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  AUTHOR: Walter Gibson
  YEAR: 1974
  PUBLISHER: Castle Books
  BINDING: Hardcover
  PAGES: 144
  SIZE: 23 cm high, 16 cm wide
Backgammon, the Way to Play and Win

Chapter I:  Introduction to Backgammon: Placement of Pieces at Outset; Rules Followed in Backgammon Moves; Hitting Blots and Re-entering Them; Blocking Opposing Pieces from Re-entering; Bearing Off—The Ultimate Objective; Table of Possible Rolls with a Pair of Dice; Chances of "Hits" in Backgammon
Chapter II:  A Game of Backgammon
Chapter III:  Scoring in Backgammon
Chapter IV:  The Opening Play: Alternative Methods for Establishing the Opening Roll; Analysis of Opening Plays; Summarization of Opening Plays; Responses to Opening Play
Chapter V:  Types of Games: The Running Game; The Block Game; The Back Game
  COVER: Basic concept and rules of the game. Choosing the best opening moves. The running game. Blocking. The back game. And tips to help you win. All explained step-by-step. Clear, easy-to-understand instructions.
      Picture a cozy fire with a board set up between two old friends ... a backgammon game is in progress! Two college roommates are enjoying an hour of relaxation between classes. That board they're concentrating on could only be ... backgammon!
      Backgammon ... a game that had its origins in England as early as the 10th Century. Backgammon ... a game played on a board, with pieces moved by the throw of the dice.
      In just a short length of time this book will teach you:
  • Basic Rules of Backgammon
  • How to Keep Score
  • Fundamental Techniques of Effective Play
  • Types of Games
And ... you will see these plays come to life by studying the numerous diagrams that carefully explain each step of the text.
      Written in a clear, concise style, this book will hold a special place on the "game shelf" of every home library.

   Fell's Guide to Winning Backgammon
Walter Gibson
1974: Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc., New York
   How to Win at Backgammon
Walter Gibson
1978: Grosset & Dunlap, A Filmways Company, Publishers, New York

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