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Donald Kahn

Jan 2001       Strategy--Bearing Off--Winning the bearoff race
Nov 1999   Cheating--Advantages of online play
Nov 1999       Learning--Beginners' mistakes
Oct 1999   Tournaments--Newbie questions
Oct 1999       Opening Rolls--Slotting the four point
Jun 1999       Magazines & E-zines--GammOnLine announcement
Jun 1999       Books--Becker: Backgammon for Blood
Apr 1999   Miscellaneous--Free lesson
Dec 1998       Terminology--"Holding game"
Dec 1998       Strategy--Backgames--Play for a backgame from the start?
Dec 1998   Books--Cooke: Paradoxes and Probabilities
Apr 1998   Pip Counting--Opposing sums and differences
Dec 1997   Match Play--Delayed mandatory double

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