backgammon  (Dean Gay)
Sep 08   Cube Handling--Endgame close out: Spleischft formula  (Simon Larsen)
Sep 02   Theory--Janowski's formulas  (Stig Eide)

August 1999

Aug 30   Cube Handling--When to beaver  (Walter Trice)
Aug 23   Play Sites--Ratings comparison  (Daniel Murphy)
Aug 20   Propositions--Opening 11 vs. Owning the cube  (Bob Ebbeler)
Aug 15   Tournaments--Manually recording a match  (Daniel Murphy)
Aug 10   Tournaments--Recording matches  (Sean Dakin)
Aug 02   Rollouts--How reliable are rollouts?  (David Montgomery)

July 1999

Jul 28   GNU Backgammon--How rollouts work  (Gary Wong)
Jul 27   Probability and Statistics--Losing after bearing off 14 checkers  (Daniel Murphy)
Jul 11   Learning--Reference positions  (Chuck Bower)
Jul 05   Equipment--What is "tournament size"?  (Rodrigo Andrade)
Jul 02   Books--Leet: Winning Backgammon  (MW Book Review)

June 1999

Jun 26   Tournaments--Adjusting to face-to-face play  (Daniel Murphy)
Jun 20   Probability and Statistics--Distribution of points per game  (Roland Sutter)
Jun 20   Theory--Double/take/drop rates  (Gary Wong)
Jun 13   Magazines & E-zines--Inside Backgammon R.I.P.  (Chris Bray)
Jun 11   Magazines & E-zines--GammOnLine announcement  (Kit Woolsey)
Jun 08   Books--Becker: Backgammon for Blood  (PTaber)
Jun 04   Miscellaneous--Money management and the Kelly Criterion  (Stuart Thomson)

May 1999

May 28   Terminology--"Beavers"  (Sander van Rijnswou)
May 19   Match Play--Free drop  (Ian Shaw)
May 04   Fun and frustration--Beginner's luck  (Paul Tanenbaum)
May 03   Books--Bell: Winning with the Doubling Cube  (David Montgomery)

April 1999

Apr 11   Miscellaneous--Free lesson  (Donald Kahn)
Apr 01   Books--Kennedy & Papazian: Backgammon Master Games  (Ben Fairbank)

March 1999

Mar 22   Miscellaneous--Board orientation  (Daniel Murphy)
Mar 04   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Minimum game winning chances to double  (Walter Trice)
Mar 01   Programming--Neural net questions  (Brian Sheppard)

February 1999

Feb 27   Programming--Blockading feature  (Sam Pottle)
Feb 21   Opening Rolls--Snowie's openers and replies  (rcerutti)
Feb 20   Opening Rolls--Rollouts: Jellyfish 3.0 level 6  (Chuck Bower)
Feb 19   Match Equities--Why use a match equity table?  (Kit Woolsey)
Feb 18   Probability and Statistics--Expected variation in points after a series of games  (Achim Müller)
Feb 14   Ratings--Ratings variation  (Kevin Bastian)
Feb 02   Fun and frustration--Characters we all know  (Alan Webb)

January 1999

Jan 31   Match Play--Doubling when facing a gammon loss  (Kit Woolsey)
Jan 29   Rules--Rolling on wrong side of board  (Kit Woolsey)
Jan 26   Equipment--Boards--Tak Morioka  (Ed Zell)
Jan 24   Play Sites--GamesGrid vs FIBS  (Jim Cochrane)
Jan 20   Programming--Writing a backgammon program  (Gary Wong)
Jan 18   Play Sites--Overview  (Alan Webb)
Jan 15   Chouettes--Mandatory beaver  (David Montgomery)
Jan 14   Chouettes--Automatic doubles with carryover  (Alexander Zamanian)
Jan 14   Strategy--Checker play--Holding games  (Casual_Observer)
Jan 11   Snowie--Snowie vs. Jellyfish  (Wayne Crookes)

December 1998

Dec 30   Puzzles--Least shots on a blot within direct range  (Raymond Kershaw)
Dec 25   Terminology--"Equity"  (Gary Wong)
Dec 22   Ratings--Unbounded rating theorem  (David desJardins)
Dec 21   Terminology--"Holding game"  (Alan Webb)
Dec 19   Ratings--No limit to ratings  (David desJardins)
Dec 14   Strategy--Backgames--Play for a backgame from the start?  (Alan Webb)
Dec 12   Puzzles--Trivia question  (Walter Trice)
Dec 08   Snowie--Questions and answers  (David Montgomery)
Dec 07   Etiquette--Dealing with droppers  (Bill Hill)
Dec 06   Play Sites--MSN Gaming Zone--Thoughts  (Gregg Cattanach)
Dec 02   Tournaments--Seeding  (Roland Scheicher)
Dec 02   Tournaments--Calcutta auctions  (Roland Scheicher)
Dec 02   Equipment--Board design  (Michael Poche)
Dec 02   Tournaments--Compensating for byes  (Hank Youngerman)
Dec 01   Books--Cooke: Paradoxes and Probabilities  (Donald Kahn)
Dec 01   Ratings--Constructing a ratings system  (Matti Rinta-Nikkola)
Dec 01   Programming--Variance reduction in races  (David Montgomery)

