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  Fell's Guide to Winning Backgammon

  AUTHOR: Walter Gibson
  YEAR: 1974
  PUBLISHER: Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc.
  CITY: New York
  ISBN: 0-8119-0235-8
  BINDING: Hardcover
  PAGES: 166
  SIZE: 23 cm high, 15 cm wide
How to Win at Backgammon, 1978

1.  General Rules of Backgammon: How Backgammon Is Played; The Objects of the Game; Throwing and Moving; Throwing Doubles; Blots, Builders, and Blocks; Gammon and Backgammon
2.  Learning to Play Backgammon
3.  Starting the Game: Table of White's Opening Moves; Summary of White's Opening Moves; Summary of Black's Opening Moves; Options with Opening Moves
4.  Forward and Backward Methods: The Running Game; The Blocking Game; Where Luck Enters; The Back Game
5.  Bearing Off: Preparing to Bear Off; The Wrong Way; The Right Way; Good Judgment in Bearing Off; The Very Last Man; The 36 Possible Throws of the Dice
6.  Know Your Odds; The Doubling Feature; Automatics Doubles; Chouettes
7.  Acey-Deucy
  COVER: For centuries, countless thousands of chess and checker players have gazed absently at the other side of the board, never wondering what it was all about. It never occurred to most of them that they already had in their possession most of the basic implements for one of the keenest games of all time, a game which not only deserves to be ranked with checkers and chess, but has some fascinating an unusual points of its own: Backgammon.
      We say "most" because a few aditional items are needed—half a dozen extra checkers and a pair of dice. With these at hand you can start Backgammoning at once, but if you prefer more elaborate accoutrements, you will find them readily available. These range from fancier boards to special tables; they include an array of Backgammon pieces, or "stones" as they are traditionally called; they come with two pairs of dice and dice cups; and a more modern device called a "doubling cube" is considered essential when the game is played for high stakes.
      All of this means that Backgammon is not only here to stay, but is likely to go places as well. This comprehensive book will guide the uninitiated through all the basic rules, regulations and concepts of the game; to the fine points of strategy; attack and defense, and odds. For the player already familiar with the rudiments, the scores of diagrams of actual playing situations will sharpen up his skill to the heights of mastery that only a game such as Backgammon can provide.
      Yes, the Backgammon revival is sweeping the country! Join the millions who have already rediscovered it—and let Walter Gibson, through the medium of his incredible new book, show you how to be a winner!

Walter Gibson grew up in Philadelphia where, whith his brothers and sisters, he learned to play cards, chess, backgammon, and solve puzzles. never content to just play existing games and puzzles, he quickly learned to create his own, and tried them out on older people. It was no wonder that when he became a young journalist on the Public Ledger in Philadelphia, he soon introduced a column of his own puzzles as a feature. Educated at Chestnut Hill Acadaemy, The Peddie School, and Colgate University, Mr. Gibson has to his credit so many books and articles that it would be difficult to list them. Fell's Official Guide to Knots and How to Tie Them is one of his successes.

Walter Gibson
1974: Castle Books
   Backgammon, the Way to Play and Win
Walter Gibson
1974: Harrow Books, Harper & Row, Publishers, New York

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