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David Montgomery

Apr 2007       Tournaments--Playing-off 3 remaining players
Jan 2007       Terminology--"PRaT"
Oct 2003       Tournaments--Clock rules--Digital clocks
Mar 2003       Programming--How to count plies?
Nov 1999   Equipment--Dice cups
Aug 1999       Tournaments--Recording matches
Aug 1999   Rollouts--How reliable are rollouts?
Jun 1999       Miscellaneous--Money management and the Kelly Criterion
May 1999   Books--Bell: Winning with the Doubling Cube
Jan 1999   Chouettes--Mandatory beaver
Dec 1998       Terminology--"Holding game"
Dec 1998   Snowie--Questions and answers
Dec 1998   Programming--Variance reduction in races
Aug 1998   Ratings--Converting to points-per-game
Jul 1998   Learning--Three steps to better play
Jun 1998       Programming--Anticomputer positions
Jun 1998   Rollouts--Duplicate dice
Jun 1998   Programming--Backgames
May 1998       Snowie--Snowie vs. Jellyfish
Apr 1998       Rulings--Touching the doubling cube
Apr 1998       Rulings--Crawford game double
Jan 1998   Miscellaneous--Checker play versus cube play
Jan 1998       Fun and frustration--"Good roll!"
Dec 1997   Match Play--Doubling when opponent is 2-away
Aug 1997   Books--Magriel: Backgammon
May 1997   Books--Heinrich & Woolsey: New Ideas in Backgammon
Feb 1997   Cube Handling in Races--Near end of game
Apr 1996   Strategy--Bearing Off--Wastage
Apr 1996   Rollouts--Advice
Sep 1995   Ratings--Why high ratings for one-point matches?
Jun 1995   Strategy--Checker play--Splitting your back men
Jun 1995   Rollouts--Reporting results of rollouts
Jun 1995   Terminology--"Gammon rate", "gammon price"
Jun 1995   Opening Rolls--Opening 6's: Slot the bar point?
May 1995   Strategy--Backgames--When to double
May 1995   Strategy--Backgames--Checker problem
Feb 1994   Programming--Ideas for improving computer play
Feb 1994   Programming--Pruning the list of moves

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