November 1998

Nov 28   Equipment--Bakelite checkers  (Albert Steg)
Nov 21   Tournaments--Skill level  (Kirk J. Rupnik)
Nov 09   Rulings--Doubling to wrong value  (Stein Kulseth)
Nov 01   Etiquette--When to quit  (Albert Steg)

October 1998

Oct 26   Match Play--Matches to a set number of games  (Tom Keith)
Oct 22   Opening Rolls--Average advantage of winning opening roll  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 21   Ratings--Different length matches  (Jim Williams)
Oct 21   Match Play--5-away/11-away: redouble to 8  (Gavin Anderson)
Oct 20   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Double immediately?  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 20   Ratings--Emperical analysis  (Gary Wong)
Oct 14   Snowie--Using rollouts  (Michael J. Zehr)
Oct 11   Cube Handling--Volatility  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 11   Tournaments--Swiss format  (Osman Guner)
Oct 10   Ratings--Possible adjustments  (Christopher Yep)
Oct 09   Puzzles--Replace the missing checkers  (Gary Wong)
Oct 07   Programming--What is a "neural net"?  (Gary Wong)
Oct 05   Source Code--Move generator  (Gary Wong)
Oct 02   Probability and Statistics--How often is too often?  (Gary Wong)

September 1998

Sep 30   Probability and Statistics--Clumping of random numbers  (Gary Wong)
Sep 23   Books--Heinrich & Woolsey: New Ideas in Backgammon  (Craig E. Groeschel)
Sep 22   Books--Heyken & Fischer: The Backgammon Handbook  (Martin Fischer)
Sep 21   Snowie--Terminology  (Alexander Nitschke)
Sep 20   Rules--Rolling on wrong side of board  (Kit Woolsey)
Sep 19   Software--Java: BG-Blitz (player, analyzer)  (Frank Berger)
Sep 14   Strategy--Checker play--Pay now or play later?  (Hank Youngerman)
Sep 12   Chouettes--Money management  (Albert Steg)
Sep 09   Chouettes--Strategy  (Michael J. Zehr)
Sep 04   Cube Handling in Races--Kleinman count  (André Nicoulin)
Sep 04   Computer Dice--Does Snowie cheat?  (André Nicoulin)
Sep 02   Terminology--"Joker"  (Richard Divdesman)

August 1998

Aug 31   History--Books on the history of backgammon  (Albert Steg)
Aug 27   Programming--Building and training a neural-net player  (Brian Sheppard)
Aug 26   Books--Steed: Backgammon: The Meanest Game  (Albert Steg)
Aug 25   Miscellaneous--General tips  (Hank Youngerman)
Aug 24   Programming--Variance reduction of rollouts  (Michael J. Zehr)
Aug 24   Ratings--Converting to points-per-game  (David Montgomery)
Aug 23   Books--Bell: Winning with the Doubling Cube  (Peter Bell)
Aug 20   Match Equities--ME Table: Snowie  (Harald Retter)
Aug 19   Books--Cooke & Bradshaw: Backgammon--The Cruelest Game  (Chuck Bower)
Aug 18   Books--Robertie: Backgammon for Winners  (Carl Tait)
Aug 15   Snowie--Hints and questions  (Achim Müller)
Aug 12   Luck versus Skill--The Bower Luck-O-Meter  (Gary Wong)
Aug 01   Miscellaneous--Handicapping  (flash)

July 1998

Jul 29   Theory--Drop rate on initial doubles  (Gary Wong)
Jul 22   Computer Dice--Jellyfish: Proof it doesn't cheat  (Gary Wong)
Jul 21   Fun and frustration--Losing streaks  (Jim Peplow)
Jul 21   Learning--Advancing beyond intermediate  (James Eibisch)
Jul 15   Strategy--Checker play--Containment positions  (Brian Sheppard)
Jul 06   Learning--Three steps to better play  (David Montgomery)
Jul 04   Variations--Freeze-out match  (Dave Brotherton)
Jul 02   Theory--Optimal strategy?  (Gary Wong)

June 1998

Jun 30   Theory--Solvability of backgammon  (Gary Wong)
Jun 26   Programming--Anticomputer positions  (Bill Taylor)
Jun 26   Match Archives--Big Brother file viewer  (Vince Mounts)
Jun 24   Computer Dice--Official complaint form  (Gary Wong)
Jun 21   Play Sites--Best value  (Kenny Lee Smith)
Jun 21   Software--Windows: Monte Carlo (player)  (Gamer Cafe Software)
Jun 21   Rollouts--Duplicate dice  (David Montgomery)
Jun 17   Computer Dice--Does David's Backgammon cheat?  (Joseph B. Calderone)
Jun 17   Variations--Acey-deucy  (Steve Ewert)
Jun 15   Terminology--"Volatility"  (Michael J. Zehr)
Jun 12   Rollouts--Level-5 versus level-6 rollouts  (Michael J. Zehr)
Jun 02   Programming--Backgames  (David Montgomery)
Jun 01   Computer Dice--Does MonteCarlo cheat?  (Matt Reklaitis)

