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Gnu Backgammon

By Tom Keith

  What is Gnu Backgammon?
Gnu Backgammon is a neural-net computer program that plays backgammon and analyzes positions and matches. It is a cooperative effort of many volunteers who donate their time to the project. The program is continually being developed, with new features added periodically.


  How Much Does Gnu Backgammon Cost?
Gnu Backgammon is free software under the GNU General Public License. That means you can download it for free and use it for free. You can even make copies and distribute it to your friends.

Gnu Backgammon comes with source code. You can look at the source code and make changes if you want.


  How Well Does It Play?
Don't be fooled by the price. Gnu Backgammon plays a mean game of gammon!

Gnu Backgammon plays at a world-class level. Using 2-ply lookahead, it plays as well as the best human players in the world. It also plays at a level comparable to the best commercial backgammon programs (maybe even a little better).


  How Can I Get Gnu Backgammon?
You can download Gnu Backgammon from the www.gnubg.org web site Download Page. There are precompiled versions for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Just download and play!


  Where Can I Get More Information about Gnu BG?
All About GNU is Albert Silver's excellent introduction to Gnu Backgammon. This lengthy but easy-to-read tutorial takes you through the entire program detailing all the features and showing how to use them. Read this first!

The Gnu Backgammon Manual describes in some detail many of the features of Gnu Backgammon.

The Gnu Backgammon FAQ provides answers to many common questions about Gnu Backgammon.

The Backgammon Galore Forum Archive is a continually-updated collection of questions and answers about Gnu Backgammon that have been posted on popular backgammon forums.

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