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Feb 2008   Rulings--Premature actions
Jan 2008   Luck versus Skill--Does backgammon need less luck?
Jan 2008       Equipment--Suppliers--Where to buy dice
Dec 2007       Rulings--Clock rules end of turn
Nov 2007       Match Equities--ME at 1-away/2-away (crawford)
Oct 2007       Rulings--Rolling 2 dice instead of 1 to start
Jul 2007   Probability and Statistics--Chance of rolling x doubles in y rolls
Jul 2007       Learning--Best way for a beginner to learn
May 2007       Tournaments--First backgammon tournament
Apr 2007       Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire--Withdrawal symptoms
Apr 2007       Tournaments--Manually recording a match
Apr 2007       Terminology--"Cube provocation play"
Mar 2007       Probability and Statistics--Counting shots
Feb 2007       Rules--Rolling too soon
Jan 2007   Cube Handling in Races--Calculating winning chances
Jan 2007   Terminology--"PRaT"
Dec 2006   Play Sites--Comparison of rakes
Nov 2006   Rulings--Rolling when opponent is closed out
Nov 2006   Rulings--Rerolling cocked dice too quickly
Nov 2006       Miscellaneous--Top women players
Nov 2006       Rulings--Touching the doubling cube
Aug 2006   Programming--BKG 9.8 vs. Villa
Jul 2006   Play Sites--Comparison of rakes
Jun 2006       Miscellaneous--Is online gambling legal in the U.S.?
Jun 2006   Cube Handling--Value of an ace-point game
May 2006       Rules--Jacoby rule--Good or bad?
May 2006       Opening Rolls--Magriel's Chapter 5
May 2006       GNU Backgammon--Saving rollouts
Apr 2006       Pip Counting--Live play versus online
Apr 2006   Match Equities--ME Table: Woolsey
Apr 2006       Rulings--Misplacing a checker off the board
Apr 2006       Miscellaneous--Typesetting backgammon
Mar 2006   Miscellaneous--Giants of Backgammon list
Mar 2006   GNU Backgammon--Error rates: Gnu vs. Snowie
Mar 2006       Rules--Can a beaver be dropped?
Mar 2006   Miscellaneous--Initiatives by local clubs
Mar 2006       Pip Counting--Live play versus online
Mar 2006       Cheating--Using computer to aid online play
Mar 2006   Ratings--FIBS vs. GamesGrid ratings
Feb 2006   Propositions--Eight checkers vs. fifteen
Feb 2006       Tournaments--Adjusting to face-to-face play
Jan 2006   Magazines & E-zines--GammOnLine
Nov 2005       Cube Handling in Races--Calculating winning chances
Nov 2005       Books--Robertie: 501 Essential Backgammon Problems #75
Oct 2005       Play Sites--Comparison of rakes
Oct 2005       Match Archives--Where to get matches to download
Oct 2005   Rules--Play cubeless at 2away/2away?
Oct 2005       Miscellaneous--Maximizing earnings
Oct 2005       Rulings--Playing wrong opponent
Sep 2005       Cube Handling--How does rake affect cube actions?
Jul 2005   Terminology--"Blunder", "whopper"
Jul 2005       Rulings--Two cubes on the board
Jul 2005   GNU Backgammon--Match equity tables
Jul 2005       Etiquette--Premature shaking
Jul 2005       Rules--When do you give up your chance to double?
Nov 2004   GNU Backgammon--Even-ply/odd-ply effect
Nov 2004   Books--Bagai: Classic Backgammon Revisited #100
Jun 2004       Puzzles--Worst possible checker play
Feb 2004   Opening Rolls--Opening 43: In GOL online match
Sep 2003   Rulings--Crawford game double
Aug 2003   History--Backgammon variants

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