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  Backgammon, the Way to Play and Win

  AUTHOR: Walter Gibson
  YEAR: 1974
  PUBLISHER: Harrow Books, Harper & Row, Publishers
  CITY: New York
  SBN: 06-465004-9
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: 144
  SIZE: 17 cm high, 11 cm wide

Chapter I: Introduction to Backgammon:  Placement of Pieces at Outset; Rules Followed in Backgammon Moves; Hitting Blots and Re-entering Them; Blocking Opposing Pieces form Re-entering; Bearing Off—The Ultimate Objective; Table of Possible Rolls with a Pair of Dice; Chances of "Hits" in Backgammon
Chapter II: A Game of Backgammon
Chapter III: Scoring in Backgammon:  Doubling and Redoubling in Backgammon; The Automatic Double; The Voluntary Double; Looking Ahead in Doubling; Ways and Means of Encouraging Doubles; Scoring by Points
Chapter IV: The Opening Play:  Alternative Methods for Establishing the Opening Roll; Analysis of Opening Plays; Summarization of Opening Plays; Responses to Opening Play
Chapter V: Types of Games:  The Running Game; The Block Game; The Back Game
  COVER: Backgammon is the most ancient of all games. One of the fastest and most exciting games ever devised for two players, it has been played by more people than any other in creation. A combination of chance and skill, there is no deliberation as in chess, just constant, exhilarating action. And it's as simple to learn as gin rummy.
      Written with consideration for the beginner's bewilderment, the text and illustrations will guide you through all of the stages, from setting up the board and the important opening gambit to the crucial moves of the middle game. Throughout the pages, offensive and defensive maneuvers are illustrated and analyzed. In addition to the basics of the game you will learn:
  • How to score
  • How to play the running game, the blocking game, the backgame
  • How to calculate the odds
  • How to apply psychology to your play
  • When to double, double again, and again
The equipment needed is minimal: a backgammon board (found on the other side of most checkerboards), thirty checkers (fifteen for each player), and a pair of dice.
      But a word of caution. Whether you play for the love of it or for money, this game will get under your skin, but you'll never be more happily hooked.

   Fell's Guide to Winning Backgammon
Walter Gibson
1974: Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc., New York
   How to Win at Backgammon
Walter Gibson
1978: Grosset & Dunlap, A Filmways Company, Publishers, New York

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