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Neil Kazaross

Aug 2011       Strategy--Bearing Off--Playing for gammon
Dec 2010       Equipment--Meyer Dice Tube--Why I hate it
Apr 2010       Strategy--Checker play--How to trap an anchor
Apr 2010   Match Play--Holland rule
Oct 2009       Etiquette--Moving hit checker first
Jan 2009       Cube Handling in Races--EPC example: stack and straggler
Jan 2009       Cube Handling--Closed board cube decisions
Jun 2008       Play Sites--Overview
Dec 2007       Rulings--Clock rules end of turn
Nov 2006       Rulings--Rolling when opponent is closed out
Nov 2006       Rulings--Rerolling cocked dice too quickly
Nov 2006       Rules--Touch-move rule in backgammon?
May 2006       Rules--Jacoby rule--Good or bad?
Feb 2006       Play Sites--Friendly play site
Jan 2006       Opening Rolls--Rollouts of openings
Sep 2005       Rulings--Rolling wrong dice
Aug 2005       Chouettes--Jacoby rule
Mar 2005       Terminology--"Baffle box"
Mar 2005       Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon #165
Jan 2005   Books--Ballard & Weaver: Backgammon Openings Book A
Oct 2004   GNU Backgammon--Which player is player 0?
Sep 2004   Books--Cooke: Paradoxes and Probabilities
Jul 2004   Match Equities--On calculating match equity tables
Jun 2004   Match Play--2-away/4-away: Neil's rule of 80
Jun 2004       Rulings--Crawford game double
Mar 2004       Rulings--Incorrect setup
Feb 2004       Books--Woolsey: The Backgammon Encyclopedia Vol 1
Jan 2004       Tournaments--Clocks--Pros and cons
Jan 2004       Books--Lortz: Double ... now: An Authentic Cube Remedy
Dec 2003   Match Equities--ME Table: Kazaross
Sep 2003       Tournaments--Recording matches
Jul 2003   Books--Magriel: Backgammon
Jun 2003   Chouettes--Split cube actions
Apr 2003       Match Equities--ME at 1-away/2-away (crawford)
Apr 2003       Books--Robertie: Modern Backgammon
Oct 2002   Match Equities--Value of free drop

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