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Does GNU Backgammon cheat?

From:   Robert-Jan Veldhuizen
Date:   28 November 2002
Subject:   Re: gnubg's dice revisited

> I have been playing against gnubg for the past couple of weeks (maybe 50
> matches total).
> In the 70's I played bg in the clubs 4-6 hours a day almost every day.
> That's a lot of money games. Let's put it this way. If I found myself
> playing against a human that could roll perfectas as well as gnubg does,
> I would have gotten up and ran out of there a long time ago. I am talking
> about "doubles off the bar to bring in two men, cover a blot, and hit"
> type of doubles; easily get out of a 5-pt prime; starting the game where
> every roll makes a point (it never rolls a 5 unless it's a set of them);
> hardly ever dancing more than once; I can name a few more if needed.

It's common, especially if it's your first experience with a bg
program, to have the perception that it rolls lucky. What all the
causes are for this, I don't know exactly, but I guess it has
something to do with the fact that the bots play at a "world class"
level, so you might be playing a (much) stronger opponent than you've
ever played before. Also, the speed of play can make bad luck seem to
happen more often. Some players might also start to play worse
against a bot if they lose a lot of matches against them, because of

It's certainly possible that GNUBG's dice would be "unfair", however
since all the source code is readily available to ANYONE, and you can
compile your own GNUBG from it if you wish, everyone's invited to
check the source code and see if the random dice generator is fair or
not. There haven't been any complaints so far.

Also, you can set GNUBG to manual dice, roll your own favorite dice
and enter the rolls in GNUBG.
_ orba
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