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Gary Wong

Dec 2002       GNU Backgammon--Even-ply/odd-ply effect
Nov 2001       Chouettes--California rule
Oct 2001   GNU Backgammon--What's GNU?
Jan 2001   Programming--Methods of encoding positions
Nov 2000   Ratings--FIBS rating distribution
Jun 2000       Ratings--Field size and ratings spread
Dec 1999   Programming--Source code
Jul 1999   GNU Backgammon--How rollouts work
Jun 1999   Theory--Double/take/drop rates
Feb 1999       Programming--Blockading feature
Feb 1999       Probability and Statistics--Expected variation in points after a series of games
Jan 1999   Programming--Writing a backgammon program
Dec 1998   Terminology--"Equity"
Oct 1998   Ratings--Emperical analysis
Oct 1998   Puzzles--Replace the missing checkers
Oct 1998   Programming--What is a "neural net"?
Oct 1998   Source Code--Move generator
Oct 1998   Probability and Statistics--How often is too often?
Sep 1998   Probability and Statistics--Clumping of random numbers
Aug 1998   Luck versus Skill--The Bower Luck-O-Meter
Jul 1998   Theory--Drop rate on initial doubles
Jul 1998   Computer Dice--Jellyfish: Proof it doesn't cheat
Jul 1998   Theory--Optimal strategy?
Jun 1998   Theory--Solvability of backgammon
Jun 1998       Programming--Anticomputer positions
Jun 1998   Computer Dice--Official complaint form
Feb 1998   Ratings--Effect of droppers on ratings
Jan 1998   Book Suggestions--How to read backgammon books
Jan 1998   Books--Clay: Backgammon Winning Strategies
Jan 1998       Opening Rolls--Opening 64: Make the two point?
Dec 1997   Cube Handling--With the Jacoby rule
Oct 1997   Match Play--4-away/4-away: take/drop point
Sep 1997   Source Code--GamesGrid .CBG viewer in flex
Sep 1997   Opening Rolls--Opening 62: Could running be best?
Aug 1997       Theory--Undefined equity

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