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Casper van der Tak

Mar 2013       Probability and Statistics--Average luck of each roll
Jan 2012       Strategy--Backgames--Which anchors are best?
Jan 2012       Luck versus Skill--Is there really luck in backgammon?
Aug 2011       Strategy--Bearing Off--Playing for gammon
Jun 2011       Terminology--"Kamikaze play"
Apr 2011       Strategy--Checker play--When in doubt
Mar 2011       Rules--Jacoby rule ambiguity?
Jan 2011       Rulings--Moving with two hands
Nov 2010       Strategy--Checker play--Kamikaze plays
Apr 2010       Strategy--Checker play--How to trap an anchor
Apr 2010       Terminology--"Anchor and guard" position
Aug 2008       Variations--Slot backgammon
Aug 2007       Books--Robertie: Reno 1986
Mar 2007       Match Play--1-away/1-away: advice from Stick
Apr 2006       Rulings--Misplacing a checker off the board
Jan 2006       Match Play--Which format most favors the favorite?
Jan 2006       Rulings--Playing to wrong match length
Nov 2005       Miscellaneous--Copying positions from books
Mar 2005       Rulings--Playing to wrong match length
Mar 2005       Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon #165
Jan 2005       Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon
Dec 2004       Books--Magriel: Backgammon--2004 Edition
Oct 2003       Learning--The best way to learn
Jan 2003       Tournaments--Hedging

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