May 1998

May 30   Snowie--Snowie vs. Jellyfish  (Kenneth M. Arnold)
May 30   Books--Bray: Backgammon--An Independent View  (Chris Bray)
May 27   Computer Dice--Jellyfish: How to check the dice  (John Goodwin)
May 25   Jellyfish--Doubling at 2-away, 2-away  (Michael Bo Hansen)
May 19   Jellyfish--Bearoff database bug  (Vince Mounts)
May 18   Equipment--Boards--Hardwood Creations  (Ben Fairbank)
May 11   Match Play--Crawford rule  (Chuck Bower)
May 10   Variations--Trictrac  (David Levy)
May 06   Ratings--Different length matches  (Tom Keith)
May 04   Terminology--"Dance"  (William R. Tallmadge)

April 1998

Apr 29   Theory--Derivation of drop points  (Michael J. Zehr)
Apr 28   Strategy--Backgames--Which anchors are best?  (Jerry Weaver)
Apr 26   Rules--Rolling on wrong side of board  (Bob Hoey)
Apr 25   Pip Counting--Counting half rolls  (Bob Hoey)
Apr 25   Pip Counting--Running pip count  (Rodrigo Andrade)
Apr 20   Rulings--Touching the doubling cube  (Chuck Bower)
Apr 16   Pip Counting--Opposing sums and differences  (Donald Kahn)
Apr 09   Snowie--Announcement  (Olivier Egger)
Apr 08   Ratings--Opponent's strength  (William Hill)
Apr 06   Rulings--Crawford game double  (Claes Thornberg)
Apr 02   Rollouts--Settlement limit  (Michael J. Zehr)

March 1998

Mar 29 mini-FAQ  (Daniel Murphy)
Mar 25   Play Sites--GamesGrid--Update  (Ken Arnold)
Mar 25   Cube Handling in Races--Kleinman count  (Chuck Bower)
Mar 25   Strategy--Checker play--Bearing off with contact  (Daniel Murphy)
Mar 19   Play Sites--Yahoo Games  (Steve Fiete)
Mar 15   Tournaments--Swiss format  (Hank Youngerman)
Mar 10   Computer Dice--Winning and losing streaks  (Daniel Murphy)
Mar 09   Software--Windows: Backgammon-To-Lose  (Gamer Cafe Software)
Mar 07   Jellyfish--JF tackles New Ideas in Backgammon  (Nigel Gibbions)
Mar 03   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Counterexample?  (Jim Williams)
Mar 02   Magazines & E-zines--Essential Backgammon  (Dan Frank)

February 1998

Feb 27   Cube Handling--Endgame close out: Michael's 432 rule  (Michael Bo Hansen)
Feb 24   Cube Handling in Races--One checker model  (Kit Woolsey)
Feb 23   Book Suggestions--Buyer's guide  (Chuck Bower)
Feb 23   Cube Handling in Races--Doubling in a long race  (Brian Sheppard)
Feb 22   Equipment--Precision dice  (Larry Strommen)
Feb 22   Equipment--Dice cups  (Leo Bueno)
Feb 19   Equipment--Precision dice  (Chuck Bower)
Feb 19   Books--Mabardi & Luce: Vanity Fair's Backgammon to Win  (Paul Tanenbaum)
Feb 15   Rules--Changing dice  (Julian Hayward)
Feb 13   Fun and frustration--Translation fun  (James Eibisch)
Feb 11   Books--Bell: Winning with the Doubling Cube  (Jacques Torrione)
Feb 10   Match Play--When to free drop  (Kit Woolsey)
Feb 06   Books--Tremaine: Amazing Book of Backgammon  (Jim Wallace)
Feb 04   Ratings--Effect of droppers on ratings  (Gary Wong)
Feb 04   Rulings--Playing to wrong match length  (Steve Mellen)
Feb 02   Rules--Rolling too soon  (Stephen Turner)
Feb 01   Books--Heyken & Fischer: The Backgammon Handbook  (Marina Smith)

January 1998

Jan 31   Equipment--Board design  (Albert Steg)
Jan 20   Book Suggestions--How to read backgammon books  (Gary Wong)
Jan 20   Books--Clay: Backgammon Winning Strategies  (Gary Wong)
Jan 20   Match Play--Going for gammon when opp has free drop  (Kit Woolsey)
Jan 19   Miscellaneous--Calculation versus instinct  (Kit Woolsey)
Jan 19   Book Suggestions--Survey of some available books  (William Hill)
Jan 18   Puzzles--All-time worst roll  (Michael J. Zehr)
Jan 15   Match Play--When to free drop  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 14   Miscellaneous--Checker play versus cube play  (David Montgomery)
Jan 14   Jellyfish--Strengths and weaknesses  (Daniel Murphy)
Jan 14   Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon  (James Eibisch)
Jan 13   Opening Rolls--Opening 64: Make the two point?  (William Hill)
Jan 13   Software--Windows: Cybergammon (player)  (John S Mamoun)
Jan 11   Fun and frustration--"Good roll!"  (jfk)
Jan 08   History--The name "backgammon"  (Marina Smith)
Jan 04   Luck versus Skill--How much of backgammon is luck?  (Wai Mun Yoon)
Jan 02   Software--Windows: Database interface  (Hugh Sconyers)

