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Hank Youngerman

Oct 2005   Play Sites--Comparison of rakes
Oct 2005   Rulings--Playing wrong opponent
Sep 2005   Miscellaneous--Why do people play for money?
Feb 2005       Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire vs. TrueMoneyGames
May 2004   Ratings--MSN Zone ratings flaw
Aug 2003       Miscellaneous--Handicapping
Jan 2003       Strategy--Backgames--Defending against a backgame
May 2002       Books--Robertie: Modern Backgammon
Mar 2002       Chouettes--Mandatory beaver
Nov 2001   Tournaments--Round robins
Aug 2001       Etiquette--Direction of play
Jul 2001   Computer Dice--Dice on backgammon servers
Dec 1998   Tournaments--Compensating for byes
Nov 1998       Rulings--Doubling to wrong value
Sep 1998   Strategy--Checker play--Pay now or play later?
Aug 1998   Miscellaneous--General tips
Apr 1998       Rulings--Touching the doubling cube
Mar 1998   Tournaments--Swiss format

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