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From:   Lokicol
Date:   12 April 2010
Subject:   Snowie settings
Forum:   Twoplustwo forum

What settings should I use to have an almost perfect rollout with snowie?

Bill Robertie  writes:

The real question is accuracy per unit of time. If time is no problem, just
use Snowie 3-ply cubeful rollouts for 2592 trials and you'll get the best
answer available, although you might wait a couple of days on even today's
fast machines.

A few years ago I tried to solve this problem using the earliest version of
Snowie 4.0. I created a suite of 50 cube problems covering all of the major
position types, and rolled them out using Snowie 3-ply cubeless, 1296
trials. The result of this I accepted as the "correct" answer for each
problem. I then duplicated the rollouts for various combinations of trial
length and ply level, as well as Snowie's raw evaluations on each ply

The results of this experiment showed a sweet spot at 2-ply cubeless, 648
trials, so that's what I used as my rollout settings for a long time. The
exception were various sorts of non-standard or backgame positions, where I
didn't trust anything less than Snowie 3-ply.

Lately, as a result of some positions published in this forum, I've
upgraded my rollouts to 2-ply cubeful, 1296 trials. There was more of a
discrepancy between the cubeful and cubeless rollouts than I originally
expected, and although these new settings take longer, especially in early
game positions, I think the time is worth it.

Peter Hallberg  writes:

Here are some crude guidelines:

* In a attacking position it's ok to use truncated rollouts.

* In priming games use full rollout.

* As a really good estimate of whether the equity is going to change on
  rollout (compared to 3-ply eval) do a 1-ply full 1296 games. If the
  equity is pretty much the same as 3-ply I usually don't want to put much
  more effort into it.

* You often need to make more precise rollouts for cubes because the right
  plays is determined by the equity. Selecting a move is less sensitive to
  error margin because you just want to know which move is best rather than
  how good it actually is.

As a note: With Gnu and XG you have excellent ways to stop a rollout based
on confidence interval and they are way faster than Snowie.
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