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From:   Hugh Sconyers
Date:   25 June 2003
Subject:   New Bearoff Discs - Complete 15x15 bearoff on DVD
Google:   l6nKa.64773$


I have just released a new set of 12 DVD discs.  These are an update to my
previous CD--Rom discs. These discs contain 4 databases for a total of over
50 gigs of data.  The 4 database are:

 Bearoff 15 x15  contains exact bearoff equities for ALL bearoff positions
in home board. It has equities for 4 cube positions: no cube - roller's
cube - center cube - opponent cube. This is 47 gigs of data covering about
3 billion positions and this information is not available in any other
program.  Existing backgammon software very often misses the correct
cubeful answers and  many times gets the wrong answer on  a rollout.

  Backgame 8 points provides probabilities of getting hit in backgame
positions. You can setup positions in the home board, 7 point and 8 point.
There is a feature for finding the best move.

  Hyper Backgammon Equities provides the exact equities for all positions.
There is a feature for finding the best move. This is the same data that
MrHyperBot uses on GamesGrid.

  1 Checker Race provides equities for a 1 checker race. This data covers
all races of 375 pips or less and provides 4 cube positions for each race.
These equities are helpful in deciding doubles and takes in backgammon.

In addition, there is VB code so that you can access the data for doing
research on bearoffs.  I also hope this code will lead to existing software
to include a look-up feature to the data.

You can use the DVD without copying the data to your hard drive.  If you
have the space on your hard drive(s), you can copy some or all the data to
your hard drive(s) for faster and easier access.

This set contains 12 DVD discs and Windows XP Interface. Your computer
needs a DVD drive.

The set of 12 DVD discs is $100 + shipping.

Order from: Carol Joy Cole ... 810-232-9731


Hugh Sconyers

Douglas Zare  writes:

[GammOnLine, February 2004]

I like the Sconyers databases. I don't have enough space on my laptop to
transfer them all, but unless you are really interested in racing
positions where one side has 15 checkers, you can get by with just the
first few DVDs. I've installed the others on a networked computer, but
I've never had to access the files over the network.

An annoying flaw of the bearoff database is that it does not include the
effective pip count. That requires a 1-sided database, so only 55k
entries. I think it may be remedied in the future. I always have Zbot or
Trice's Bearoff Quizmaster open at the same time when I use the Sconyers
bearoff database to get the epcs.

I have not used the hypergammon or one checker databases for anything yet.

The "backgame" database is quite interesting. I may write a column based
on some things I've learned from it. I think almost all backgammon players
underestimate the chances of leaving shots from "safe" positions. Of
course, the quality of the hits is important, as is the chance to win
gammon or backgammon, and the database does not address these. Still, I
wish the database were larger to allow for more than 4 checkers back.
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