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Jason Lee

Dec 2012       Play Sites--Play site wish list
Jan 2012   Learning--Study method
Aug 2011       Computer Dice--Safe Harbor Games dice
Jan 2011   Rulings--Moving with two hands
Jan 2011       Opening Rolls--Nactation--Why use it?
Jul 2010       Tournaments--Clocks and older players
Mar 2010       Tournaments--Hitting clock instead of rolling
Oct 2009       Strategy--Bearing Off--Rules of thumb
Apr 2009       Theory--Error rate--Why count forced moves?
Apr 2009   Tournaments--Hedging
Jan 2009   Match Play--Doubling window with gammons
Aug 2008       Tournaments--Making notes during play
Dec 2007   Rulings--Clock rules end of turn
Apr 2006       Rulings--Misplacing a checker off the board
Apr 2006   Miscellaneous--Typesetting backgammon
Feb 2006   Rulings--Video dispute resolution
Jan 2006   Terminology--"Polish prime"
Jan 2006   Rollouts--Truncated rollouts: pros and cons
Jul 2005   Rulings--Two cubes on the board
Jan 2005   Probability and Statistics--Number of games per match
Jul 2004   Variations--Misere (backgammon to lose)
Mar 2004   Variations--Bad advice
Mar 2004   Tournaments--Clocks--Losing on time
Mar 2004       Rulings--Incorrect setup
Feb 2004   Rulings--Equipment changes
Dec 1997       Cube Handling in Races--N-roll vs n-roll bearoff
Apr 1995   Variations--Misere (backgammon to lose)

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