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  Win at Backgammon

  AUTHOR: Peter Crandall
  YEAR: 1976 (1930)
  PUBLISHER: Coles Publishing Company Limited
  CITY: Toronto
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: 104
  SIZE: 18 cm high, 11 cm wide
The New Backgammon, 1930

This is a reprint of The New Backgammon by Elizabeth Clark Boyden, though there is no acknowledgment of Boyden's work.
1.  The History of Backgammon
2.  Equipment
3.  Description of the Game: Setting up the Table; Object of the Game; Throw of the Dice; Method of Moving the Counters; Blocked Points; Blots; Bearing Off the Men
4.  Doubles: Automatic Doubles; The Optional Double; General Advice on Doubling
5.  Chouette
6.  Scoring: Scoring by Games; Scoring by Checkers; Scoring by Combination of Games and Checkers
7.  Initial Plays: General strategy for Initial Moves; Leaving Blots; Strategic Points of Cover; Advantageous Opening Throws; Initial Plays Illustrated
8.  Forward and Backward Games: The Blocking Game; The Running Game; The Back Game; Bearing Off the Men; Probabilities
9.  Rules of the Game
10.  Russian Backgammon: Throwing the Dice; Doublets; Entering the Men; Moving the Men
11.  French Backgammon: The Running Game; The Blocking Game
12.  Acey Deucey
  COVER: Includes: Rules of the Game, Doubling, First Moves, Running, Blocking and Back Games, etc.

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