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Tom Keith

Dec 2012       Play Sites--Play site wish list
Jul 2012   Books--Kershaw: Backgammon Funfair
Jul 2012       Terminology--"Short play"
Feb 2011       Rollouts--Standard error and JSD
Jan 2011       Opening Rolls--Nactation--Why use it?
Jun 2010       Match Equities--ME Table: Rockwell-Kazaross
May 2010       Variations--Kleinman's tandem backgammon
Mar 2008       Strategy--Checker play--Avoiding major oversights
Feb 2008       Rulings--Premature actions
Dec 2007       Tournaments--New U.S. Rules
Jan 2006   Opening Rolls--Rollouts of openings
Sep 2005   Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire--Review
Sep 2005       Rulings--Rolling wrong dice
Sep 2005       Cube Handling--How does rake affect cube actions?
Jul 2005   Match Play--When to free drop
Jul 2005       Etiquette--Rolling the dice
Jul 2005       Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire
Jun 2005       Etiquette--Doubling opponent out
May 2005       Pip Counting--Cluster counting
Apr 2005       Opening Rolls--Opening rolls ranked
Jan 2005       GNU Backgammon--JSD's and confidence intervals
Jan 2005       Books--Bray: Backgammon--An Independent View Revisited
Dec 2004   Books--Magriel: Backgammon--2004 Edition
Jun 2004   Cube Handling in Races--Value of a pip
Jun 2004   Cube Handling in Races--Pip-count formulas
May 2004       Puzzles--Highest possible gammon rate
May 2004       Rules--"Illegal moves" rule
Apr 2004   Terminology--Alphabet soup
Mar 2004       Theory--Number of no-contact positions
Mar 2004       Computer Dice--Does Motif cheat?
Feb 2004   Probability and Statistics--Chance of rolling x or more pips in y rolls
Oct 2003   GNU Backgammon--Even-ply/odd-ply effect
Sep 2003   Cube Handling--Early-late ratio
Aug 2003       Miscellaneous--Handicapping
Feb 1999       Ratings--Ratings variation
Dec 1998       Ratings--Unbounded rating theorem
Dec 1998       Ratings--No limit to ratings
Oct 1998   Match Play--Matches to a set number of games
Oct 1998       Ratings--Different length matches
Oct 1998       Ratings--Possible adjustments
May 1998   Ratings--Different length matches
Apr 1998       Ratings--Opponent's strength
Apr 1998       Rulings--Crawford game double
Feb 1998       Ratings--Effect of droppers on ratings
Dec 1997       Etiquette--How long to wait?
Sep 1997   Match Play--3-away/4-away: what's the correct equity?
Aug 1997       Ratings--Ratings variation
Apr 1997   Computer Dice--FIBS: Entering from the bar
Dec 1996   Match Play--2-away/4-away: cube strategy
Nov 1996   Puzzles--Returning to the start
Feb 1996   Match Play--2-away/3-away: playing for gammon
Sep 1994       Ratings--Ratings variation

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