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  AUTHOR: Kit Woolsey
  YEAR: 2017
  PUBLISHER: The Gammon Press
  CITY: Arlington, MA
  ISBN: 1-88060-422-1
  ISBN-13: 978-0-88060-422-2
  BINDING: Softcover, perfect binding
  PAGES: 108
  SIZE: 28 cm high, 21 cm wide
Volume 1

Volume 1 examined relatively standard position types such as holding games and anchor games. Volume 2 looks at middle-game positions that are less clear. Many of these might fall into more than one category, or no category at all. Woolsey starts by looking at a prototype position and then makes modifications to see what effect the modifications have on the equity and cube decisions.

     "The reason I love this book so much is that it helps at what I work so hard at: mastering the basics. It touches on many essential recurring common themes and types of positions."—Stick Rice, GammonVillage Magazine, November 2013


     "Because of the large number of possible moves at each turn, backgammon does not lend itself to the cataloguing of detailed opening variations in the same way as chess. A backgammon player builds up his knowledge through acquiring a set of reference positions, either by playing or by study.
Until now no one has produced a detailed set of common reference positions.
Kit Woolsey's The Backgammon Encyclopedia, Volume 1 is the first of a two-part set that exhaustively documents rollout data for many common position types. The book is excellent and should certainly be in the library of any serious student of the game."—Chris Bray, in Second Wind, 2007


     "Too skinny! An encyclopedia is supposed to be comprehensive. This one discusses 210 backgammon positions—hardly room enough for comprehensive treatment of the doubling cube, even if one allows for the projected Volume 2.
      The book itself is quite a fine and useful piece of work. It consists of nine sets of related positions with Snowie 3 rollout results and commentary for each position. Each set represents a type of position that comes up frequently in practical play. Everyone who plays backgammon with the doubling cube needs to know something about these types.
      The discussions of the positions are very instructive. Woolsey has a rare gift for showing how to use simple commonsense concepts to stay oriented in complex positions."—Walter Trice, Flint Area BackgammoNews, March 2003

1:  Early Advantage
2:  The Semi-Blitz
3:  One Man Back
4:  On the Bar
5:  Containment
6:  Hitting a Blot
7:  Escape
8:  Priming
9:  Crunching
10:  Racing
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