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Daniel Murphy

Dec 2012       Puzzles--Pruce's paradox
Sep 2012       Terminology--"In the box"
Jul 2012       Terminology--"Short play"
Sep 2011       Computer Dice--GridGammon: Are the dice random?
Aug 2011   Fun and frustration--Some learning humor
Feb 2011       Rules--Illegal plays that can't be condoned
Oct 2010       Luck versus Skill--Is backgammon gambling?
Sep 2010       Tournaments--"Stop pots"
Sep 2010       Tournaments--"Fighter's bracket"
Oct 2009   Tournaments--Tournament rules links
Oct 2009   Tournaments--Links to tournament rules
Oct 2009       Etiquette--Listening to music while playing
Oct 2009       Rules--Moving checkers unambiguously
Oct 2009       Etiquette--Moving hit checker first
Jul 2008   Tournaments--Major tournament attendance 1998-2008
Mar 2008       Cube Handling--Woolsey's law
Jun 2007   Magazines & E-zines--GammOnLine--Sold to Play65
Apr 2007       GNU Backgammon--Rollout settings
Feb 2006   Propositions--Monte Carlo 1998
Feb 2006       Rulings--Video dispute resolution
Feb 2006   Ratings--KG rating list
Feb 2006   Propositions--Up in the air
Feb 2006       Chouettes--Fish-hunt rules
Jan 2006   Match Play--Which format most favors the favorite?
Jan 2006       Rulings--Playing to wrong match length
May 2005   History--The effect of bots on the game
Jan 2005   GNU Backgammon--JSD's and confidence intervals
Dec 2004   Terminology--"Golden point"
Dec 2004       Books--Magriel: Backgammon--2004 Edition
Dec 2004   Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire
Nov 2004   Fun and frustration--Danish Championship semifinal match
Mar 2004       Books--Magriel: Backgammon
Mar 2004       Tournaments--Clocks--Losing on time
Mar 2004       Rulings--Misplaced cube
Mar 2004       Rulings--Incorrect setup
Feb 2004       Rulings--Equipment changes
Sep 2003       Rulings--Checker knocked off bar
Sep 2003       Tournaments--Recording matches
Jul 2001   Match Archives--Monte Carlo 2001 Final
Jul 2001       Tournaments--Clock rules--End of turn
Jun 2001   Opening Rolls--Choosing a strategy
Apr 2001   Tournaments--Tournament rules
Apr 2001   Rules--Overview
Apr 2001   Strategy--Backgames--What is a backgame?
Apr 2001   Opening Rolls--Splitting versus slotting
Mar 2001   Equipment--What is "standard size"?
Feb 2001   Cube Handling--When to accept a double
Feb 2001   Cube Handling--Evaluating the position
Dec 2000       Rules--Talking during play
Nov 2000   Terminology--"Pure play"
Nov 2000       Tournaments--Videotaping matches
Oct 2000   Snowie--Snowie vs. Jellyfish
Sep 2000   Tournaments--What is a "Monrad format"?
Sep 2000       Chouettes--Captain drops and others take
Jun 2000   Ratings--Field size and ratings spread
Jun 2000       Rules--Checker shuffling
Mar 2000   Cube Handling--Evaluating the position
Feb 2000       Opening Rolls--Opening 6's: Slot the bar point?
Aug 1999   Play Sites--Ratings comparison
Aug 1999       Propositions--Opening 11 vs. Owning the cube
Aug 1999   Tournaments--Manually recording a match
Jul 1999   Probability and Statistics--Losing after bearing off 14 checkers
Jul 1999       Equipment--What is "tournament size"?
Jun 1999   Tournaments--Adjusting to face-to-face play
Mar 1999   Miscellaneous--Board orientation
Mar 1998 mini-FAQ
Mar 1998   Strategy--Checker play--Bearing off with contact
Mar 1998       Tournaments--Swiss format
Mar 1998   Computer Dice--Winning and losing streaks
Jan 1998   Jellyfish--Strengths and weaknesses
Dec 1997   Rules--Jacoby rule
Nov 1997   Tournaments--What is a "side pool"?
Nov 1997   Learning--The backgammon cake
Nov 1997   Tournaments--Types of events
Sep 1997   Opening Rolls--Splitting versus slotting
Jul 1997   Books--Becker: Backgammon for Blood
Jul 1997   Books--Kansil: The Backgammon Quiz Book
Jul 1997       Opening Rolls--Opening 53: Magriel's recommendation
Jun 1997   Etiquette--Am I too slow?
Apr 1997   Strategy--Backgames--After an early blitz attempt
Mar 1997   Cube Handling in Races--Near end of game
Feb 1997   Chouettes--Extras
Jan 1997   Chouettes--When does player retain the box?
Jan 1997       Variations--Duplicate backgammon
Feb 1996       Opening Rolls--Opening 53: Why make the three point?

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