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  The New Backgammon

  AUTHOR: Elizabeth Clark Boyden
  YEAR: 1930
  PUBLISHER: Harcourt, Brace and Company
  CITY: New York
  BINDING: Hardcover
  PAGES: viii+104
  SIZE: 19 cm high, 13 cm wide
Win at Backgammon, 1976

1.  The History of Backgammon
2.  Equipment
3.  Description of the Game: Setting up the Table; Object of the Game; Throw of the Dice; Method of Moving the Counters; Blocked Points; Blots; Bearing Off the Men
4.  Doubles: Automatic Doubles; The Optional Double; General Advice on Doubling
5.  Chouette
6.  Scoring: Scoring by Games; Scoring by Checkers; Scoring by Combination of Games and Checkers
7.  Initial Plays: General Strategy for Initial Moves; Leaving Blots; Strategic Points to Cover; Advantageous Opening Throws; Initial Plays Illustrated
8.  Forward and Backward Games: The Blocking Game; The Running Game; The Back Game; Bearing Off the Men; probabilities
9.  Rules of the Game
10.  Russian Backgammon: Throwing the Dice; Doublets; Entering the Men; Moving the Men
11.  French Backgammon: The Running Game; The Blocking Game
12.  Acey Deucey
  COVER: When a new pastime comes to town, people want to know what it's all about. And the new Backgammon, which incidentally is as old as the 10th Century, is one of the most absorbing pastimes to be rediscovered in the 20th Century. It has always been a favorite gambling game in Europe (the French call it trictrac), and in the last year has gained a vogue in America. The revival having started at the fashionable summer resorts last season has rapidly become popular as well as fashionable.
      In this volume the principles of the game are expounded expertly and concisely by Mrs. Boyden, who is an experienced teacher of bridge, and co-author of "Contract Bridge of 1931." She is therefore specially prepared for the task of making the rules easily understandable to any and all. The New Backgammon contains also the latest developments in the game, the complete higher strategy of its play, and a series of illustrative diagrams.
      Now Backgammon must be added to your list of Polite Diversions—along with Anagrams, Cross-word Puzzles, and Contract Bridge.

  QUOTES: "The New Backgammon is simple, authoritative, complete. Mrs. Boyden, a distinguished expert herself, takes you by the hand as though you were a beginner and with rapid clear-cut sentences leads you to the mastery."—Josephine Culbertson, co-editor of The Bridge World.

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