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Řystein Johansen

Feb 2006       Chouettes--Fish-hunt rules
May 2005       Puzzles--Priming puzzle
Apr 2005       GNU Backgammon--Manually entering first roll
Feb 2005       Programming--Measuring Difficulty
Nov 2004       Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon--Errata
Nov 2004   GNU Backgammon--Python scripting
Oct 2004   GNU Backgammon--Logging rollouts
Oct 2004       GNU Backgammon--Which player is player 0?
Jun 2004   GNU Backgammon--Batch analysis tool
Jun 2004   Rulings--Crawford game double
Aug 2003   GNU Backgammon--How to enter an illegal move
May 2003       GNU Backgammon--Edit mode removing checker from bar
Jan 2002   GNU Backgammon--Compiling for Windows
Jul 2001   Chouettes--Waiting for teammate to double
Jun 2001   Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon--JF rollouts
Feb 2001   Strategy--Checker play--Kleinman Count for bringing checkers home
Feb 2001   Cube Handling in Races--Kleinman count
Aug 2000   Cube Handling--Value of an ace-point game
Aug 2000       Theory--Janowski's formulas

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