December 1997

Dec 24   Fun and frustration--Choking under pressure  (Kevin Bastian)
Dec 24   Match Play--Delayed mandatory double  (Donald Kahn)
Dec 23   Ratings--Ratings and rankings  (Chuck Bower)
Dec 22   Rollouts--Cubeless vs centered-cube rollouts  (Ron Karr)
Dec 20   Puzzles--All-time best roll  (Kit Woolsey)
Dec 19   Etiquette--How long to wait?  (Marsha Wisniski)
Dec 18   Theory--Under-doubling dice  (Bill Taylor)
Dec 18   Rollouts--Settlement limit in races  (Alexander Nitschke)
Dec 18   Match Play--Doubling when you're an underdog  (Stein Kulseth)
Dec 16   Rollouts--Settlement limit  (Kit Woolsey)
Dec 15   Cube Handling in Races--N-roll vs n-roll bearoff  (Chuck Bower)
Dec 13   Strategy--Checker play--Saving gammon  (Ron Karr)
Dec 12   Miscellaneous--Handicapping--Pass or pick a roll  (Michael J. Zehr)
Dec 08   Match Play--Doubling when opponent is 2-away  (David Montgomery)
Dec 05   Books--Bell: Winning with the Doubling Cube  (Robert Scibelli)
Dec 05   Rules--Jacoby rule  (Daniel Murphy)
Dec 04   Cube Handling--With the Jacoby rule  (Gary Wong)

November 1997

Nov 27   Cube Handling--References  (Chuck Bower)
Nov 25   Ratings--Ratings and rankings  (Jim Wallace)
Nov 16   Play Sites--MSN Gaming Zone--Overall experience  (Mark Ferrante)
Nov 13   Strategy--Checker play--Pay now or pay later?  (Stuart Katz, MD)
Nov 11   Equipment--Checkers  (Chuck Bower)
Nov 10   Rules--U.S. backgammon tournament rules  (Butch Meese)
Nov 10   Books--Bell: Winning with the Doubling Cube  (Kevin Bastian)
Nov 09   Fun and frustration--Ten commandments of backgammon  (Morten Wang)
Nov 06   Tournaments--What is a "side pool"?  (Daniel Murphy)
Nov 05   Learning--The backgammon cake  (Daniel Murphy)
Nov 04   Tournaments--Types of events  (Daniel Murphy)

October 1997

Oct 26   Magazines & E-zines--Inside Backgammon  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 21   Match Play--4-away/4-away: take/drop point  (Gary Wong)
Oct 17   Opening Rolls--Rollouts of opening 21 and replies  (Alexander Nitschke)
Oct 14   Books--Kansil: The Backgammon Quiz Book--Five problems  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 07   History--Origin of backgammon  (Greycat Sharpclaw)
Oct 02   Variations--Roll-over  (Edward D. Collins)

September 1997

Sep 28   Source Code--GamesGrid .CBG viewer in flex  (Gary Wong)
Sep 24   Opening Rolls--Opening 62: Could running be best?  (Gary Wong)
Sep 23   Opening Rolls--Rollouts: Jellyfish 3.0  (Midas)
Sep 21   Match Play--3-away/4-away: what's the correct equity?  (Tom Keith)
Sep 14   Luck versus Skill--Is backgammon gambling?  (Kevin D. McLeaster)
Sep 11   Opening Rolls--Splitting versus slotting  (Daniel Murphy)
Sep 04   Learning--Using Jellyfish tutor  (Stephen Hubbard)
Sep 03   Terminology--International phrase dictionary  (David Allen Sorensen)

August 1997

Aug 29   Books--Becker: Backgammon for Blood  (Michael Fuhrmann)
Aug 20   Rollouts--Level-5 versus level-6 rollouts  (Chuck Bower)
Aug 18   Miscellaneous--What is backgammon?  (David C. Oshel)
Aug 15   Theory--Undefined equity  (Paul Tanenbaum)
Aug 14   Books--Magriel: Backgammon  (David Montgomery)
Aug 13   Ratings--Ratings variation  (FLMaster39)
Aug 13   Terminology--"Suicide play"  (Brian Sheppard)
Aug 10   Fun and frustration--Backgammon by mail  (MelRae)
Aug 06   Play Sites--FIBS--Financial support  (Kit Woolsey)

July 1997

Jul 29   Books--Becker: Backgammon for Blood  (Daniel Murphy)
Jul 26   Jellyfish--Showdown in Texas  (Chuck Bower)
Jul 25   Variations--Tavli (Portes, Plakoto, and Fevga)  (Jens Larsen)
Jul 21   Cheating--Taking advantage of computer players  (Matthew J. Reklaitis)
Jul 18   Strategy--Checker play--Blitzing strategy  (Michael J. Zehr)
Jul 18   Books--Kansil: The Backgammon Quiz Book  (Daniel Murphy)
Jul 15   Strategy--Backgames--How many men back?  (Brian Sheppard)
Jul 12   Strategy--Checker play--Blitzing strategy  (Fredrik Dahl)
Jul 10   Match Archives--Database software  (Achim Müller)
Jul 09   Opening Rolls--Opening 64: Three choices  (Brian Sheppard)
Jul 08   Opening Rolls--Opening 53: Magriel's recommendation  (George Parker)
Jul 08   Cube Handling in Races--Bower's modified Thorp count  (Chuck Bower)
Jul 07   Terminology--"Wash"  (Brian Sheppard)
Jul 03   Programming--Adjusting to a weaker opponent  (Brian Sheppard)

