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Gnu 0.13 vs. Snowie 4

From:   Albert Silver
Date:   9 June 2003
Subject:   Snowie 4 vs. GNU - 100 matches

Hi all,

I just finished a series of 100 7-point matches between Snowie 4 and
GNU 0.13 in order to see how they did. The series was played by Tony
Lezard's program Dueller 2.1
( and finished 56-44 in
GNU's favor. Though it is a very nice victory for GNU, analysis (see
below) shows that the two programs are actually of exactly the same

The conditions were Snowie 4 playing at 3-ply Precise using the larger
bearin DB from the CD, whereas GNU was simply playing at Supremo (its
equivalent of Snowie's 3-ply as GNU starts counting at 0-ply) and
using the Snowie match equity table. The reason for this last detail
is so that any disagreement on doubling decisions is due to different
evaluations and not the table used. Snowie 4 rolled the dice in all
the matches.

Any wishing to receive the matches (in .mat format) need only ask,
though I expect they will no doubt be available from Tony's site very
soon. The zipped file is a mere 200k BTW.

                                       Albert Silver

Jørn Thyssen, one of the principal authors of GNU, and certainly the
most active contributor toward the GUI development, as well as cube
and match formulae, analyzed the series of 100 7-point matches
factoring in the luck factor. The result was a very interesting tie:

The average of the luck adjustment values (for all 100 matches) is
0.500, i.e., the bots are equally good.

For each match I [Jørn] analysed the luck at 0-ply:

set priority idle
import mat ...
set analysis cube off
set analysis moves off
analyse match
show stat match

I extracted the total luck rate from the match statistics

Player                   Snowie4                 gnubg
Luck rate (total)        -1.501 (-49.717%)       -0.341 (-1.415%)

In the example above gnubg won, so the luck adjusted result is

100% - 1.415% - ( -49.717% ) = 51.698%

I averaged all the luck adjusted results: 49.9947% with standard
deviation 13.5%, hence the 95% confidence interval is 50.0% +/-2.7%
(13.5% * 1.96/sqrt(100) = 2.7%).

I've attached a file which has the following entries:

game number, actual result, gnubg luck, snowie luck, luck adjusted

For example, for game 100 (my example above):

100 1 -.01415 -.49717 .51698

Some of the games could be very interesting to inspect carefully. For
bots of similar strength we expect luck adjusted results around 50%.
However, this is not always true in the 100 match sample you've sent


8 0 .19603 .19853 .00250
39 1 .07856 .00087 .92231

Either gnubg's luck analysis is totally wrong or snowie (gnubg) played
very bad in game 39 (game 8).

Match 39 re-analysed:

0-ply:   1 .07856 .00087 .92231
1-ply:   1 .1150 -.0151  .87449
2-ply:   painfully slow; I gave up

The result is changed by 5%, but we're still far from a luck adjusted
result of 50%. I can't explain this...

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