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Paul Epstein

Dec 2007   Books--Woolsey & Beadles: 52 Great Backgammon Tips
Sep 2007   Match Play--Both too good and not good enough to double
Dec 2006   Strategy--Checker play--Coup Classique
May 2006       Rules--Jacoby rule--Good or bad?
Mar 2006       Pip Counting--Live play versus online
Feb 2006   Tournaments--Adjusting to face-to-face play
Nov 2005   Cheating--Dice manipulation
Oct 2005       Play Sites--Comparison of rakes
Sep 2005   Cube Handling--How does rake affect cube actions?
Jul 2005   Books--Robertie: 501 Essential Backgammon Problems
Jul 2005   Etiquette--Premature shaking
Jul 2005   Rules--When do you give up your chance to double?
Apr 2005       Play Sites--Where to play for money
Mar 2004       Rulings--Disputed roll
Dec 1997       Puzzles--All-time best roll

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