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Michael Crane

Aug 2011       Chouettes--Order of succession
Jul 2011       Tournaments--Variable side pools
Oct 2005       Rulings--Playing wrong opponent
Jul 2005       Play
Jul 2005       Rules--When do you give up your chance to double?
May 2005       Rulings--Disagreement over cocked dice
May 2003       Tournaments--Tournament formats
Mar 2003   Tournaments--Uniform rules and procedures?
Aug 2002       Equipment--Boards
May 2002       Rules--Touch-move rule in backgammon?
Nov 2001   Play Sites--Playmaker World--Announcement
May 2001       Tournaments--Swiss format
Nov 2000       Tournaments--Videotaping matches
Jun 2000       Rules--Checker shuffling
Jun 2000       Rules--Moving checkers with two hands
Apr 2000       Learning--What more can I do?
Feb 2000       Tournaments--Clock rules--Illegal move

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