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From:   Bert Van Kerckhove
Date:   8 August 2002
Subject:   My last backgammon board
Google:   aithh6$1at2$

Hi all,

I want to buy a quality backgammon board and I'm looking for advice.

My criteria are:
- quality (mechanical strength, resistance to all kinds of 'accidents'
  (spilling of drinks, sigaret burns...) )
- playing comfort
- maintenance (easy to clean?)
- price

So far I found following interesting boards:

* David Naylor
these look very nice but I'm not sure if the leather checkers play as
comfortable as marble/crisloid/backelite.
I'm als in favor of combination locks iso. the leather flaps...
price: 580-680 GBP

* Tak Morioka
There is not much info on this web page but looks nice also.
Is it a wooden case or a wooden frame with leather covering?
The pics seem to show a wooden case...
price: $800-850

* Zavoral
Nice looking but it looks like the hinges are of lesser quality than the
other boards (opinion based on pics)

This site offers a wide range of quality boards:
* RR Backgammon
    Leather, hinges look weak like zavoral board...

* UNIKAT EUR2400-3400
    looks very nice but very expensive!  does anyone own one? comments?

* Dal Negro Leather EUR550
* Dal Negro Vinyl EUR270-290
    both look nice and affordable
* Golden Backgammon (Leather) EUR990
* Plaspel Mexico EUR613
    I don't like the stripes on the case

greetings, Bert

aka DiceMage

Michael Herder  writes:

I found another one, that seems to meet your criteria:

Has anyone experience with this board?
Looks quite nice, but unfortunately is expensive...


Michael Crane  writes:

David Naylor has been making bg boards for more than twenty years and has
sold hundreds of them - that should tell you a bit about the quality and
workmanship you can expect.

It'll last you for years and will improve its looks with age.

Gregg Cattanach  writes:

I have a Tak Morioka board, and it really plays like a dream.  They have a
hardwood case with fabric on the outside (or leather for more $$) and a
cotton velour playing surface with the pips painted on.  It really plays
like a dream with the surface completely smooth (no seams or stitching on
the pips).  The workmanship is world class, and he will make around any
checker set you might like to use and any color combination you can think
of (also he'll find some interesting upholstery material for the outside to
make your set unique).  The boards are made of cherry (light brown wood) or
walnut (deep brown).  I also recommend the Spanish Lucite checkers with the
finger dips, these are really beautiful and fun to play.

Contact Carol Joy Cole at to get more information or she'll
hook you up with Tak directly.
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