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MSN Zone: Security flaw

From:   happyjuggler0
Date:   21 June 2004
Subject:   The Zone is hacked...don't play there

Well I have consistently been among those who say that dice programs
or non-random dice is a paranoid illusion shared by those who are
missing a vital understanding of either probability or an
understanding of why excatly a site would choose to deliberately give
bad dice to YOU as opposed to your opponent.

However a few weeks ago a strong player(by gnu/Snowie analysis anyway)
who is also a programmer I know created a dice hack for the Zone
backgammon. He was trying to program for gnubg a way to have the Zone
match logs be automatically translated so that gnubg could read them
without an outside program. GamesGrid, TrueMoneyGames and FIBS all
have this but not the Zone. In the process he (_mdpetch) stumbled on a
way to pick his own rolls on the Zone. If he accidentally figured out
how to do it then it stands to reason that a hacker, twho basically
does little but hacking, that was trying to create a dice program has
already done so, probably several others. A link that illustrates this

The MSN Gaming Zone (a Microsoft company) has been aware of this for
some time but at first refused to believe it even after demos
(mindboggling to not believe your own eyes) and then has chosen to do
nothing about it even though the programmer in question also has the
fix for the security flaw. He has also discovered other similar
problems on the Zone's other game sites (cribbage was mentioned in the
link but I think others too). Since the Zone has some money sites this
is seriously disturbing since they seem to not care at all about
fixing this.

Feel free to repost this on any computer site or gaming site you may
be aware of. People need to know that Microsoft has major security
problems on one of their major sites and refuses to even do anything
about it.
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