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Marty Storer

May 2010   Terminology--"Phantom double hit"
Jul 2009       History--Recent changes
Jan 2008   Books--Ballard & Weaver: Backgammon Openings Book A
Aug 2007       Strategy--Checker play--Late loose hits
Aug 2007       Books--Robertie: Reno 1986
Apr 2007       Books--Storer: Backgammon Praxis
Aug 2006       Strategy--Checker play--Prime versus prime
Jun 2006       Fun and frustration--Losing streaks
Nov 2005       Match Equities--Does it matter which match equity table you use?
Oct 2005       Snowie--Snowie vs GNU
Mar 2005   Rulings--Playing to wrong match length
Sep 2004   Books--Cooke & Orléan: Championship Backgammon
May 2004   Books--Storer: Backgammon Praxis
Feb 2004       Opening Rolls--Opening 43: In GOL online match
Jan 2004   Terminology--"Back game"
Dec 2002   Tournaments--Calcutta problems
Oct 2002   Terminology--"Gammon-go" (GG) and "gammon-save" (GS)
Feb 1996       Books--Barr: Barr on Backgammon
Apr 1992   Terminology--"Time," "timing," "checker," "dancing"
Feb 1992   Opening Rolls--Trice's rankings
Jan 1992   Cube Handling in Races--Ward's racing formula
Sep 1991   Programming--BKG beats world champion
Aug 1991       Terminology--"Lose your market"

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