June 1997

Jun 27   Fun and frustration--Simborg's laws of backgammon  (NYCGuy)
Jun 23   Etiquette--Am I too slow?  (Daniel Murphy)
Jun 22   Etiquette--Etiquette for online play  (Dean Ayer)
Jun 17   Theory--Number of distinct positions  (Walter Trice)
Jun 17   Variations--Greek backgammon  (Alexandros Chatzipetros)
Jun 11   Programming--Variance reduction of rollouts  (Jim Williams)
Jun 06   Computer Dice--Does Jellyfish cheat?  (Fredrik Dahl)
Jun 05   Software--Java: Chouette calculator  (Gamer Cafe Software)
Jun 01   Software--Windows: Jellyfish 3.0 (player, analyzer)  (Fredrik Dahl)

May 1997

May 30   Puzzles--Most checkers on the bar  (Tommy K.)
May 28   Play Sites--GamesGrid--Comparison to FIBS  (Ken Arnold)
May 19   Cube Handling--Too good to double  (Michael J. Zehr)
May 19   Strategy--Backgames--Which anchor to break  (Brian Sheppard)
May 16   Books--Heinrich & Woolsey: New Ideas in Backgammon  (David Montgomery)
May 07   Opening Rolls--Opening 62: Split, run, or slot?  (Chuck Bower)
May 02   Match Play--7-away/11-away: volatile recube decision  (Kit Woolsey)
May 01   Play Sites--Richard's Play-by-E-mail Server  (Richard Rognlie)
May 01   Learning--Matchqiz and Jellyfish  (Gilles Baudrillard)

April 1997

Apr 29   Jellyfish--Review of JF Player 3.0  (Geoff Oliver)
Apr 23   Variations--Mexican  (Tom Henry)
Apr 19   Variations--Nuclear backgammon  (Walt Swan)
Apr 07   Cube Handling--Liveliness of the cube  (Kit Woolsey)
Apr 07   Strategy--Backgames--After an early blitz attempt  (Daniel Murphy)
Apr 05   Computer Dice--FIBS: Analysis of 10 million rolls  (Stephen Turner)
Apr 03   Computer Dice--FIBS: Entering from the bar  (Tom Keith)

March 1997

Mar 26   Puzzles--Not-so-greedy bearoff  (Kit Woolsey)
Mar 21   Probability and Statistics--How many games to decide who's better?  (Stephen Turner)
Mar 20   Play Sites--Playsite--Announcement  (Seth Tapper)
Mar 19   Match Play--Crawford rule  (Kit Woolsey)
Mar 18   Strategy--Checker play--Pay now or pay later?  (Stephen Turner)
Mar 06   Strategy--Checker play--Estimating in volatile situations  (Kit Woolsey)
Mar 06   Cube Handling in Races--Near end of game  (Daniel Murphy)
Mar 05   Terminology--Turkish names for rolls  (Lars Soezueer)
Mar 04   Variations--One roll lookahead  (Stephen Turner)

February 1997

Feb 28   Variations--Tavla  (ucc02cx)
Feb 26   Software--Mac: Play-O-Matic (game replayer)  (Paul Ferguson)
Feb 26   Programming--Board encoding for neural network  (Brian Sheppard)
Feb 25   Match Play--3-away/4-away: opponent's recube  (William C. Bitting)
Feb 22   Cube Handling in Races--Near end of game  (David Montgomery)
Feb 22   Cube Handling in Races--Near end of game  (Ron Karr)
Feb 21   Terminology--"Squeeze", "trap play"  (Philippe Michel)
Feb 21   Strategy--Checker play--Trap play problem  (Brian Sheppard)
Feb 21   Programming--Ideas on computer players  (Brian Sheppard)
Feb 19   Jellyfish--Backgame play  (Brian Sheppard)
Feb 19   Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon--JF rollouts  (Alexander Nitschke)
Feb 13   Computer Dice--Does TD-Gammon cheat?  (Gerry Tesauro)
Feb 05   Chouettes--Extras  (Daniel Murphy)

January 1997

Jan 31   Chouettes--When does player retain the box?  (Daniel Murphy)
Jan 23   Cube Handling in Races--Thorp count  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 21   Strategy--Backgames--Which anchors are best?  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 17   Pip Counting--Symmetry method, Grouping men  (Brian Sheppard)
Jan 07   Propositions--Choose roll vs. double roll  (Larry Deckel)
Jan 05   Cube Handling--Too good to double--Janowski's formula  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 04   Variations--Acey-deucy  (Lee)
Jan 04   Variations--Duplicate backgammon  (Dean Gay)
Jan 04   Variations--Misere, Chase, Skewed dice  (Stein Kulseth)
Jan 03   Opening Rolls--Opening 65: Computer rankings  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 03   Variations--Trigammon  (James Eibisch)
Jan 02   Variations--Low number first, fixed dice, others.  (Walter Trice)
Jan 02   Variations--Sudden death, Woodpecker, Gerhardsen  (Fredrik Dahl)

December 1996

Dec 19   Jellyfish--Why the name?  (Fredrik Dahl)
Dec 17   Jellyfish--What is a Jellyfish?  (John S Mamoun)
Dec 09   Strategy--Checker play--Mutual holding game  (Ron Karr)
Dec 09   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Sample game  (Ron Karr)
Dec 02   Match Play--Playing when opponent has free drop  (Gilles Baudrillard)
Dec 01   Match Play--2-away/4-away: cube strategy  (Tom Keith)

