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  Mel Leifer's Gammon Links
A superb collection of links to every backgammon site imaginable. Categories are: General Information, Clubs and Tournaments, Strategy, Computer Players, FIBS, Online Play Sites, Publications, Boards, Dice, and Diversions. The great thing about this list is that it has been regularly maintained since 1996.
  Art Grater's Backgammon Portal
Many links in the following categories: Discuss BG, Search BG, Software, Play Online, Clubs and Tournaments, Books, Equipment, Magazines, Analysis, History, Matches, Beginners, Advanced.

General Information

  Peter Max Friis Jensen's Backgammon Page
How to play the opening rolls, basic bearoffs, doubling strategy, how to run a propostion, chouette rules. And lots of good links.
  Webby's Backgammon Site
Webby's Quizzes, Webby's Tips, and 100+ backgammon links.
  Gamer Cafe
Some great free software here: Beggar's Backgammon Terminal (FIBS client), Monte Carlo (backgammon player), Backgammon-to-Lose, Chouette Calculator.
  Ed's Backgammon Page
Ed's come-from-behind victory, lessons on bearing off and computing probabilities, Oregon's court ruling about backgammon, charts of dice-roll probabilities, and an entertaining collection of problems.
  Ric Gerace's Backgammon Page
Great fun! Check out Ric's stories "My Bumpy Life in Backgammon" and "Cracking the True History of Backgammon."
This site has had a pretty bumpy life too. Originally created by Martin Short, Gammoned.com includes a large dictionary of backgammon terms, history of the game, and Stephen Turner's WWW Backgammon Page from the 1994-2001. Lately, the site has become more of an infomercial.
  The Doubling Cube
Site of Jake Jacobs, author of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Four-Point. There are a number of interesting articles on backgammon here.

Online Publications

These two online magazines are available on a subscription basis, and they're both excellent. Try them out!
  GammonU (formerly GammOnLine)
Kit Woolsey, Editor
An online match between Kit and the readers, with commentary on the match. You get this and access to the online forum for a one-time fee of $36, which also gives access to past issues from mid 1999 to the end of 2003 when GammOnLine had new articles and a quiz each month. See the demo issue.
The largest online backgammon magazine: News, articles, interviews, forums, feature columnists, and tutorials. New subscribers have access to past issues. A truly amazing amount of information! There is also an online store where you can get all your backgammon supplies including sets and boards.

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