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Play65/GammonEmpire--Withdrawal symptoms

From:   Erik Sorensen
Date:   26 April 2007
Subject:   Re: If I played even 1 session at an ER of 7...
Forum:   GammOnLine


I'm the player that got my accounts on Gammonempire and Play65 closed. I
was invited to write here by Raccoon.

I had 1 account on P65: AlonsoLuis : $7579, and 1 account on Gammonempire:
3982 In total: around 9638 or $12915.

I play for stakes 10, 20, and 30 -- and I admit that the balance had
become too high regarding normal safety principles -- and this was the
reason that I on 18. march ordered a withdrawal of $5000 (max withdrawal

On 23 March I realized that both accounts had been closed without
explanation. I was informed it was due to "3. party program" use. I
appealed this decision, was asked to send 10 specific moneygames against 9
different opponents -- in these 10 games I had won 38 points (probably less
as the limit was reached in some of the games -- this I can't see in the
log files). Anyway -- the snowie 4 3-ply analysis of these 10 games showed
I played 7,0 on average.

Here is the answer I got on my appeal from GE:

> Our management has found that in addition to the program aid use, your
> account is associated with other accounts that all have the same NETeller
> account.
> That is against the site user agreement.
> Our management has decided to keep your account closed.
> All winnings were made void as you violated our site terms and
> conditions.
> You were refunded already the deposit amount and more than that.
> Sincerely,
> Paul A.
> Assistant Manager
> Customer Support

Regarding Neteller: I dont have any Neteller account. But I have a rakeback
arrangement with -- and they deposit my rakeback monthly to my
P65 account via their Neteller account. This has happened for more than 2
years, and usually the amount involved was around $50/month.

I will gladly send the 10 files to you, Mr. Kazaross, or anyone else
interested. Also I will gladly provide any other information regarding this


Erik Sorensen  writes:

April 28

> How long and how often have you played on GE/65? How much do you think
> has been raked ?

I've played frequently (read daily) on GE/P65 since december 04 - that is
right after the server started with real money games.

A rough estimate of how much rake i have payed: somehow between $200 and
$300 per month - for 28 months - in total something like $7000.

The P65 software logs each moneygame in a seperate log file.

Let me say this: Im grateful to everyone who tries to help in this matter.
To be honest I had given up keep fighting with them when my appeal was


Raccoon  writes:

April 30

[Erik Sørensen asked me to post the following here in GOL.]

After the negative reply to my appeal (2. april) which I copied here
earlier, there have been no communication between me and

Then yesterday I received this email from:

> Hello,
> Please explain why you deposited to more than 20 gammon accounts from
> your Neteller account?
> Don't you think it looks suspicious?
> Jerry
> Customer Support Manager

Now this is interesting - and maybe things start to clear up. Apparently
P65 thinks I made the deposits from the Neteller account into 20 different
accounts. The fact is, as I explained here earlier, I have no Neteller
account myself - but I have received rakeback from into my P65
account from their Neteller account.

I will write this to P65 now - hopefully this will solve the case.

/Erik Sorensen

Erik Sorensen  writes:

May 1

Hello everyone,

The latest development in this case. 7.35 DK-time this morning I received
this email from :

> Hello,
> We've sorted this matter with bgrake, your account is now open and you
> are free to use it.
> Please note that using BG software while playing is not allowed and we
> will keep track on your games from now.
> Sincerely, Jerry Customer Support Manager.

My accounts with the full balances have been given back to me. With this
statement the case has reached the end from my perspective. If others want
to insist it is up to them.

Still let me express my deep respect and gratitude to all that have
supported me and shown interest in reaching a solution.

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Do you have any comments you'd like to add?     


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