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Meyer Dice Tube usage

From:   Justin Nunez
Date:   22 February 2011
Subject:   Seeking clarification on dice tube usage ...
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Is there any documentation of rules/guidelines of dice tube usage in a
tournament environment?

If a player on roll flips the tube but does not place the tube down flatly
(whether on purpose, or unintentionally), and the player then flattens it
out after the dice reach the bottom with a twist of the wrist, should the
roll stand?

Chuck Bower  writes:

Last night I took my (new) Meyer dice tube to our (just as new) local club.
It was used for four matches (two tourney rounds and two "practice"
matches). This is the third time I've played with one and I noticed a
couple things:

1) It is much easier to get your hand off the tube if you grab the tube
   with hand in the orientation such that your thumb is pointing down. The
   reason is that as you finish the roll with your thumb pointing up, your
   arm/wrist/hand are in a much more natural position with easy rotation
   both directions. Just the opposite is true if you grab the tube with
   hand pointing up and rotate it.

2) It shouldn't be a problem if you take your hand off the tube while it is
   still wobbling, i.e. bottom not flat in contact with the table. One of
   two things will occur:

   a) the wobble is damped and the tube quickly comes to rest upright.

   b) the tube is so off vertical that it falls over.

   Case (b) never happened the entire night. If it would have, then a
   "reroll" would have been appropriate.

I did notice the tendency for some people to grab the tube when it was
wobbling, and I'm guessing this is what you were seeing. It's an easy
reaction to correct.

It's no more difficult to learn to properly handle the dice-tube than it is
to learn to properly handle a dice cup.

Backgame  writes:

Tubes are used quite a bit at the Charlotte club -- virtually without
incident.  Regarding your specific question, we play and enforce hands off
the tube before the dice reach the bottom. So in the case of twisting or
straightening after the dice are out of the rods, a reroll is called for.
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