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Robert-Jan Veldhuizen

Mar 2006   Rules--Can a beaver be dropped?
Jan 2006       Match Play--Which format most favors the favorite?
Jan 2006       Rollouts--Truncated rollouts: pros and cons
Nov 2005       Software--Java: BG-Blitz--How strong?
Apr 2005   Learning--Maintaining your game
Apr 2005       GNU Backgammon--MWC versus Equity (EMG)
Feb 2005       GNU Backgammon--Interpreting JSD's
Nov 2004   GNU Backgammon--Filter settings
Aug 2004       Match Equities--ME Table: Dunstan
Jul 2004   Match Play--Post-crawford/2-away: too good to double
Jun 2004   GNU Backgammon--Rollout settings for the impatient
May 2004   Puzzles--Highest possible gammon rate
Apr 2004   GNU Backgammon--Restarting a rollout with different settings
Apr 2004       Strategy--Checker play--Play versus a novice
Mar 2004   GNU Backgammon--Rollout settings
Mar 2004       GNU Backgammon--Cache size
Jan 2004       Programming--How to count plies?
Dec 2003   Match Equities--ME Table: Zorba
Dec 2003       Match Equities--Does it matter which match equity table you use?
Sep 2003       Rulings--Checker knocked off bar
Nov 2002   Computer Dice--Does GNU Backgammon cheat?
Nov 2000   Luck versus Skill--How often to win with perfect play?
Nov 2000   Puzzles--Janowski Paradox
Aug 2000   Book Suggestions--After Magriel
Aug 2000       Opening Rolls--Splitting versus building
Aug 2000       Opening Rolls--Opening 43: Which split is better?

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