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Stephen Turner

Jan 2002   Etiquette--Am I too slow?
Feb 1998   Rules--Rolling too soon
Dec 1997       Cube Handling in Races--N-roll vs n-roll bearoff
Apr 1997   Computer Dice--FIBS: Analysis of 10 million rolls
Apr 1997       Computer Dice--FIBS: Entering from the bar
Mar 1997   Probability and Statistics--How many games to decide who's better?
Mar 1997   Strategy--Checker play--Pay now or pay later?
Mar 1997   Variations--One roll lookahead
Oct 1996   Pip Counting--Mental shift
Jun 1996   Terminology--"Thorp count"
Apr 1996   Books--Cooke: Paradoxes and Probabilities
Jan 1996   Puzzles--Shortest game
Jun 1994   Match Equities--Turner formula
May 1994       Etiquette--Under resigning
Mar 1994   Computer Dice--Too many repeated rolls?

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