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Douglas Zare

Aug 2007   Strategy--Checker play--Late loose hits
Jul 2007       Probability and Statistics--Chance of rolling x doubles in y rolls
Jul 2006   Ratings--Rating versus error rate
Feb 2005       Variations--Simborg Rule
Feb 2005       Match Play--Take points
Dec 2004       Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire
Jul 2004       Variations--Misere (backgammon to lose)
Jun 2004       Cube Handling in Races--Pip-count formulas
Apr 2004       Etiquette--Am I too slow?
Apr 2004       Ratings--On different sites
Mar 2004       Learning--Practice and preparation
Mar 2004       Books--Magriel: Backgammon
Feb 2004       Match Play--Post-crawford doubling
Feb 2004       Books--Woolsey: The Backgammon Encyclopedia Vol 1
Feb 2004   Match Play--Leading 2-away with good gammon chances
Jan 2004       Programming--How to count plies?
Jan 2004   Cube Handling in Races--Effective pipcount and type of position
Dec 2003   Cheating--How to tell you're playing a computer
Dec 2003   Miscellaneous--What is Zbot?
Dec 2003   Opening Rolls--Opening 1's: Split or slot?
Dec 2003       Opening Rolls--Opening 21: Split or slot?
Oct 2003       Learning--The best way to learn
Oct 2003       Match Equities--Which match equity table is best?
Sep 2003   Cube Handling in Races--Effective pipcount
Sep 2003       Tournaments--Recording matches
Jun 2003       Software--Windows: Sconyers's bearoff database
Mar 2003       Luck versus Skill--Strange result
Mar 2003       Programming--How to count plies?
Mar 2003   Programming--Bot weaknesses
Mar 2003       Fun and frustration--What are the chances?
Mar 2003   Books--Heinrich & Woolsey: New Ideas in Backgammon
Mar 2003       Tournaments--Uniform rules and procedures?
Feb 2003   Book Suggestions--Books for serious players
Feb 2003       Luck versus Skill--Are luck and skill related?
Jan 2003       Tournaments--Hedging
Jan 2003       Strategy--Backgames--Defending against a backgame
Dec 2002       Match Play--Post-crawford doubling
Nov 2002       Cube Handling--With the Jacoby rule
Nov 2002       Ratings--Experience required for accurate rating
Nov 2002       Propositions--Fifteen on the bar
Oct 2002   Rollouts--Positions with inaccurate rollouts
Oct 2002       Luck versus Skill--Why are stronger players luckier?
Sep 2002       Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon
Sep 2002       Match Play--Post-crawford doubling
Jul 2002       Terminology--"Technical play"
Jun 2002   Rollouts--Tips for doing rollouts
May 2002       Puzzles--Most possible plays
May 2002       Rules--Touch-move rule in backgammon?
Mar 2002   Pip Counting--Half-crossover method
Mar 2002   Match Play--Comparing 2-away/3-away and 2-away/4-away
Jan 2002       Cube Handling--Playing your opponent
Oct 2001       Books--Lamford: 100 Backgammon Puzzles
Sep 2001       Match Equities--Does it matter which match equity table you use?
Aug 2001   Etiquette--Doubling to end a game early
Jul 2001       Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Proof of doubling with market losers
May 2001       Tournaments--Swiss format
Mar 2001       Etiquette--Commenting on dice
Feb 2001       Cube Handling--When to accept a double
Jan 2001       Strategy--Bearing Off--Winning the bearoff race
Dec 2000       Book Suggestions--What's a good second book?
Nov 2000   Etiquette--Going for backgammon in a one-point match
Sep 2000   Luck versus Skill--Are good players just luckier?
Jul 2000       Play Sites--Yahoo Games--Ratings
Jun 2000   Strategy--Checker play--Hitting loose in your home board
Jun 2000   Probability and Statistics--Calculating winning chances
May 2000       Terminology--"Weaver"
Feb 2000   Variations--Other variations

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