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From:   Chuck Bower
Date:   5 June 2011
Subject:   Buying Backgammon Set
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There are several things to look for in a good (tournament quality)
backgammon set:

1) Checker size: in the US the standard is 1 3/4 inch diameter, but that's
a nominal dimension. Crisloid checkers of this nominal size are typically a
bit smaller -- in the 1.71 - 1.73 inch diameter range. In Europe I believe
the equivalent standard is 4.5 cm diameter (~1.77 in). Some people (Stick
and Neil, for example) have sets with nominal 2 inch (5+ cm) diameter
checkers. Those are certainly playable but you need to reach a bit farther
(in general) to move the checkers and traveling with the larger boards
these checkers require, I'm guessing, is a bit more of a hassle. You do
sometimes see smaller boards in use in the US, with 1 5/8 or even 1 1/2
inch diameter checkers. But if someone is serious about getting a
tournament board, why not go with the standard? (BTW, it used to be on Ebay
that sellers seldom listed the size of the checkers. They might tell you
the outside dims of the board. If you wanted to know you had to write, and
a high percentage of the time the answer you got wasn't very precise -- as
in rounded to the nearest 1/8 inch and they didn't tell you if it was up or

2) Playing surface: particularly for clocked backgammon, hard/slick
surfaces tend to lead to spinners which can take a lot of time (like 30
seconds and longer) for a roll to complete. They can also lead to the
opposite -- throws that just clunk down without rolling at all. Raised pips
are awkward because it's often difficult to impossible to slide the
checkers -- you have to lift them. "Suede" usually isn't true leather when
describing BG sets. Best surfaces are soft enough to get good rotation
simultaneously with good damping AND also allow the checkers to slide
easily with intention (but not so easily that they move when the board is

Bottom line (as with many purchases), if you haven't test driven either the
board you are considering buying or a similar (as in one owned by an
acquaintance) model or at least one recommended by a trusted, seasoned BG
veteran you are setting yourself up for a potential disappointment.
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