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From:   Butch Meese
Date:   5 July 2005
Subject:   GammonEmpire
Forum:   GammOnLine

Hi, Who has tried GammonEmpire? Any impressions?
Thanks, Butch Meese

Tomawaky  writes:

Nice Looking. Easy to play.  I rather play on but it's
exactly the same. Everything you can need, I think.  What I miss?  No
community!  But if you just want to play money, its' one of the good
ways, I think.

Bruce Regittko  writes:

I play there for low stakes money and fun. There is no chat in the lobby
so there is no community but otherwise it is a nice site. Also, I've had
no problems depositing or withdrawing money from my account. After you
register and get a free account, they will give you $2.00 (real, not fun
money) that you can "practice" with.


Tom Keith  writes: sponsors my website (Play65 is the same as GammonEmpire), so
I thought I should try it out.  I quite enjoy it, and now play there

You can play for fun money or real money. Playing for fun costs nothing.
When you play for real money, the winner is charged a rake which depends
on the ratings of the players. If both players are over 1700, the rake
is reduced by 50%. I enjoy playing on both the fun side and the real-
money side of the game.

When you play for fun money, you start with a balance of $100. If that
gets used up, another $100 magically appears. Obviously, players are a
little freer with their cash on the Fun side. There are many medeocre
players, but there are some very good players too. Players are color-
coded according to their rating, so it is easy to find good player to
play with.

When you sign up to play for real money, you get a $2 credit (no deposit
required). I was lucky my first few games and have been living off my
initial two dollars ever since. To date, I have neither deposited nor
withdrawn cash, so I can't say how that goes.

The client software downloaded quickly to my Windows computer (you must
have Windows) and runs like a charm most of the time. Occasionally there
is a glich and the program crashes. But you just restart and your game
resumes automatically.

If a player loses his connection and stays away more than five minutes,
the system automatically arbitrates the outcome. It determines each
player's equity in the match (using BGBlitz, I believe), and distributes
the pot accordingly. Both players get an e-mail message explaining what

The user-interface is well done. It is simple, but you can see that a
lot of thought went into it.

The mix of players seems a little different than FIBS (the only other
place I have played). Players are identified by a flag showing their
country, which is kind of nice. Play65 is based in the Middle East, so
you see many Middle Eastern countries and Russia.  Perhaps because of
the language differences there is not much conversation on the site.

One gripe I have is that it seems to be standard practice for players to
"underresign," that is, to resign a single game when a gammon is still
possible. You just have to get used to saying "no" to these.

All in all, it is a very professionally done site.

Misja  writes:

I have been playing on Play65 for a while, and I like it. There is more
money game action than on GamesGrid, where I used to play. One thing to
take notice of is that they don't use the Jacoby rule. So in money games
it is possible to win an undoubled gammon.

Ian Shaw  writes:

I play on GammonEmpire, too, and enjoy it. I pretty much concur with
everyone's comments, so I won't repeat them. I've had no trouble
withdrawing money -- it takes about 3 days to arrive in my paypal
account. Adjudications of a few unfinished games have always seemed
fair. The support department have always responded quickly and
courtiously to my comments and suggestions, and they quickly fixed a
couple of problems they had with auto-bearoff in the early days.

My only gripe is the amount of time spent downloading updates. This is
compulsory (you can't play until you're up-to-date), and can be a pain
on a dial-up modem. Hopefully this will tail-off as the system matures
and stabilises.
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