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Ian Shaw

Feb 2010       Equipment--Luxury boards
Apr 2009   Theory--Error rate--Why count forced moves?
Feb 2007       Rules--Rolling too soon
Nov 2006       Rules--Touch-move rule in backgammon?
May 2006       GNU Backgammon--Saving rollouts
Apr 2006       GNU Backgammon--Saving rollout results from command-line interface
Jul 2005       Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire
Mar 2005       GNU Backgammon--Importing .gam files
Nov 2004       Fun and frustration--Danish Championship semifinal match
Nov 2004   Fun and frustration--Don't come looking for sympathy ...
Aug 2004   Rules--Rolling on wrong side of board
Jun 2004       Rulings--Crawford game double
Apr 2004   Equipment--How much to spend on a board?
Mar 2004   Learning--Practice and preparation
Mar 2004   GNU Backgammon--Quasi-random dice in rollouts
Feb 2004       Books--Woolsey & Jones: Understanding Backgammon
Apr 2003   Match Equities--ME at 1-away/2-away (crawford)
Jun 2002   Equipment--Suppliers--Backgammon boards
May 2002       Puzzles--Most possible plays
Feb 2002   Cheating--Premature roll and late pick-up
Dec 2001   Match Equities--Which match equity table is best?
May 1999   Match Play--Free drop

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