November 1996

Nov 19   Strategy--Checker play--Jacoby rule consideration  (Ron Karr)
Nov 17   Books--Martyn: Phillip Martyn on Backgammon  (Steve Brorens)
Nov 05   Puzzles--Returning to the start  (Tom Keith)

October 1996

Oct 28   Computer Dice--Does MVP Backgammon cheat?  (Mark Betz)
Oct 24   Computer Dice--FIBS: Are the dice biased?  (Kit Woolsey)
Oct 12   Computer Dice--Does Motif cheat?  (Robert D. Johnson)
Oct 07   Pip Counting--Casting out crossovers  (Mark Denihan)
Oct 03   Pip Counting--Mental shift  (Stephen Turner)
Oct 03   Rollouts--Systematic error  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 01   Terminology--"Equity"  (Chuck Bower)

September 1996

Sep 23   Source Code--Match equity calculator  (Claes Thornberg)
Sep 23   Cube Handling--Volatility  (Kit Woolsey)
Sep 21   Cube Handling--Woolsey's law  (Kit Woolsey)
Sep 21   Play Sites--GamesGrid--Second version  (Ken Arnold)
Sep 04   Terminology--"Dropper"  (Robert D. Johnson)
Sep 02   Rules--Rolling too soon  (James Grenier)

August 1996

Aug 26   Terminology--"Gammon price"  (Ron Karr)
Aug 12   Play Sites--NOBS  (Lou Poppler)
Aug 08   Learning--Taking your game up a level  (Ron Karr)
Aug 02   Computer Dice--Does Cybergammon cheat?  (Goto Informatique)

July 1996

Jul 24   Strategy--Checker play--Coming under the gun  (Kit Woolsey)
Jul 18   Match Equities--ME Table: Big Brother  (Peter Fankhauser)
Jul 14   Strategy--Backgames--Which anchor is best?  (Kit Woolsey)
Jul 12   Chouettes--Extras  (Albert Steg)
Jul 04   Variations--Nackgammon  (Ken Arnold)

June 1996

Jun 29   Computer Dice--Does Hyper-Gammon cheat?  (ZZyzx)
Jun 29   Fun and frustration--The square thing  (David B. Sandler)
Jun 21   Terminology--"Thorp count"  (Stephen Turner)
Jun 07   Play Sites--GamesGrid--Announcement  (CyberArts Inc.)

May 1996

May 26   Ratings--Strange behavior with large rating difference  (Ron Karr)

April 1996

Apr 30   Strategy--Bearing Off--Wastage--Positions that minimize  (Stig Eide)
Apr 25   Strategy--Bearing Off--Wastage  (David Montgomery)
Apr 18   Fun and frustration--Hard luck story contest  (Einar Tryggvason)
Apr 15   Books--Cooke: Paradoxes and Probabilities  (Stephen Turner)
Apr 07   Rollouts--Some guidelines  (Kit Woolsey)
Apr 07   Rollouts--Advice  (David Montgomery)
Apr 02   Strategy--Checker play--Cube ownership considerations  (Kit Woolsey)

March 1996

Mar 26   Strategy--Bearing Off--Which gaps to fill  (Kit Woolsey)
Mar 20   Etiquette--Dealing with droppers  (Patti Beadles)
Mar 19   Software--Windows: Backgammon Varia (player)  (Peter van Campen)
Mar 19   Strategy--Checker play--Prime versus prime  (Michael J. Zehr)
Mar 17   Opening Rolls--Opening 43: Which split is better?  (Michael J. Zehr)
Mar 01   Terminology--"Equity"  (Michael J. Zehr)

February 1996

Feb 27   Match Play--2-away/3-away: playing for gammon  (Tom Keith)
Feb 23   Variations--Backwards play  (Colin Bell)
Feb 20   Variations--Tracy turn around  (Michael J. Zehr)
Feb 19   Variations--Duplicate backgammon  (Albert Steg)
Feb 16   Learning--How to improve  (Albert Steg)
Feb 15   Terminology--"Pure play"  (Casey Forrest)
Feb 15   Opening Rolls--Opening 53: Why make the three point?  (Kit Woolsey)
Feb 15   Software--Windows: MVP Backgammon (player)  (Michael Quinn)
Feb 11   Variations--Old English  (Nick Wedd)
Feb 08   Fun and frustration--A game brings you money  (Michael J. Zehr)
Feb 02   Programming--Training for different gammon values  (Gerry Tesauro)
Feb 01   Books--Barr: Barr on Backgammon  (Walter Swan)

January 1996

Jan 31   Match Play--2-away/4-away: trailer's initial double  (Kit Woolsey)
Jan 23   Puzzles--Shortest game  (Stephen Turner)
Jan 23   Match Play--2-away/4-away: practical issues  (Mark Damish)
Jan 19   Match Archives--Big Brother Statistics  (Peter Fankhauser)
Jan 19   Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon--JF rollouts  (Peter Fankhauser)

December 1995

Dec 23   Variations--Acey-deucy  (John David Galt)
Dec 22   Opening Rolls--Mloner vs Jellyfish  (Kit Woolsey)

