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  52 Great Backgammon Tips
At home, tournament and online

  AUTHORS: Patti Beadles
Kit Woolsey

  YEAR: 2007
  PUBLISHER: Batsford
  CITY: London
  ISBN: 0-7134-9064-0
  ISBN-13: 978-0-7134-9064-0
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: 144
  SIZE: 21.6 cm high, 13.8 cm wide

     "The book is exactly what the title describes. It is more elementary than my other writings, but there will still be material which will be valuable for players of all levels, even if much will be confirmation of things you already know rather than new concepts."—Kit Woolsey, October 2007


     "The book starts with a brief history of the game, the rules, and an explanation of backgammon notation. Early tips tell beginners how to run, hit, block and prime. This is a practical rather than a theoretical book. A good introductory book for someone new to the game.
      There are some errors in the graphics. Tip 12 instructs players to hit, but there is no blot pictured. The same position appears in Tip 49, this time represented as a prime, which it clearly is not."—Jim Slomkoski, Flint Area BackgammoNews, October 2007


     "We were asked to write something for beginning and intermediate players. The book starts with an overview of the game and the rules, and the first three tips talk about the basic strategies of backgammon — running,
hitting, blocking.
      My guess is that intermediates would find the first third or so of the book to be completely obvious. There's probably not a lot of new material for advanced players, but that's not the intended audience."—Patti Beadles, December 2007

Rules: Playing the Game; Doubling Cube; Scoring
Backgammon Notation
1. Run!
2. Block Your Opponent
3. Hit Your Opponent
4. Learn to Build a Prime
5. Consider All the Possible Plays
6. Learn the Opening Rolls
7. Do Not Play Too Safe
8. Avoid Getting Trapped
9. Anchors are Valuable
10. Every Point Helps
11. Have a Game Plan
12. When in Doubt, Hit
13. Keep Your Checkers in Play
14. Do Not Volunteer Shots Unnecessarily
15. Understand the Jacoby Rule and Other Special Rules
16. Play Bots
17. Play Online
18. Learn to Count Shots
19. Learn to Count Pips
20. Learn Faster Ways to Count Pips
21. Fill in Gaps When Bearing In
22. Rip Checkers Off
23. Put Your Checkers Where They Belong
24. Learn When to Take Risks and When to Play Safe
25. The Fastest Way to Make a Point is to Start It
26. Avoid Ugly Plays.
27. Learn Doubling Cube Basics
28. Every Roll is a New Cube Decision
29. The Doubling Cup is Half Full
30. The Taking Cup is Half Full
31. Don't Lose Your Market
32. If it Might Be a Pass, Double
33. Be Slower to Double When You Own the Cube
34. Know When to Play On for a Gammon
35. Double Volatile Positions
36. Look for Alternate Ways to Win
37. Learn Match Play Basics
38. Understand Match Strategy
39. Play Your First Backgammon Tournament
40. Understand the Crawford Rule
41. Use the Free Drop
42. Go All Out When Blitzing
43. Bring in a Closed Board Safely
44. Diversify Your Good Numbers.
45. Duplicate Your Opponent's Good Numbers
46. Make the Move Your Opponent Does Not Want You to Make
47. Good Rolls Are Made, Not Born
48. Do Not Waste Pips When Getting Off Gammon
49. Timing is Everything in a Priming Battle
50. Know How to Walk a Prime Home
51. Be Willing to Shift Points
52. Clear from the Back.
  COVER: Backgammon has been described as "the perfect combination of skill and luck". This invaluable book contains 52 essential tips to help you improve your game, whether you are playing in organized tournaments, online or simply around the kitchen table at home.
      Two of the world's leading backgammon experts provide their skill and insight on every aspect of the game, from the basic rules to advanced moves. In their trademark authoritative yet friendly style, the authors help you to:
      • have a game plan
      • block your opponent
      • avoid ugly plays
      • look for alternate ways to win
      • make the move your opponent does not want you to make
      • understand match strategy
and cover many other topics, including the doubling cube and the Crawford rule, accompanied by clear illustrations of set positions. This book contains anything you ever wanted to know about backgammon, and more.

Kit Woolsey is a well-known backgammon expert, theorist, and winner of countless tournaments. He is also the author of ground-breaking books on backgammon: New Ideas in Backgammon and How to Play Tournament Backgammon.
Patti Beadles has been playing competitive backgammon for over a decade. She runs the website FIBS, the longest-running backgammon server on the internet.

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