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Endgame closeout: win percentages

From:   David Rubin
Date:   7 October 2010
Subject:   Winning percentages with one man closed out
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Anybody have handy the winning percentages with one man closed out, and x
men already borne off?  E.g., if I am closed out, but I've borne off 8 men,
what are my winning chances?

Assume opponent has perfect board and my remaining checkers are on low

Chuck Bower  writes:

Here's one that's not terribly difficult, but you need to remember a couple
key ones. (I'm using the table on p. 97 of Woolsey's Cube Reference
Positions. All numbers are cubeless, and from the point-of-view of the
person with the (perfect) closed board.)

               Cubeless Game
Checkers Off   Winning Chances
------------   ---------------
   5 off            79%
  11 off            24%

Now there are 11 - 5 = 6 intervals between these values and 79% - 24% =
55%.  It's pretty close to linear, so each increment is 55% / 6 = 9%.

Outside this range and you have to do a bit more memorization.

               Cubeless Game
Checkers Off   Winning Chances
------------   ---------------
  12 off            17%
  13 off            20%  (because you can pick up the lone checker that
                          isn't on the bar)
  14 off             8%

With 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 off, the difference (from 79%) goes {6, 5, 4, 2, 2}%.

And 3% gammons if closed-out player has none off.

Stick  writes:

The table below is a summary of one checker closed out at double match
point according to XG 4-ply rollouts with x checkers off for your opponent
and assuming you have the perfect spare distribution of 654.

Number Off      Win Percentage
-----------     --------------
   0 off             98
   1 off             96
   2 off             94
   3 off             90
   4 off             85
   5 off             78
   6 off             70
   7 off             61
   8 off             51
   9 off             42
  10 off             32
  11 off             24
  12 off             17
  13 off             22
  14 off              8
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