November 1995

Nov 29   Play Sites--FIBS--Your worst fears  (Richard Greenberg)
Nov 27   Terminology--"Kauder paradox"  (Carl Tait)
Nov 21   Rules--Illegal plays  (Marc Gray)
Nov 21   Strategy--Backgames--Which anchors are best?  (Marc Gray)
Nov 06   Computer Dice--Does BG by George cheat?  (George Sutty)
Nov 05   Ratings--ELO system  (seeker)
Nov 04   Learning--Practice/study plan  (Marcus Brooks)
Nov 02   Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon  (Allen R. Adams)

October 1995

Oct 02   Match Archives--Big Brother  (Mark Damish)

September 1995

Sep 24   Rollouts--Cautionary tale  (Kit Woolsey)
Sep 12   Ratings--Why high ratings for one-point matches?  (David Montgomery)
Sep 12   Probability and Statistics--Distribution of points per game  (Stig Eide)

August 1995

Aug 16   Ratings--Table of win rates  (William C. Bitting)
Aug 14   Cube Handling--Cube concepts  (Peter Bell)
Aug 13   Cheating--Collusion in Monte Carlo  (Kit Woolsey)
Aug 11   Match Play--1-away/1-away: and similar scores  (Lou Poppler)

July 1995

Jul 31   Rules--Is stalemate possible?  (Jan Andrew Bloxham)
Jul 31   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Practical strategy  (Walter Trice)
Jul 29   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Ever too good to double?  (Kit Woolsey)
Jul 14   Match Play--1-away/1-away: advice from Bernhard Kaiser  (Darse Billings)
Jul 10   Miscellaneous--Notation  (Kit Woolsey)
Jul 08   Jellyfish--Cube strategy  (Fredrik Dahl)

June 1995

Jun 23   Strategy--Checker play--Splitting your back men  (David Montgomery)
Jun 14   Tournaments--Clocks--Should they be part of the game?  (Kit Woolsey)
Jun 14   Rollouts--Reporting results of rollouts  (David Montgomery)
Jun 13   Terminology--"Gammon rate", "gammon price"  (David Montgomery)
Jun 11   Chouettes--Order of succession  (Albert Steg)
Jun 09   Opening Rolls--Opening 64: Split to 20?  (Peter Bell)
Jun 08   Opening Rolls--Opening 6's: Slot the bar point?  (David Montgomery)
Jun 05   Terminology--"Equity", "volatility", "claim", "market"  (Erik Gravgaard)

May 1995

May 31   Strategy--Backgames--When to double  (David Montgomery)
May 22   Strategy--Backgames--Checker problem  (David Montgomery)
May 04   Variations--Fevga (or Moultezim)  (Igor Sheyn)
May 04   Variations--Plakoto  (Ed Dengler)
May 01   Strategy--Checker play--Playing when opponent has one man back  (Kit Woolsey)

April 1995

Apr 27   Variations--Misere (backgammon to lose)  (Jason Lee)
Apr 24   Variations--Acey-deucy  (James Eibisch)
Apr 17   Puzzles--Zero equity positions  (Kit Woolsey)
Apr 17   Rules--Repairing an illegal play  (Michael J. Zehr)
Apr 06   Ratings--What are rating points?  (Lou Poppler)
Apr 04   Opening Rolls--Opening 52: Merits of splitting  (Peter Bell)
Apr 01   Match Play--Going for gammon when opp has free drop  (Kit Woolsey)

March 1995

Mar 19   Opening Rolls--How computers play  (Kit Woolsey)
Mar 14   History--The name "backgammon"  (Albert Steg)
Mar 13   Chouettes--Extras  (Anthony R Wuersch)

February 1995

Feb 28   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Practical strategy  (Albert Steg)
Feb 26   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Basic strategy  (Darse Billings)
Feb 23   Terminology--"Vigorish"  (Anthony R Wuersch)
Feb 07   Opening Rolls--Opening 64: Make the two point?  (Darse Billings)
Feb 01   Jellyfish--Review of JF Tutor 1.0  (John Bazigos)

January 1995

Jan 31   Puzzles--Cube ownership determines correct play  (Kit Woolsey)
Jan 30   Cube Handling in Races--Doubling formulas  (Michael J. Zehr)
Jan 14   Cheating--Dice manipulation  (Kit Woolsey)
Jan 10   Computer Dice--Testing for bias  (Kit Woolsey)
Jan 09   Strategy--Checker play--Defending against a blitz  (Michael J. Zehr)
Jan 08   Strategy--Backgames--Defending against a backgame  (Michael J. Zehr)

December 1994

Dec 28   Puzzles--Not-so-greedy bearoff  (Walter Trice)
Dec 22   Pip Counting--Tips  (Patti Beadles)
Dec 20   Match Play--Holland rule  (Kit Woolsey)

November 1994

Nov 29   Cube Handling--When to double  (Kit Woolsey)

October 1994

Oct 31   Match Archives--Standard notation/archive format  (Mark Damish)
Oct 26   Tournaments--Calcutta auctions  (Anthony R Wuersch)
Oct 11   Books--Woolsey: How to Play Tournament Backgammon  (John Bazigos)
Oct 11   Programming--Introduction  (Gareth McCaughan)
Oct 10   Match Play--Free drop  (Willis Elias)
Oct 09   Match Equities--Neil's numbers  (Kit Woolsey)
Oct 08   Match Equities--Match equities--an alternate view  (Durf Freund)

