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Calcutta problems

From:   Marty Storer
Date:   19 December 2002
Subject:   Calcuttas: more of it
Forum:   GammOnLine

Big tournament, I'm playing in the money round of the main event, opponent
is banging the table as beveled dice are spinning; I request that she not
do so, explaining that I don't believe she's trying to influence the way
the dice fall, but that banging does transmit big vibrations to the playing
surface, which I demonstrate. She complies for a while then goes back to
table-banging. I warn her again. No holds barred anymore; I'm going to call
for a reroll if she bangs the table and gets a good roll. Volatile game,
priming-tactical, I own 2-cube, every roll is key. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE
(tense) GAME my opponent's Calcutta owner pulls her aside to talk to her.
They start to walk out the door! Do I patiently wait for them to return? I
do not. I follow them closely. Owner says, "Excuse us, we're having a
private conversation!" Owner has been watching the match. Owner is at least
as strong a player as opponent. "No private conversations allowed in the
middle of a game! I know you own her in the Calcutta, so what's going on
here?" Well how DARE you suggest such a thing. Well, I'm not necessarily
suggesting anything, but I'm going to follow you to the ends of the earth
and listen to what you're saying. They return, then I bar the owner. He
withdraws with a mere suggestion of huffiness; he understands my concerns
full well. My opponent rolls, the dice are spinning, BOOM she bangs the
table and the dice fall--I see the joker coming--then they land and the
roll isn't very good. Whew--but I was set to call the director. I win the
game and eventually the match.

Neither of these people is thought of as sleazy in any way, and I'm sure
they're not. But I had no way of knowing what they were up to, and I
protected myself accordingly. Look at the situations that loosely run
Calcuttas can cause. And Calcuttas are almost always run loosely.

Another time I had a dispute with someone who claimed I hadn't bought 50%
of myself back from him in the Calcutta. I had done so. I won the
tournament and he had left taking the first-place Calcutta money with him.
I showed the director my notebook entries, etc., and he didn't even want to
hear it: "I know you and I know him and I know you're right." (Lucky for
me, but in the previous incident I had traveled to the tournament and
wasn't the local favorites the other disputants were.) Hundreds of dollars
involved this time, not nickel-and-dime for this honest working man. Buyer
tried to settle with me on a partial payment. I left him with the
implication that his name would be mud if he didn't pay up. He didn't want
his reputation blemished, I suppose. He paid in full. Honest mistake on his
part? Maybe, but the "partial settlement" suggestion made me see red.

Another ploy: buyer leaves scene and is nowhere to be found. Player wants
to buy back and searches in vain. Pairings are posted, no buybacks allowed
anymore. What is player to do? Buyer claims player didn't search very well
as buyer was "just in the other room" or some nonsense. Director is called
to arbitrate: "He can't buy back now after getting a bye (or favorable
pairing)!" For all the director knows, it's the player attempting a coup
and not the buyer. I mean, really...*splutter splutter*

How to prevent such disputes? Organizers do bookkeeping on buybacks.

Sure, Calcuttas are fun, and good for organizers. But I think they have to
be controlled better than they typically are.
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