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Misplacing a checker off the board

From:   Sam Pottle
Date:   13 April 2006
Subject:   Ruling
Forum:   GammOnLine

Player A is almost ready to begin bearing off, vs. contact; player B has
a single checker back. Player A makes a pick and pass play, but puts the
hit checker in the checker tray instead of on the bar. "Director!"

Raccoon  writes:

Sympathy but no mercy. Player B may accept Player's A move. If he does,
Player B is off the gammon.

Casper van der Tak  writes:

I think this is the only possible interpretation of the rules. Am not
happy about it though.

Gregg Cattanach  writes:

This exact thing happened to me in Pittsburgh several years ago. I had
one man back, but that was all, he picked and passed and put my hit
checker on the table beside the board.  The director wimped out (IMO)
and put my checker back on the bar. I managed to win the game anyway,

Jason Lee  writes:

Player A's move is illegal, and Player B decides whether or not to
accept the move. This is cut and dried.

Steve Mellen  writes:

Allow me to cast one vote in favor of common sense here.  The result
where a player magically ends up with a checker borne off out of nowhere
is just too absurd for me to accept. Rule 1.1, please.

John Little  writes:

If I found myself wanting to profit from my opponent's absurd error in
this situation I'd like to think that there would be a serious bit of
soul-searching in my immediate future.

Barry Murphy  writes:

I would agree with that ... thinking that rules are made for people and
not the other way around.

Chuck Bower  writes:

At the Indiana Open a few years ago, a similar situation occurred. (I
think bearoff was in progress, but otherwise conditions were the same.)
Butch Meese ruled that the checker goes to the bar. Hittee appealed. A
three player appeals committee ruled 3-0 to back up Butch. An ugly scene
erupted when evil demons with razor sharp teeth ripped the flesh from
Butch's bones. (OK, I exaggerate the last part. But there was a lot of
grumbling by highly respected members of the community.)
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