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Gregg Cattanach

Jul 2010       Tournaments--Clocks and older players
Feb 2010       Chouettes--Procedure when captain doubles
Feb 2010       Equipment--Luxury boards
Dec 2009       Rulings--Cocked dice
Oct 2009       Rules--Moving checkers unambiguously
Jul 2009       Ratings--Cube error rates
Dec 2008       Cube Handling in Races--EPC examples: stack and straggler
Aug 2008       Variations--Slot backgammon
Aug 2008       Tournaments--Making notes during play
Feb 2008       Rulings--Premature actions
Jan 2008       Equipment--Suppliers--Where to buy dice
Dec 2007       Rulings--Error in setup
Dec 2007       Rulings--Taking photos of positions
Dec 2007   Tournaments--New U.S. Rules
Dec 2007       Rulings--Clock rules end of turn
Oct 2007   Books--Ballard & Weaver: Backgammon Openings Book A
Oct 2007       Tournaments--Avoiding disputes
Oct 2007       Rulings--Repositioning dice without notice
Oct 2007       Rulings--Opening roll loser picks up his die
Aug 2007       Cube Handling--The take/pass decision
Jun 2007   Tournaments--Keeping score during a match
Apr 2007   Tournaments--Playing-off 3 remaining players
Feb 2007       Rules--Rolling too soon
Dec 2006       Strategy--Checker play--Coup Classique
Nov 2006       Rulings--Rolling when opponent is closed out
Nov 2006       Rulings--Cocked die on first roll
Nov 2006       Rulings--Touching the doubling cube
Oct 2006       Match Play--When to free drop
Jun 2006   Variations--Opening slot rule
May 2006       Rules--Jacoby rule--Good or bad?
May 2006       Play Sites--Where to play for money
May 2006   Cheating--Dealing with live-play cheating
Apr 2006       Pip Counting--Live play versus online
Apr 2006       Rulings--Misplacing a checker off the board
Mar 2006   Rulings--Moving checkers before you roll
Mar 2006       Pip Counting--Live play versus online
Feb 2006       Tournaments--Manually recording a match
Feb 2006       Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Do you need an advantage to cube?
Feb 2006       Chouettes--Fish-hunt rules
Jan 2006       Magazines & E-zines--GammOnLine
Jan 2006       Rulings--Writing down positions
Jan 2006       Rollouts--Truncated rollouts: pros and cons
Jan 2006       Opening Rolls--Opening 43: Pros and cons
Jul 2005   Snowie--Snowie 4.3 update
Jul 2005       Match Play--When to free drop
May 2005   Puzzles--Priming puzzle
May 2005   Tournaments--Vegas trip report (spring 2005)
May 2005       Pip Counting--Cluster counting
Apr 2005       Play Sites--Where to play for money
Mar 2005       Rulings--Playing to wrong match length
Mar 2005       GNU Backgammon--Importing .gam files
Feb 2005       Variations--Simborg Rule
Feb 2005       Match Play--Take points
Jan 2005       Books--Ballard & Weaver: Backgammon Openings Book A
Dec 2004   Match Play--When to free drop
Dec 2004       Books--Magriel: Backgammon--2004 Edition
Dec 2004       Books--Brooks: Backgammon's Best Openings and Replies
Nov 2004   Tournaments--Vegas trip report (fall 2004)
Oct 2004   Miscellaneous--Checker play versus cube play
Oct 2004       Snowie--Running in low priority
Sep 2004       Terminology--"Wash"
Aug 2004       Rules--Rolling on wrong side of board
Jul 2004       Variations--Misere (backgammon to lose)
Jul 2004       Rules--Legal roll
Jul 2004       Chouettes--Lure of the chouette
Jul 2004       Miscellaneous--Money management
Jul 2004   Equipment--Dice
Jun 2004   Terminology--"Speed board"
Jun 2004   Puzzles--Worst possible checker play
Jun 2004       Rulings--Crawford game double
Jun 2004   Puzzles--Worst possible opening move
May 2004       Rules--"Illegal moves" rule
Apr 2004       Strategy--Checker play--Play versus a novice
Mar 2004       Rulings--Disputed roll
Mar 2004       Tournaments--Clocks--Losing on time
Feb 2004       Opening Rolls--Opening 43: In GOL online match
Jan 2004   Puzzles--Worst symmetric bearoff of 8 checkers
Dec 2003   Rollouts--Combining rollouts
Dec 2003       Opening Rolls--Opening 21: Split or slot?
Aug 2003       Miscellaneous--Handicapping
Mar 2003       Fun and frustration--What are the chances?
Feb 2003       Equipment--Checkers
Feb 2003   Match Equities--Turner formula
Dec 2002       Variations--Exact bearoff
Nov 2002   Cube Handling in Races--N-roll vs n-roll bearoff
Oct 2002   Tournaments--Clock rules--How do they work?
Oct 2002   Rollouts--Truncated rollouts
Oct 2002   Books--Robertie: Modern Backgammon
Sep 2002       Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon
Aug 2002   GNU Backgammon--How luck factor is calculated
Aug 2002       Equipment--Boards
Jul 2002   Book Suggestions--Best next step
May 2002       Rules--Touch-move rule in backgammon?
Feb 2002   Equipment--Boards--Tak Morioka
Feb 2002       Variations--Nackgammon opening moves
Feb 2002   Books--Bagai: Classic Backgammon Revisited
Dec 2001   Ratings--Ratings on Gamesgrid
Dec 2001       Match Equities--Which match equity table is best?
Oct 2001   Rules--Legal roll
Sep 2001   Computer Dice--GamesGrid: Too many jokers?
Aug 2001       Fun and frustration--Lonely checker's lament
Aug 2001   Chouettes--Legal plays only
Aug 2001       Etiquette--Direction of play
Jul 2001       Chouettes--Waiting for teammate to double
Jul 2001       Tournaments--Clock rules--End of turn
Feb 2001       Cube Handling in Races--Pip count percentage
Dec 2000   Variations--Hyper backgammon
Dec 2000   Equipment--Board design
Oct 2000   Snowie--Error rates
Sep 2000   Snowie--Snowie vs. Jellyfish
Sep 2000   Variations--Tri-gammon
Sep 2000       Chouettes--Captain drops and others take
Aug 2000       Book Suggestions--After Magriel
Aug 2000   Terminology--"Equity"
Aug 2000       Opening Rolls--Opening 43: Which split is better?
Jun 2000   Cheating--Avoiding loaded dice
May 2000   Book Suggestions--Magriel, Robertie, and Kleinman
Apr 2000       Learning--What more can I do?
Apr 2000       Chouettes--Variable stakes
Mar 2000       Chouettes--When is consulting allowed?
Feb 2000       Tournaments--Clock rules--Illegal move
Feb 2000       Play Sites--VOG
Dec 1999   Rollouts--What is a rollout?
Dec 1999   Snowie--Luck calculation
Dec 1998   Play Sites--MSN Gaming Zone--Thoughts

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