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  Backgammon for Winners

  AUTHOR: Bill Robertie
  YEAR: 2002
  EDITION: Third Edition
  PUBLISHER: Cardoza Publishing
  CITY: New York, NY
  ISBN: 0-58042-043-5
  PAGES: 192
  SIZE: 21 cm high, 14 cm wide
First Edition, 1993
Second Edition, 1995


     "The book is great if you want a quick read that outlines the best opening moves and gives you a feel for aggressive 'modern' backgammon. In addition to the rationale behind how to use opening dice rolls, the book gives you three sample games and lets you hear the pro's thoughts on possible moves. My favorite line is 'He could play 14/20, moving the blot on the 14-point to safety, but this is a craven play, unworthy of a modern player.. How could you not like such opinionated tutelage? I could have used more exposition on why some seemingly valid plays (e.g. hitting an opponent's blot in your inner table even though its deep) are really less effective. Even better would be some statistical analysis showing why some moves make sense when looking at the odds, but I'm not sure there's such a book out there."—Bill Katz, Customer Review at, January 2003


     "The best beginners' book in print (short of Magriel, which is actually a bit more) that I know of is Robertie's Backgammon for Winners."—Walter Trice, August 1998


     "Be sure to get the second edition (blue cover) [now third edition], which adds a
lengthy backgame chapter."—Carl Tait, August 1998

1. Introduction
2. The Basics of Play:  Introduction, The Players, The Equipment, The Backgammon Board, How to Set Up the Board, The Direction of Movement, How to Move the Pieces, Doubles, Points, Blots, Entering from the Bar, The Opening Roll, The Object of the Game, Bearing Off, The Doubling Cube
3. Dynamic Openings:  Introduction, Winning Goals, Four Key Opening Goals
4. The Opening Moves:  The Blocking Rolls, 6-5 Lover's Leap, The Bar-Point Split Plays, The Building Plays, The Slotting Rolls
5. Sample Game 1:  Doubling Guidelines, Duplication Strategy, Sample Game 1, Summary
6. Sample Game 2—The Blitz:  Backgammon Notation, The Blitz, Sample Game 2
7. Sample Game 3—The Backgame
8. More Backgammon:  Chouettes, Clubs and Tournaments
9. Making Further Progress
10. Glossary
  COVER: Step-by-step, you'll learn the basics of setting up a board, how to move and conquer blots, and how to play a dynamic offense that will give you an advantage right from the opening roll.
      "Learn from Bill Robertie, the world's best backgammon player. Expert advice and easy-to-read explanations show how you can play and win at this great game."

Bill Robertie is the world's best backgammon player and the only two-time winner of the Monte Carlo World Championships. Robertie is the author of seven backgammon books and the co-publisher of Inside Backgammon, the leading backgammon magazine.
      Robertie is also a chess master, a winner of the U.S. Speed Chess Championship, and the author of six chess books.
      Robertie's club and tournament winnings have allowed him to travel the world in style. He currently makes his home in Arlington, Massachusetts.

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2001: The Gammon Press, Arlington, MA
   Backgammon for Serious Players
Strategies from a World Champion
Second Edition
Bill Robertie
2003: Cardoza Publishing, New York, NY

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