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Kit Woolsey

Dec 2007       Rulings--Clock rules end of turn
Oct 2007       Books--Woolsey & Beadles: 52 Great Backgammon Tips
Oct 2007   Tournaments--Avoiding disputes
Sep 2007   Snowie--Snowie cube evaluation
Feb 2007       Rules--Rolling too soon
Nov 2006       Rules--Touch-move rule in backgammon?
Mar 2005       Rulings--Playing to wrong match length
Aug 2004       Rules--Rolling on wrong side of board
Jul 2004       Variations--Misere (backgammon to lose)
Jan 2004       Tournaments--Clocks--Pros and cons
Jan 2004       Puzzles--Worst symmetric bearoff of 8 checkers
Nov 2003       Cube Handling--Tells
Jul 2003       Strategy--Checker play--Blitzing technique
Jul 2003       Rulings--Cocked dice
Apr 2003       Strategy--Checker play--Cube-influenced checker play
Sep 2001       Match Equities--Does it matter which match equity table you use?
Jun 1999   Magazines & E-zines--GammOnLine announcement
Feb 1999   Match Equities--Why use a match equity table?
Jan 1999   Match Play--Doubling when facing a gammon loss
Jan 1999   Rules--Rolling on wrong side of board
Sep 1998   Rules--Rolling on wrong side of board
Apr 1998       Rulings--Touching the doubling cube
Mar 1998       Jellyfish--JF tackles New Ideas in Backgammon
Mar 1998       Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Counterexample?
Feb 1998   Cube Handling in Races--One checker model
Feb 1998   Match Play--When to free drop
Jan 1998   Match Play--Going for gammon when opp has free drop
Jan 1998   Miscellaneous--Calculation versus instinct
Dec 1997       Match Play--Delayed mandatory double
Dec 1997   Puzzles--All-time best roll
Dec 1997   Rollouts--Settlement limit
Aug 1997   Play Sites--FIBS--Financial support
May 1997   Match Play--7-away/11-away: volatile recube decision
Apr 1997   Cube Handling--Liveliness of the cube
Apr 1997       Computer Dice--FIBS: Entering from the bar
Mar 1997   Puzzles--Not-so-greedy bearoff
Mar 1997   Match Play--Crawford rule
Mar 1997   Strategy--Checker play--Estimating in volatile situations
Feb 1997       Match Play--3-away/4-away: opponent's recube
Feb 1997       Terminology--"Squeeze", "trap play"
Dec 1996       Match Play--Playing when opponent has free drop
Oct 1996   Computer Dice--FIBS: Are the dice biased?
Sep 1996   Cube Handling--Volatility
Sep 1996   Cube Handling--Woolsey's law
Sep 1996       Rules--Rolling too soon
Jul 1996   Strategy--Checker play--Coming under the gun
Jul 1996   Strategy--Backgames--Which anchor is best?
Apr 1996   Rollouts--Some guidelines
Apr 1996   Strategy--Checker play--Cube ownership considerations
Mar 1996   Strategy--Bearing Off--Which gaps to fill
Feb 1996   Opening Rolls--Opening 53: Why make the three point?
Jan 1996   Match Play--2-away/4-away: trailer's initial double
Jan 1996       Puzzles--Shortest game
Dec 1995   Opening Rolls--Mloner vs Jellyfish
Sep 1995   Rollouts--Cautionary tale
Sep 1995       Probability and Statistics--Distribution of points per game
Aug 1995   Cheating--Collusion in Monte Carlo
Jul 1995   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Ever too good to double?
Jul 1995   Miscellaneous--Notation
Jun 1995   Tournaments--Clocks--Should they be part of the game?
May 1995   Strategy--Checker play--Playing when opponent has one man back
Apr 1995       Variations--Misere (backgammon to lose)
Apr 1995   Puzzles--Zero equity positions
Apr 1995   Match Play--Going for gammon when opp has free drop
Mar 1995   Opening Rolls--How computers play
Feb 1995       Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Practical strategy
Jan 1995   Puzzles--Cube ownership determines correct play
Jan 1995   Cheating--Dice manipulation
Jan 1995   Computer Dice--Testing for bias
Dec 1994   Match Play--Holland rule
Nov 1994   Cube Handling--When to double
Oct 1994       Match Play--Free drop
Oct 1994   Match Equities--Neil's numbers
Jul 1994   Opening Rolls--Factors to consider
Jul 1994   Cube Handling--Against a weaker opponent
Jul 1994   Match Play--3-away/4-away: tricky cube decision
May 1994   Match Equities--ME Table: Woolsey
May 1994       Etiquette--Under resigning
May 1994       Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Proof for doubling immediately
Mar 1994       Propositions--Choose roll vs. double-roll

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