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From:   David Allen Sorensen
Address:   simplify@rea-alp.com
Date:   3 September 1997
Subject:   Updated version of Int'l Phrase Dictionary
Forum:   rec.games.backgammon

        ---Version 1.3 ---
Updated with new languages September 1997.
Creative additions and accurate corrections are welcome.
I'll post a new version on RGB every year or so as needed.
Email David Sorensen (Merton on FIBS) at:

Hello = Hej med dig
How are you? = Hvordan gaar det?
Nice to meet you = Hyggeligt at moede dig
Good luck = Held og lykke
This lag is awful = Denne lag er frygtelig
Thanks for the match = Tak for kampen
Congratulations = Tillykke

Hello = Hallo
Good luck = Veel geluk
These dice suck today = De stenen zijn beroerd
Thanks for the match = Bedankt voor de partij

Hello = Hei
How are you? = Kuinka voit?
Nice to meet you = Kiva tavata
Good luck = Pelionnea
These dice suck = Tanaan ei osu
Thanks for the match = Kiitos pelista
Run for your life = Juokse

Hello = Bonjour
How are you =  Comment vas tu?
Nice to meet you = Je suis heureux de faire votre connaissance
Good luck = Bonne chance
Thanks for the match = Merci pour le match

Hello = Hallo
How are you? = Wie geht es dir?
Nice to meet you = Schoen dich zu sehen
Good luck = Viel Glueck
A double please = Bitte bitte, gib mir einen Pasch
These dice suck today = Die Wuerfel sind wieder schlecht heute
Nice dice = Nette Wuerfel
Thanks for the match = Danke fuer das Match
Good bye = Auf Wiedersehen
See you soon = Bis Bald

Hello = Geia sou
How are you? = Pos paei?
Nice to meet you = Xarika gia tin gnorimia
Good luck = Kali tihi
These dice suck today = Halia ta zaria simera
Thanks for the match = Efharisto gia to pehnidi

Hello = Ciao
How are You? = Come stai
Good luck = Buona fortuna
Thanks for the match = Grazie per la partita

Hello = Konnichiwa
How do you do? = Hajimemashite
Nice to meet you = Douzo yoroshiku
Would you like to play a match? = Geimu shimasenka
Good luck = Kouun wo inorimasu
        (literally, I pray for your success)
Thanks (for the match) = Arigatou gozaimasu
Good-bye = Sayounara

Hello = Hei
How are you? = Hvordan har du det
Good luck = Lykke til
Thanks for the match = Takk for kampen

Hello = Ola
Good luck = Boa sorte
These dice suck today = Hoje estou com azar nos dados
Thanks for the match = Obrigado pelo jogo

Hello = Zdravstvui
How are you = Kak dela?
Nice to meet you = Dlja menja biilo udovolstvie
Good luck = Ni puha ni pera
These dice suck today = Otvratitelnii shans
Thanks (for the match) = Spasibo

Hello = Hola
How are you = ?Como estas?
Good luck = Buena suerte
These dice suck today = Los dados estuvieron mal hoy para mi
Thanks for the match = Gracias por el match

Hello = Hej
How are you? = Hur maar du?
Nice to meet you = Trevligt att traeffas
Good luck = Lycka till
These dice suck today = Vilka jaevla skit-taerningar man faar idag
Thanks for the match = Tack for matchen
That's life = Saan't aer livet

Hello = Merhaba
How are you? = NasXlsXn?
Good luck = Iyi sanslar
Thanks for the match = Mac icin tesekkur ederim

You might meet someone from any of these 64 countries represented on
 Argentina (AR)     Australia (AU)
Austria (AT)       Belgium (BE)
  Bermuda (BM)       Brazil (BR)
Bulgaria (BG)      Canada (CA)
  Chile (CL)         China (CN)
Colombia (CO)      Costa Rica (CR)
  Croatia (HR)       Cyprus (CY)
Czech Rep. (CZ)    Denmark (DK)
  Egypt (EG)         Estonia (EE)
Finland (FI)       France (FR)
  Germany (DE)       Greece (GR)
Hong Kong (HK)     Hungary (HU)
  Iceland (IS)       India (IN)
Indonesia (ID)     Ireland (IE)
  Israel (IL)        Italy (IT)
Jamaica (JM)       Japan (JP)
  Korea (KR)         Kuwait (KW)
Latvia (LV)        Lithuania (LT)
  Luxembourg (LU)    Macau (MO)
Malaysia (MY)      Mauritius (MU)
  Mexico (MX)        Netherlands (NL)
New Zealand (NZ)   Norway (NO)
  Philippines (PH)   Poland (PL)
Portugal (PT)      Romania (RO)
  Russia (RU)        Singapore (SG)
Slovakia (SK)      Slovenia (SI)
  South Africa (ZA)  Spain (ES)
Sweden (SE)        Switzerland (CH)
  Taiwan (TW)        Thailand (TH)
Turkey (TR)        Ukraine (UA)
  United Kindom (UK) Uruguay (UY)
USA (US)           Venezuela (VE)

Call this phrase dictionary prayer-ware (humor me).
If you use these phrases you might consider praying
for more ways like FIBS where we can gather from
many countries in peace...all right, it isn't always
peaceful, but it's an awfully good try!  Thanks to all
who make FIBS possible: Andreas, Patti, Kit, Sally & others.
SPECIAL THANKS to those who contributed phrases
from their languages AND TO ALL who are gracious
enough to use English on FIBS and are patient with us
English-speakers who haven't yet learned your language.
Peace and good dice!

--David Sorensen
(Merton on FIBS after a year off; formerly Antony/Simple)
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