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Meyer Dice Tube--Why I hate it

From:   Bob Glass
Date:   6 December 2010
Subject:   Why I Hate the Meyer Dice Tube
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I intensely hate the dice tube.  First of all, it takes all the passion out
of the game.  When I want that really special roll, I start shaking
vigorously as if to will the number of my dreams.  I may roll hard with a
big follow through for big numbers or soft for small numbers.  I know that
these methods probably meke little difference on the outcomes but they make
me feel better.

Another shortcoming of the dice tube is the ability to manipulate the dice.
Although not as frequent as cup or baffle box play, the dice do
occasionally cock within the cube. Suppose an alert player notices that the
dice are cocked but he is still holding on to the tube, he can quickly give
the cube a little nudge to uncock the dice.

If one of the players should accidentally or intentionally knock over the
tube, what was the roll?

Are the tubes as random as cup rolling or bafflebox rolling. It would be
nice to sees some sort of analysis on this before accepting this as fact.

Just as an aside, are the dice in the tube visible when a match is being

Because of all the shortcomings, I don't feel that tournament directors
should make dice tubes mandatory if one of the players wishes to use them
and wins the rolloff on whose equipment to use.

Rich Munitz  writes:

Stick wrote:
> You know what's annoying to play beside? People plopping down a tube
> every turn.

Chuck wrote:
> This is probably the lamest thing you've ever said on this forum."

I love using the tube, but I actually think Stick's statement has validity.
Some people seem incapable of flipping the tube and placing it gently on
the table. They seem to slam it onto the table each time with a loud,
annoying thud. Of course, some people do the same annoying thing with their
wooden or plastic dice cups.

Joe Russell  writes:

> If one of the players should accidentally or intentionally knock over the
> tube, what was the roll?'

One of my opponents did this three times this past weekend. I had no
problem as the dice had not settled yet. There is a problem as to proof of
the roll if the tube is knocked over after the dice have settled.

Neil Kazaross  writes:

I used the tube once in Vegas when a player really wanted to use it.  Using
it was ok, and I'd happily use it if playing someone who can't pick up the
dice and shake that fast, like Larry Leibster, whom I think this tube would
help speed up.

So, during a close race, I'd rolled 2-1 and the tube was about to fall over
and I'd seen that 2-1.  I quickly righted the tube and played my 2-1, but
you can see how easily an unethical player could've cheated.

Bill Riles  writes:

Having observed some matches using the dice tube, I can see where who is on
roll could be confusing after a long thought delay or ruling delay, etc.

It seems to me distinguishable end caps (different colors -- white for the
lighter checkers and black for the darker checkers) might help, so that it
is easily discernible who rolled the dice and who has the next turn.  It
would also be much easier for spectators to know who is on roll or who has
a move to play.
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