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From:   Chris C.
Date:   14 December 2003
Subject:   Words of wisdom from the sages of BG

In tournaments, the score is omnipresent factor, competitors must
always make their plays and use the cube with this in mind.
                                                 Joe Dwek

I can hardly over-emphasize the importance of the cube,its influence
on play. In simple terms I would say that I will give any opponent any
opening move he wants so long as I can start with with the cube on my
side.Handling the cube correctly is a major part of backgammon it must be
since it determinates the end of eighty percent of all games.
                                                 Joe Dwek

When bearing in against a 3 or 4 point anchor, the status of the race
is usually more important than flexibility. The best strategy is to
preserve the prime and dump the spares behind his opponents anchor,
braking only when forced to do so.
                                                 Bill Robertie

Most of the decisions that you have to make come in the middle game
when you are trying to adjust timing, and decide whether or not to
hit, to maintain contact or run, these are positions that are most
interesting, they require a great imagination.
                                                 Billy Horan

Every turn is a new decision, always, never forget. The biggest error
you can make is to fail to double at the appropriate time.
                                                 Kent Goulding

In general, when the decision is otherwise very close you should lean
towards a race when you own the cube, but lean towards contact positions
when your opponent owns the cube.
                                                 Kit Woolsey

The doubling cube holds the key to being a winner or a loser. good
checker play will never compensate for serious errors of judgement on
doubling. A good part of the skill is accepting or refusing doubles lies
in being able to recognize which positions are gammon prone and which are
not. In any position where you are under attach and have no anchor in your
opponents board,you risk being closed out and gammond. Many seeminly
inferior positions can be taken when you have an anchor.
                                                 Paul M. X-22

Moving checkers is easy, its the thinking that scares me. Annony.
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