September 1994

Sep 27   Ratings--Ratings variation  (Ed Rybak)

August 1994

Aug 31   Source Code--Rfibs and sfibs recorder and replayer  (Jan Spitzkowsky)
Aug 22   Ratings--Table of ratings changes  (Patti Beadles)
Aug 03   Opening Rolls--Rollouts: Expert Backgammon  (Tom Fahland)

July 1994

Jul 27   Opening Rolls--Factors to consider  (Kit Woolsey)
Jul 26   Cube Handling--Against a weaker opponent  (Kit Woolsey)
Jul 18   Match Play--3-away/4-away: tricky cube decision  (Kit Woolsey)

June 1994

Jun 30   Miscellaneous--World Champions  (John Bazigos)
Jun 22   Match Equities--Turner formula  (Stephen Turner)

May 1994

May 24   Match Equities--ME Table: Woolsey  (Kit Woolsey)
May 23   Theory--Proof that backgammon terminates  (Robert Koca)
May 15   Cheating--Gamesmanship vs. cheating  (Albert Steg)
May 13   Etiquette--Under resigning  (Ilya Vinogradsky)
May 09   Books--Ball: Alpha Backgammon  (James Takahashi)
May 08   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Proof for doubling immediately  (Robert Koca)
May 05   Books--Tzannes brothers: Backgammon Games and Strategies  (Albert Steg)
May 03   Books--Becker: Backgammon for Blood  (Durf Freund)

March 1994

Mar 18   Computer Dice--Too many repeated rolls?  (Stephen Turner)
Mar 07   Propositions--Choose roll vs. double-roll  (Rafy Marootians)

February 1994

Feb 28   Variations--Greek backgammon  (Marc Jacobs)
Feb 16   Programming--Ideas for improving computer play  (David Montgomery)
Feb 09   Programming--Pruning the list of moves  (David Montgomery)
Feb 07   Variations--Plakoto  (Pasteel M.)
Feb 02   Rollouts--Confidence intervals  (Gerry Tesauro)

January 1994

Jan 10   Puzzles--Worst takable position  (Christopher Yep)
Jan 08   Match Equities--ME Table: Woolsey  (William R. Tallmadge)

December 1993

Dec 10   Source Code--race4.c  (Marc Ringuette)
Dec 10   Source Code--race2.c  (Marc Ringuette)
Dec 01   Cube Handling--Rough guidelines  (Michael J. Zehr)

November 1993

Nov 18   Cube Handling--How to use the doubling cube  (Michael J. Zehr)

October 1993

Oct 14   Variations--Hyper backgammon  (Michael A Urban)
Oct 04   Books--Robertie: Backgammon for Winners  (Gerry Tesauro)

September 1993

Sep 24   Magazines & E-zines--List of articles  (Mika Johnsson)

July 1993

Jul 01   Book Suggestions--John Bazigos's suggestions  (Mika Johnsson)

May 1993

May 28   Magazines & E-zines--Available newsletters  (Robert A. Meese, Jr.)

February 1993

Feb 11   Source Code--Benchmark player "pubeval.c"  (Gerry Tesauro)
Feb 02   Software--Mac: Expert Backgammon (player)  (Butch Meese)

July 1992

Jul 19   Play Sites--FIBS--Original announcement  (Andreas Schneider)

June 1992

Jun 29   Programming--TD-Gammon vs. Robertie  (David Escoffery)
Jun 25   Programming--BKG 9.8 vs. Villa  (Andreas Schneider)
Jun 11   Match Equities--Using a match equity table  (Michael J. Zehr)

May 1992

May 21   Book Suggestions--Marty Storer's reading list  (Larry Hunter)

April 1992

Apr 13   Terminology--"Time," "timing," "checker," "dancing"  (Marty Storer)

February 1992

Feb 27   Opening Rolls--Trice's rankings  (Marty Storer)

January 1992

Jan 24   Cube Handling in Races--Ward's racing formula  (Marty Storer)

November 1991

Nov 20   Terminology--"Duplication" and "diversification"  (Simon Woodhead)
Nov 01   Match Equities--ME Table: Escoffery  (David Escoffery)

October 1991

Oct 23   Match Equities--ME Table: Friedman  (Elliott C Winslow)

September 1991

Sep 24   Computer Dice--Does Gammontool cheat?  (Jim Hurley)
Sep 11   Cube Handling in Races--Thorp count  (Simon Woodhead)
Sep 10   Programming--BKG beats world champion  (Marty Storer)

August 1991

Aug 29   Terminology--"Lose your market"  (Shuman Lloyd Lee)
Aug 29   Terminology--"Beavers"  (Shuman Lloyd Lee)
Aug 15   Books--Deyong: The Playboy Book of Backgammon  (Shuman Lloyd Lee)
Aug 06   Opening Rolls--Opening 65: Becker on lover's leap  (Jeffrey Spiegler)
Aug 05   Books--Jacoby & Crawford: The Backgammon Book  (Patrick Wilken)
Aug 01   Variations--Russian backgammon  (Daavid Turnbull)

July 1991

Jul 29   Software--Windows: BG by George (player)  (Stuart Cracraft)

January 1984

Jan 22   Book Suggestions--Recommended Backgammon Books  (Butch Meese)

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