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Snowie 4.3 update

From:   Gregg Cattanach
Date:   27 July 2005
Subject:   Snowie 4.3 checklist
Forum:   GammOnLine

The Snowie 4.3 update is now available as a free download at

Here's a checklist of the changes made in this release: This may not be
exhaustive, but these were the items I saw implemented as I did the beta

Enhancements added to 4.3

- Match score dialog box: Match Length is now the first focus item after
  you click match play. Then the focus goes to the bottom player, then
  top player, then to OK. This creates the quickest method for entering
  the match score without having to use the mouse or touchpad.

- Missed doubles shown in MatchQiz browsing mode: Snowie now shows all
  missed doubles when browsing a match in MatchQiz mode.

- Enter and Escape keys active in dialog boxes: Snowie now allows the
  use of keyboard shortcuts (Enter, Escape, Tab, Space) in a variety of
  dialog boxes.

- Flagging and logging errors with no contact: Snowie now marks and
  accumulates errors in the statistics in non-contact positions. Errors
  in this part of the game certainly should still 'count'.

- Import dice from text file: Now able to specify a file location and
  filename of a set of dice throws generated by the user from an outside
  source, (, etc.)

- Cube 'Hot' position selection: A user selectable value is available to
  determine which positions are marked as cube 'hot' positions. These
  will be marked if the difference between no-double and double is less
  than the entered value. This is useful while browsing through matches
  with MatchQiz mode and exporting close cube decision data in the
  export functions.

- Size of open file dialog box: Snowie now remembers the size and
  location of the 'Open a Snowie File' dialog box even after you close
  and reopen Snowie.

Bugs in 4.1 fixed in 4.3

- Crash on launching position rollouts: Fatal errors when running
  batches of rollout positions has been fixed.

- Errors when applying 3-ply to dice panel. Snowie 4.1 could get an
  invalid floating point function error when applying 3-ply to many dice
  rolls in the dice panel.

- Note entry bugs, export cube notes: Snowie 4.1 would add a 's' or 'o'
  to the notes panel when using ctrl-s or ctrl-o keyboard shortcuts.
  Also, Snowie 4.3 diplays the cube action notes regardless of whether
  the position is 'hot' and even when not at a cube turn.

- Not retaining checker positions when entering position over match: If
  you have a match open and then create a new position (2 windows now
  active), even though you set up a position, when you try to analyze it
  the checker all jump back to the starting position or 15 checkers in
  each tray.

- Set range option in Account manager may freeze up: When selecting the
  range for the account manager, the new pop-up box may appear 'behind'
  the main panel, thus making it unable to continue. Fixed in 4.3,
  (also, Enter key would make OK work).

- First roll, Human vs. Human, manual dice: When you start a match with
  human vs. human and manual dice, it prompted twice for who is on roll,
  creating a null entry for the first move. This has been corrected.
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