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Safe Harbor Games dice

From:   Michael Petch
Date:   19 August 2011
Subject:   SHG dice
Forum: Forums

Neil Robins brought the original SHG problem to light.  Will Womack then
confirmed it with a sample that was larger, and I confirmed SHG had a
problem by analysing my sample of 600,000 rolls. This was resolved by
October 2009 with my assistance. Will Womack did a lot of work to keep
people informed and collect dice for the studies I eventually did. His blog
of what occurred is still available here:

SHG still uses the dice in question in the social rooms ("Red dice" Rooms).
These dice generally have a probability of a double being thrown at about
9.2% to 9.6% (rather than 1 in 6).The chance of rolling an individual 1, 2,
3, 4, 5, 6 roll is about what you'd expect. The dice in these "Red dice"
rooms don't favor anyone in particular. I would deem them fair but not
representative of typical dice.

The proper dice are in the "Yellow Dice" rooms.

Jason Lee  writes:

I think it's absolutely awful for backgammon to have a server that
knowingly allows screwy dice to be used. Those people will *never* be able
to play real backgammon.

Michael Petch  writes:

Some of SHG's social tournament groups threatened to leave the site if they
didn't have the ability to use the bad dice.  SHG was relatively young at
the time and didn't wish to risk losing tournament groups so they opted to
allow the rooms to have a choice.

I can understand why SHG made the choice to keep both types of dice.
However, can you really call "Red dice" rooms Backgammon?  Not really, but
if they are having fun I don't see the issue.

I'd like to see SHG eventually phase out the "Red" dice.

Will Womack  writes:

It always feels a bit strange when I recommend to others that they check
out the tournament action on SHG but have to explain that they should stay
away from the red dice rooms. I think it damages SHG's reputation as a
place for serious backgammon players.
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