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GammOnLine--Sold to Play65

From:   Daniel Murphy
Date:   3 June 2007
Subject:   Kit Woolsey leaves, breaks with Play65

Kit Woolsey announced yesterday that he was "officially breaking off
all contact with play65" and "will no longer be supporting"

Mr. Woolsey, the well-known backgammon player, author and analyst,
founded Gammonline in 1999 as an alternative to
The members-only site became a popular place for serious backgammon
enthusiasts because of its lively discussion forum, continuous online
matches between Mr. Woolsey and Gammonline readers, a monthly quiz,
and articles written by Mr. Woolsey and guest contributors.

In January 2007 Mr. Woolsey sold the site to Play65, the internet
backgammon server owned by the Israeli company Interlogic LTD. "The
good news," Woolsey wrote in January, "is that nothing is going to
change." The Gammonline online match and forum were to continue as
before. Play65 would provide webmastering assistance. The online match
and forum would continue for members, but be open to the public in
read-only mode.

But the actions of Play65 and its sister site GammonEmpire in freezing
and confiscating the accounts of two players who had won substantial
sums playing on those sites became a topic of discussion in the
Gammonline forum. Play65's subsequent actions and comments in those
publicized cases, and its responses to questions in the Gammonline
forum, raised concerns among many Gammonline members about Play65's
policies and practices. Those concerns, as well as format changes
which made the site less readable for some members, led dozens of
Gammonline members, including experts players and analysts and the
most frequent contributors to the Gammonline forum, to announce in
recent weeks that they would no longer participate in the Play65-owned
Gammonline forum.

Mr. Woolsey said yesterday that the popular online match and forum
"will be continuing as usual" for members at a different site, Mr. Woolsey's announcement yesterday
was in the www.gammonline forum at this link:

Raccoon / Daniel Murphy

Daniel Murphy  writes:

Mr. Woolsey's announcement has been 'disappeared' from the Play65-
owned site forum. I'm happy to repeat it here:

> Posted By: Kit Woolsey
> Date: Saturday, 2 June 2007, at 11:28 p.m.
> I am officially breaking off all contact with play65. I will no longer
> be supporting this site.
> The online match and the forum will be continuing as usual. Go to
> and log in in the usual manner.

Raccoon / Daniel Murphy
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